Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 18

Digi Charat Nyo episode 18
Kowai Hanashi nyo
Ujaja kan no Yuurei-chan nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.0

Kowai Hanashi nyo

It was late at night, and Gema, Digiko, and Kiyoshi were watching some scary show. In it, the announcer was saying that he had a box that contained some cursed thing in it. The show was very scary, but they couldn't look away from it. The announcer began opening the box. Just then, Yasushi slammed open the door bringing snacks. Everybody was so scared that they beat him up, and then ate the snacks.

Back at the bakery, Daifuku, Kinako, and Puchiko were watching the same scary show. Puchiko said that she was finished and then went to go to sleep. Daifuku and Kinako were surprised that she didn't want to see the show. But when the program came back from commercials, they forgot all about her and concentrated on the screen. Puchiko went into the bedroom and got into her futon. She heard Kinako and Daifuku scream in terror at whatever they saw on TV. Puchiko said "Kyu!" (like "Hmph!") and went to sleep.

Later that night, Digiko woke up. She needed to go to the bathroom, but she was so scared of going through the house alone. She thought about waking up Gema to come with her, but when she turned over Gema, he had a freakish look on his face. Digiko screamed out loud. It turned out that Gema looked that way because he hadn't slept a wink all night.

Outside the toy store, Paul and John were wandering the streets. Both of them needed to go to the bathroom, but after watching the show on TV, they were afraid to go in by themselves. They ran into each other, and they realized that they could go together.

The next day, Digiko said that she had a rough night. Puchiko said that she slept great since she didn't see the show. Gema then made fun of Digiko because she was afraid to go to the bathroom by herself. Then the old man from the bath house appeared and talked to her about it. While he was talking, Digiko wasn't listening, but after talking over with Puchiko and Gema, she decided that she wasn't going to be afraid.

At the convenience store, the pumpkin man set a bag on a stool. He was wearing a Shinto priest's outfit and he began waving a gohei (that's that stick with paper streamers) at it. Digiko and the others approached, and Digiko wondered what he was doing. He said that he was exorcising the bag. Digiko said that she wasn't afraid of anything.

Then the man said that in that case, she could deliver the package to the person. She asked what was in it for her, and he offered her some lollipop candy. Digiko immediately snatched the candy and put it in her mouth. But as soon as the bag went into her hands, Digiko got the shivers and became very afraid. Gema was surprised at her sudden change of heart. But they left to deliver it, and the pumpkin man waved goodbye. After they were out of sight, he wondered if they would be okay.

Meanwhile, at the beauty salon, Hikaru transformed into Rabi en Rose. She then began handing out tissue paper packages on the street. But as Digiko walked by her, Digiko grabbed Rabi by the ears and began dragging her along. Rabi, as she was being dragged on the street, asked her what was happening. Digiko explained that she wanted her to come along to cover them.

They got to the house, and it was very old, decrepit, and dark. In fact, for some reason, only the property around the house was this way for some reason. The rest of the town was bright and sunny. Rabi, who finally got dropped by Digiko, asked what the heck was this place. Puchiko explained that it was a home of a "yuurei" (monster). Rabi en Rose screamed, saying that she didn't want to go inside with them. But of course, Digiko grabbed her by the ears. For some reason, having a person more scared than her made her feel confident and she strolled up to the door. But then Puchiko teased her in a scary voice, and Digiko's legs began shaking as she walked.

They got up to the door, and Digiko went to the door knocker and PULLED on it. It made a doorbell sound. When nobody came to the door right away, Rabi said that they should just go home. But as she turned around, she saw a funny pattern in one of the trees that looked like a scary face. She screamed and grabbed onto Digiko tightly. But Puchiko looked at it and said that it was just a tree.

Then Gema floated around saying that he couldn't believe that she could be so afraid. But then he ran into some kind of weird and ugly "statue" outside. He poked its face, and then the crone opened her glassy cat-eyes. Gema went totally white and screamed. Gema then clutched onto Puchiko too saying that he saw a ghost. Digiko, who was sweating profusely, started saying that there was nothing to fear.

Just then, it started to rain. They were all debating what to do. Then Puchiko mentioned that the door had opened. They turned around and saw a pale woman. Digiko, Gema, and Rabi en Rose turned pale and screamed, and they passed out on the ground.

