Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 23

Digi Charat Nyo episode 23
Uchuujin Shuurai nyo
Puchiko Shiawase wo Sagasu nyu
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.01.18

Uchuujin Shuurai nyo

Digiko woke up feeling very strange. She saw that there was an alien standing over her. His head looked like a red chicken's, but with long tentacles for arms. His uniform had the letter "A" on it. Then she realized that she was still in her futon, and it was strapped down very tightly to an examination table. Naturally, Digiko became very upset.

She screamed out for Gema to rescue her. But Gema was next to her, strapped down extremely tightly around his waist (so he looked like an hourglass) in an examination table next to her.

The alien announced that he was a "geborigero-seijin" (it's extremely hard to hear what he is saying). All of his sentences ended with "-gebo", much like how Digiko ends her sentences with "-nyo". But Digiko didn't care, and decided to shoot eye-beams all over the room until he let her go. The alien freaked out and said that he would untie her.

After Digiko was freed, she saw that she was in some alien spacecraft. She commented that it was somehow different from her own UFO. Meanwhile, Gema was still strapped in the table and he gave an explanation.

Then, another alien, with a similar appearance but it was blue instead of red, and a "B" on his uniform came into the room. He was walking Puchiko in by her hand. She wondered why she was here. Puchiko pointed out that they had a huge buffet prepared for them. It looked like all the food items were dessert items, but Digiko and Puchiko ate like animals anyway.

Meanwhile, Gema was still strapped in his table, and asked to be let go. But nobody cared about him. Eventually, Gema pulled himself out (by stretching).

Suddenly there was a sound. On the viewscreen, you saw a giant face of Rabi en Rose appear. She would stare into the camera and say, "Hello? Is anybody there?" The spaceship was in the park, and Rabi was pushing the doorbell button. Rabi couldn't figure out how a UFO ended up here. The UFO looked like a big pink cone.

Then the two guys from the bathhouse were passing by with their cart full of firewood. They saw the ship and ran over there as well. The old man seemed all mad that there was a UFO in town, as I guess that he hated aliens.

Digiko wanted to lose them by taking off. The aliens disapproved, but Puchiko pushed the big blue button on the control panel. Instead of launching, the door opened up like a mouth, and a big tongue swallowed Rabi and the bathhouse guys inside the ship. So Puchiko said that she tried it again and hit the big red button.

The ship rumbled and you could see the ship take off and leave Earth. Digiko said, "Sayonara, Maneki Shopping Street! Sayonara, Earth!" Meanwhile, the old man from the bathhouse was just drinking tea at a table. He didn't seem to be amazed like everybody else.

The aliens loudly announced who they were and that they were going back to their homeworld. Then the old man asked why did they have today's newspaper on the table. The aliens quickly changed the subject. The old man decided to drop the subject, and nobody else seemed to care either, since another UFO was approaching on the viewscreen. The UFO looked like a shiny lemon-shaped thing.

The two aliens were scared. They said that the ship was from the "pikaru-senjin" (it's extremely hard to hear); the enemies of the geborigero-seijin. The pikaru-senjin looked very strange, like they were plastic dolls, and they started an attack. They shot dozens of spaghetti missiles** at their ship.

** "Spaghetti missiles" are missiles that leave a very long, thin smoke trail behind them. The rumor is that the legendary Macross invented this famous animation technique. It's nice to see this again.

Rabi was scared as the missiles were making the ship shake very hard. But Digiko got very mad, saying that she was going outside and blow up the aliens. But her alien friends quickly said that she couldn't go outside for some reason. So the aliens said that they had an escape plan, and they hit the "Warp" button.

Then the ship warped and everything became all distorted. They came out of warp. Digiko and Rabi screamed because they thought that the old man had died, judging from the look of frozen terror on his face. But it turned out that he was just surprised, and Digiko got mad for making her scared.

The aliens announced that they had made it to their homeworld, Planet Gebo. It was a lopsided, hourglass-shaped planet with the word "Gebo" written on it.

They decided to walk around outside once they landed. Everybody had spacesuits. As they went outside, they were floating around as there was no gravity. The old man refused to believe that he was in space, but Digiko pointed out that everybody was floating. The old man tried to hold onto a rock, but eventually he began to float also.

Then Digiko said that something was strange. She felt a wind and she looked down. She saw that the ground was covered in fans. Gema got to close to them, and he got blown away. As he was flying, Gema punched a hole in the ceiling, revealing a blue sky outside. Rabi was shocked. But Digiko figured it out right away.

Inside the ship, Kiyoshi and Yasushi had taken off their alien costumes. Kiyoshi was trying to towel off, as it was hot inside the suit. Yasushi was eating obento since he couldn't eat inside the suit.

