Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 22

Digi Charat Nyo episode 22
Digiko wo Mamoru Knight da nyo
Kaasama ga kita nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.10.20

Digiko wo Mamoru Knight da nyo

It was nighttime, and there was a hard storm in the Maneki Shopping Center. You could see an entire train blowing around the sky. A suit of samurai armor was positioned outside of Hikaru's beauty salon holding an advertisement. Then lightning came and struck the armor. Then the eyes of the armor glowed red.

The next day, Kiyoshi noted that it was a nice day after the storm. But then Digiko came oozing out of her room (literally), complaining that she was hot or bored. Kiyoshi suggested that she go to the pool. But Digiko complained that it was tiring to walk out in the heat, and plus the pool was always crowded with fat people.

But then Puchiko arrived and threw inflated rings around Digiko, as if she was a ring toss game at a carnival. Yasushi was very impressed with Puchiko's skill. Digiko wanted to know what was she doing. Yasushi said that Puchiko was going to escort her to the pool. But Digiko didn't want to go. So Puchiko just kicked her over and rolled Digiko like a tire because Digiko was wrapped up in the inflatable pool rings.

But when Puchiko got to the entrance of the store, she hit something solid and fell over. Digiko was grateful that she stopped, so she could climb out of the rings. When she looked, she saw a huge shadowy figure standing at the door. Kiyoshi asked if Puchiko was okay. Then Yasushi pulled out some kind of toy gun and pointed at the mysterious person, and demanded to know who he was.

He stepped into the store, and you could see that it was some green samurai. Nobody could figure out why anybody would be dressed like that, but Yasushi was overwhelmed. Yasushi figured that it was a power suit. He quickly began groping the suit and asking the guy to tell him how he did it. Then everybody relaxed as Yasushi babbled about how cool it was.

Then Yasushi asked the guy for his name. The samurai couldn't speak, but he could draw his name in pictures (like a rebus). Yasushi then wrote down his name in kanji, but it was wrong. So then the samurai grabbed the paper and wrote that his name was Yuurei Kabuto. Then everybody introduced themselves to Kabuto. Digiko did a really cute twirl and pose and introduced herself as "Princess Digiko".

The samurai was surprised as he thought that princesses looked like the kind in the samurai movies. But Kiyoshi vouched for her. Then Kabuto quickly got on his knees in front of Digiko. The others figured out that Kabuto was a samurai and was obligated to protect royalty. Digiko got very happy as she could use him.

The others decided to go to the pool. Kabuto had to pull a rope to drag Digiko's float while she sat in it. Gema had to carry almost all of the bags. The float hit a rock, and Digiko almost fell on the ground. But Kabuto rushed to catch her and then brushed off her clothes. However, two of Digiko's inflatable rings were punctured and she couldn't use them.

Gema was furious that he was being used as a manservant. He decided to give Kabuto a few of the bags. But Kabuto just looked at them and threw them on the ground. Gema got mad and tried to grab his arm. But Kabuto's arm popped off, and there wasn't anything inside it. Then Kabuto quickly reattached his arm. Gema was trying to act calm and asked if what he saw really happened. Kabuto shook his head violently, and then the head fell off the suit of armor. Gema screamed, and told everybody that Kabuto was a monster. But Kabuto had already reattached his head and nobody believed him. They figured that he was just angry or jealous that he had to carry all the bags.

So Kabuto decided to carry all the bags. Everybody seemed to think that Kabuto was great. When nobody was looking, Kabuto stuck his tongue out at Gema. Gema was furious, but he couldn't do anything about it. He wondered why he seemed to be just made of armor.

Then Rabi en Rose and her parents came by with a cart. They mentioned that they were looking for a haunted headpiece to their suit of armor (yuurei kabuto). Gema thought about it and said that it was going to the pool with Digiko. But Rabi and her parents figured that Gema was joking around and they left. Gema decided that only he could save the day.

Everybody was playing in the pool except for Yasushi and Kabuto. Yasushi was asking Kabuto if he thought that Puchiko was kind of cute also. But Kabuto didn't answer. Then Yasushi asked if he was hot in the suit, and he'd like to take a dip. But Kabuto shook his head no. So Yasushi figured out that the suit wasn't waterproof. Yasushi was going to push him in the water so he could get the guy to take off the suit, but he missed and fell into the water himself.

Then Kabuto and Kiyoshi were playing with the string again. (Yes, just like the old ED animation and Akari's favorite toy. It's such a blatant toy ad). Yasushi decided that this was his chance. He started to jump around the string too, but he got all twisted up and "accidentally" pushed Digiko into the water. Kabuto dove in to rescue Digiko. But Yasushi really was entangled and he fell into one of the rapid current water rides. Kiyoshi and Puchiko waved farewell to him as he was sent "up the river".

Meanwhile, Digiko and Kabuto were having a "shoujo moment" complete with flowers. But then Gema showed up on a wooden stick horse, wearing a tablecloth cape and a sword. He told the others that Yuurei Kabuto was really a "yuurei kabuto" (haunted armor). But Digiko, Kiyoshi, and Puchiko didn't understand his ranting. So Gema just pulled out his sword and said that he was going to protect them.

The others started protesting. But Digiko said that she was going to root for Kabuto. So Kabuto pulled out his sword and immediately knocked the sword out of Gema's hands. Kabuto was going to do a killing blow, but then his arm fell off. Then the entire suit fell into a pile. It looked like the suit had rusted. Kiyoshi kept wondering what happened to the guy inside it (!). But while Gema tried to explain the situation again, the rest of them went home.