Ujaja kan no Yuurei-chan nyo

Gema, Rabi en Rose, Digiko, and Puchiko were inside the house. It was kind of dark inside and there was a pale girl with them. The others besides Puchiko seemed to be nervous. The girl apologized for startling them, and said that she didn't get many guests. Rabi whispered that she wanted to leave. Then the girl said that she was "yuurei". Rabi and Digiko freaked out until she explained that her name was actually "Yuurei".

The others seemed to be relieved. Digiko then introduced herself and the others. She called Rabi, "Usada", of course. Rabi then said that she was Rabi en Rose.

Gema was wandering around, and then Rabi asked him where did he get the interesting hair piece. Gema didn't know, until Puchiko said that it was moving. Everybody screamed except for Puchiko. The spider then jumped off of Gema's head and landed in Yuurei's hand. She said that it was her pet.

Then Puchiko reminded Digiko that they were here to deliver something. Then Digiko gave Yuurei the bag. When Yuurei grabbed it, she got the chills too, and wondered why. Then the old crone appeared and said that she knew. This freaked out Digiko, Gema, and Rabi. But the old lady had said that she had brought tea.

The others sat down and had tea. For some reason, Yuurei had never really been outside to the Maneki Shopping Street. Yuurei wondered if that made her kind of scary. Puchiko said her honest feelings, but Rabi quickly said that it wasn't true. Then the crone appeared out of nowhere again with snacks, and freaked out Rabi. Rabi en Rose was paralyzed with fear for the rest of the time.

The old lady offered some snacks to Digiko. But the plate was crawling with black "soot ball" things (like in Totoro). The old lady knocked off the bugs and then offered the food to them. Digiko quickly said that she didn't want any.

Meanwhile, Kinako and Daifuku were at home eating snacks and drinking tea. They wondered what Puchiko was doing.

Yuurei led the gang upstairs. It was very dark and creepy in the house. She told everybody to be careful. When she walked, Yuurei glided, as if she wasn't using her feet... Everybody kept close together and followed her. Digiko asked why the handrail was sticky. Yuurei said that it was Nashin-chan (or something like that), her pet spider making webs.

They got inside and the room was very dark. Nobody could see anything. Yuurei had a small candle and she said that she could fix it. Then Yuurei made a horribly scary face and frightened the darkness away. Gema, Rabi en Rose, and Digiko almost passed out again. Puchiko didn't seem to mind.

Gema was floating up and saw that he was next to a picture of a creepy person with many scars on his face. Gema freaked out again, but Yuurei said that it was her father. Then Puchiko noticed that she had a lot of (horror?) books. Rabi en Rose quickly tried to act polite and grabbed some jar and asked what it was. But then she looked inside it and saw that it was full of eyeballs. Rabi freaked out and put the jar down and hid. Yuurei said that her father collected them (I think). Puchiko said something like it was a little... unique.

But Yuurei got upset and stood in the corner and became gloomy. When Digiko asked her what was wrong, she said that she was scary (with a very scary face). But then everybody quickly said that she wasn't, and Puchiko said that there wasn't anything strange about her. Yuurei got very happy as this meant that she could have some friends. (Rabi quietly said, "Kowai!") But she and the others nodded their heads. Yuurei gave them some eyeballs as presents, but Rabi and Digiko quickly said that it was fine and she could keep them.

The others had to go, and Yuurei said that she hoped that they could see each other again. Puchiko said sure, but the others didn't sound as convincing in their reply. The old crone popped up again, frightening Rabi en Rose again. Then they both waved goodbye to the cast.

As they left, they looked back at the house. For some reason, the house was covered in darkness, even though the rest of the neighborhood wasn't. As they walked home, Puchiko noticed that Rabi's cotton tail was black colored for some reason. Also, Gema didn't see that he had a spider crawling on his back. The others were proudly wearing their false bravado about the incident. Then Puchiko said that they had something on them.

The black soot ball creatures crawled all over Rabi and the spider ran around Gema. Everybody but Puchiko screamed loudly.

[The ending to the show was the festival song again, with the same animation.]

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