Yasushi didn't see that Digiko was standing behind him, and she was furious that somebody had tricked her. The others were in the ship too and saw this. Rabi was freaking out because she didn't want to look at "naked" boys (they had their shirts off). Digiko, however, decided to end the charade. She began running around and shooting eyebeams in every direction. Eventually there was a huge mushroom cloud where the ship used to be.

Gema finally got back from being thrown into the air from the fans, only to discover the area was totally destroyed. Rabi, who was still blushing, told Kiyoshi to put his costume back on, and he complied.

Then the other two "aliens" appeared, and it turned out to be Daifuku and Kinako. They were saying that they thought it would be fun, since they probably missed being in space. But it turned out that Yasushi did it for dumb reasons (probably he wanted to make it into an attraction for money).

While Daifuku and Kinako felt bad, Puchiko said that she actually liked it. Then they felt better (and so did Yasushi).

Puchiko Shiawase wo Sagasu nyu

It was morning, and the bamboo "trees" were filled with wishes that people had tied to them. Puchiko got out of bed, and managed to fold her futon just by snapping it in the air. When she went to the kitchen, she saw the old couple running around very frantically. They were busy preparing for the end of the year things, I believe.

Then Puchiko ate her breakfast, which she preferred eating just only rice and nattou.

She went outside and noticed the nice wind for a change. Then a guy who looked like Abarenbou appeared in monochrome. He was talking about things in the past and talked about "aki", but Puchiko had no idea what he was saying. Then he ran away. (I believe that he meant aki meaning "autumn").

Puchiko ran into Francois and Michelle in front of their beauty salon. She asked what was "aki". But the two of them only gave strange answers which couldn't have been right (they were probably language jokes). Puchiko left them as they argued with each other.

Then she ran into John and Paul. She asked them what was "aki". They quickly said that it was short for "Akihabara", which was the greatest place ever. Puchiko immediately left when they said that.

She went to the toy store, but Digiko was freaking out over something dumb, like her cellular phone was broken or something. So Puchiko left her alone.

Puchiko ran into a dog. She asked it if it knew what was aki. It then took off, and Puchiko followed it. It took her to a beautiful flower garden filled with chrysanthemums (the national flower of Japan). Puchiko thanked the dog for showing her and left. The dog quickly went back to its owner.

Rabi en Rose was having some deep romantic moment, where she was talking about "aki" and drinking tea. But after she talked for a minute, the screen cut and returned to what Puchiko was doing.

Puchiko saw that there were cat-tails growing in a field. She became happy when she saw them.

Then the screen cut to the astronaut. This appears on occasion in Di Gi Charat Nyo, where an astronaut will be deep in space with an alien. But in this case, the astronaut was on a planet that looked like Earth, filled with green fields with cat-tails in them. The alien was wearing a straw hat and was waving at him.

Meanwhile, Puchiko had picked a cat-tail and was waving it as she ran through town. She saw a grasshopper and began jumping in synch with it. Then they began to play a song in the background with Puchiko's voice actress singing it.

Puchiko looked up and saw all the swallows making pretty patterns in the air. They were migrating south. She waved goodbye to them.

In the shrine, daisies were in bloom. Majingabbo was making small fountains with his hands. Amaenbo was playing with the leaves that had fallen off of a ginko tree.

Puchiko began running as she saw so many different fall flowers, including nadeshiko, I believe. She was very happy.

When she got to the shrine and sat with Hokkemirin. Hokkemirin was dancing on two legs as usual. Then she brought out some puchiko sweets from the store and gave some to Hokkemirin and her kittens. She ate while drinking tea.

She noticed one of the kittens had something stuck to it. Apparently it had a bur on its back. She pulled it off and said that it was part of "aki".

It cut to the astronaut who was standing in the field with the waving alien. He was covered in the burs from the plants around him.

The wind blew and the air was filled with flower petals from the flowers in the field. A petal landed on Puchiko's head. She carefully took the bur and the flower petal and wrapped them in a handkerchief. She said that they were going to be souvenirs for Daifuku and Kinako, respectively.

Then Rabi en Rose's hands appeared and pushed the scene out of the way. She then sat back down at her table where she was earlier. She was panting, but she continued talking about chamomile tea with mint... But as she was talking, the fancy European home turned out to be a painted backdrop and it fell on top of her. The backdrop destroyed the entire table and such, and it showed that Rabi was actually in her room at home.

As Puchiko walked home, she noticed that there were hundreds of dragonflies circling in the air. She then ran home with a smile on her face.

When she went into the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku pulled out a huge tray of sweets for her to eat.

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