Then Rabi and her parents showed up with their cart. They saw the suit of armor and said that they found it. They still didn't believe Gema's story. Then they threw the pieces in the cart and left. But as the cart left, the eyes to the headpiece lit up again. Gema became very scared and ran.

Meanwhile, Yasushi was still going around the water ride. I think that the current was carrying him out into the ocean.

Kaasama ga kita nyo

Gema was vacuuming the floor. Digiko was watching TV and snacking. Gema complained that she should be doing something more serious, but Digiko told him to be quiet. Then she heard a noise. Gema said that it was her pochette.

So Digiko did her "Princess Power Up", and pulled out her compact. It was her mom asking if she was doing okay. But then the queen started drinking a shake. Gema said that this was a milkshake. She said that she came to visit the Maneki Shopping District. Digiko asked her where she was so she could meet her. But the queen said that she was standing near a cat-shaped lamppost. (All the streets in the Maneki Shopping District have this lamppost). When they asked for more detailed description, the queen got distracted and fell down. The call ended, probably because she broke the compact. Digiko was shocked and said that they would find her lost mother.

So Digiko and Gema got Puchiko and they went to go find her. Gema found the spilled milkshake on the ground. Puchiko noticed that there was a trail leading from the shake going somewhere. But either the trail went to a tonkatsu restaurant or they were hungry and they decided to go eat first.

At the restaurant, she asked Buuko-chan and Puuko-chan, who worked in the restaurant, if they had seen a lady in a dress. (It's ironic that two pig girls would work in a tonkatsu restaurant). The two girls said that they had and she came in and ate a whole plate of food, even the garnish. She went to the shrine afterwards.

So Digiko and company ran out of the restaurant to the shrine. Digiko called for her, but got no response. Puchiko went to the "mitarashi" stand and asked if they had seen a lady here. The worker said that a lady came by and had ordered a lot of odango. Puchiko said that it had to be her mother.

Digiko found Amaenbo and it looked like somebody had given him a lot of odango judging from the sticks in his hand and the smudges on his face. Amaenbo wanted some more odango but Digiko said that she needed to find her mother. He eventually pointed her in the right direction.

Digiko and the others found Majingabbo next. He also had been eating odango. Digiko ran up to him and asked him who gave him the odango, and he pointed. Then she ran off again.

Digiko kept going to different people in town. She kept hearing about how her mom fixed the bicycle tire of the local mailman, then helped the tofu lady cut the tofu into perfect cubes, and finally went to the banana salesman and helped him sell his stock.

Puchiko found the banana peels in a trashcan, so they knew that her mom had been there. But they didn't know where she was now. Digiko's compact still didn't work. Then Rabi en Rose appeared and began to tease Digiko because she looked sad. Digiko explained that she was trying to find her mom. Digiko and Gema looked like they were going to cry. Then Digiko and Gema explained that she was some lady in a royal dress. Then Rabi said that there was somebody that matched that desciption that was in her family's beauty salon. Digiko then immediately ran to the salon.

At the salon, Digiko's mom was getting her hair done. Michelle asked if her fancy dress was made in France. But Digiko's mom said that it was made in Di Gi Charat. Michelle said that the outfit was very stylish (Kev's Note: Maybe in Vogue magazine) and Digiko's mom got very giddy.

Then Digiko showed up at the door and said, "Okaasama!" She started running to her mother. Before she could leap into her arms, she got blocked by Michelle and Francois. Michelle asked if she was really Digiko's mom, and she said yes. Then the adults got all giddy again.

But then Digiko said that she was so mean for making her worry about her. But her mom said that she had so much fun going around the shopping district. She was proud that Digiko was still very "genki" however. Digiko's mom said that she was looking for a building that looked like [darn it, that New Year's dessert with rice cakes and a tangerine on top]. But Digiko said that the toy store looked like her cat ears. It was no surprise that she got lost.

Then the queen went to the toy store. Kiyoshi and Yasushi seemed nervous to be around such a pretty noble. Then Kiyoshi went to go get tea, but the queen quickly said that he didn't need to bother. But he had already left. Yasushi said that he could have a seat anywhere. But then Digiko's mom sat on the table, until Yasushi explained to her that it wasn't a chair.

Digiko asked if her mom came over to see how she was doing. The queen said yes. Digiko said that she was doing very well on her princess training and she didn't need to worry. Then Gema said, "Well, not really..." and then Digiko blasted him with her eye-beams.

Then a warp portal from Di Gi Charat appeared. The two workers appeared and told the queen that she needed to come back right away because there were problems. I think that they were having problems trying to figure out how to serve broccoli (get it?) that night. Digiko's mom was disappointed in leaving, but the workers were very insistent. So she said farewell, and gave Digiko a goodbye hug. She reminded Digiko about the compact (as probably she would get hers fixed).

Then the queen and the workers went through the portal back home. They waved goodbye, and everybody waved back. Kiyoshi asked Digiko if that was a way to go back home. Digiko didn't hesitate and immediately tried to jump into the portal. But a huge foot (like Monty Python) kicked her out of the portal. Gema figured that she wanted her to stay for her training.

So Yasushi said that he would go in the portal instead. He didn't realize that the portal had already vanished, and he smashed his head into the wall.

Then Puchiko, Kinako, and Daifuku appeared asking where her mom was. They had some souvenirs that they like to give her before she left. But Digiko told them that she had already gone home. Kinako and Daifuku freaked out, as if getting souvenirs was a huge deal.

Omake: Amaenbo and Majingabbo were eating Japanese cucumbers. Rabi en Rose told kids that they should eat their vegetables. She then got out a carrot and began snacking on it. In the background, Amaenbo began spitting out his food, and Rabi got mad.

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