Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 25

Digi Charat Nyo episode 25
Kinoko gari ha Tanoshii nyo
Omochan ga Nakunaru nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.01.25

Kinoko gari ha Tanoshii nyo

The ugly producer guy (I think that his name is Kumaki-san... I can't hear it) was outside roasting some mushrooms. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were walking along the street and saw him. They were asking what it was, and Digiko kept on poking the mushrooms with a stick. The man said that he was grilling the King of Mushrooms (that is, the best mushrooms). Digiko and Puchiko looked like they wanted to eat them. The guy pushed them away and spat on all the food so they wouldn't eat it.

Then he began fanning the flames as if to insult them. But the aroma coming off of the grill was very disgusting to Digiko and the others. They got away from the smell.

Puchiko didn't seem to know what were mushrooms as she had never eaten them previously. But whatever they were, Kinako and Daifuku ate them as if they were the best things ever. Digiko got very excited and said that she really wanted to eat them. When Gema said that it wasn't possible, Digiko shot him with her eye-beams.

Meanwhile, the producer guy was still fanning the flames. The mushrooms got so hot that they caught on fire and turned into char. The guy was incredibly shocked and couldn't say anything.

Digiko was sitting at home looking depressed. Yasushi and Kiyoshi asked her what was wrong. Digiko mentioned that she wanted to try some of the king of mushrooms or whatever. Then the two guys got very excited, as they thought that they were really great. But they were talking about getting some instant (freeze-dried) kind. Digiko thought that that was lame, and realized that they had all kinds of mushrooms growing in the forest. She was going to go out and get some fresh ones. Yasushi and Kiyoshi waved flags and said, "Gambare! Gambare!"

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema went out to the edge of the forest. It looked like they were wearing hats as if they were part of the Campfire Girls (or some nature-oriented youth club). But then they saw Rabi en Rose wearing the hat also. Rabi was very fired up about looking for mushrooms in the forest. Apparently her father (and mother) had put her up to it, as they wanted to eat them, and they tricked her into getting them.

Digiko was taunting Rabi that she would find better mushrooms than her. But Rabi wasn't listening as she had already flown away with her helicopter ears. Digiko and the others countered by riding on Gema, and Rabi chased after them.

Puchiko saw some mushrooms in the forest that were red and spotted. They seemed to throb in her hands. Gema told her that they couldn't eat those, and she dropped it. The mushroom crawled away on its own.

Digiko pulled a different mushroom and wondered if it was any good. But Rabi accidentally ran into her, and they each figured one was trying to crowd the other. When Gema tried to break them up, Digiko shot him with the eye-beams. Gema flew away and landed in some mushroom patch deep in the forest.

Later, Rabi was picking mushrooms in the forest. She saw some pulsating, spotted mushrooms and almost picked them. Then she remembered that they were poisonous and scolded herself from almost getting dangerous ones. Then she wondered how Digiko was doing and began to spy on them by flying on her helicopter ears.

Gema had come back but he seemed to be itchy for some reason. Puchiko was saying that she heard that some mushrooms were very dangerous. She said some of the spores could make you laugh yourself to death. This made Gema even more nervous and he scratched even faster.

Then Rabi checked her basket and wondered if they would be okay. Then a puffball sprayed her in the face. Rabi screamed wildly and ran over Digiko.

In the end, everybody ended up with huge baskets of mushrooms. But nobody knew if any of them were edible. Digiko called her stupid.

Gema kept on scratching himself. Puchiko wondered what was wrong with him. Gema said that he was itching like crazy. So Puchiko grabbed a stick and began whacking his back so it wouldn't itch.

Back at the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku looked over all of the mushrooms. None of them were edible. Rabi was totally crushed. Then Kinako said that there was one that was edible, and it was a good one. It was a small brown mushroom. Gema started to ask about it when a mushroom popped out of his side.

Digiko and everybody else (except for Puchiko) freaked out at seeing something growing on Gema. But then Kinako and Daifuku said that these were the legendary mushrooms. Digiko and the others got very excited. Digiko went up to Gema with a sick grin on her face and yanked out the mushroom from his body. Gema said that it really hurt. But the others didn't care, as they were totally obsessed with getting mushrooms.

Digiko said with a sly face that she wanted some more. Gema wondered what was happening. Then Puchiko got out her stick and began smacking his back. The idea was that this would cause the fungus to grow on his back faster (like welts), since the spores were in his body. Then a lot of mushrooms appeared on his body.

Kinako and Daifuku said that they weren't totally normal mushrooms but they were still good and edible. Digiko seemed a bit disappointed. But Rabi even said that it was okay since they would have something to eat. Then Puchiko continued to whip Gema's back while they harvested mushrooms from him. Of course, Gema didn't like it so much.

Omochan ga Nakunaru nyo

Digiko, Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema were eating breakfast when they was a huge rumbling. They went outside but it wasn't an earthquake. It turned out that the producer guy was hitting the store with a huge wooden log. (Note: He was hitting one of the decorative bells on the side of the store, and the log looked like one of the logs used to ring the temple bells).

The producer said that he was going to tear down the building so he could put up a new and better store. Apparently he had plans to tear down their Super Omocha store and set up some chain store. The chain was apparently bigger and more professional looking. But Yasushi didn't want to sell his store. But in the end, even Kiyoshi thought that it was a good idea. This crushed Yasushi's spirit (literally, as he was flattened by a mammoth foot).

The producer gave Kiyoshi a contract to sign. Meanwhile Digiko and Puchiko poked at Yasushi's flat body with a stick. But then as Kiyoshi was signing it, Yasushi popped back to life and snatched the contract. He tore it up into little pieces, much to the horror of the producer. Yasushi said that he would prove that his toys were better than commercial ones (with a flashy pose, much like sentai dramas).

He got a crowd together promoting how good Super Omocha was. When the crowd sounded interested, the producer began saying vicious rumors about his products. Finally, Yasushi released one of his new toys: white robotic pigeons. Yasushi was going to show that they could deliver mail, so he held up a letter. Then all the birds swarmed down and attacked him, like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". Then they flew away and dropped poo on everyone. The crowd ran away in terror after that. The producer laughed viciously at Yasushi behind his back.

Yasushi went to go sit on the ground near the shrine. Kiyoshi, Digiko, and Puchiko were watching him, and they felt sorry for him. Then the producer showed up and asked for Kiyoshi to sign the contract to sell the store to him. But when Kiyoshi said that he couldn't, then he grabbed Kiyoshi and threw him into the air. He then grabbed Digiko and Gema and threw them, too.

Kiyoshi ended up smashing through the door of the beauty salon and landed in one of the styling chairs. Rabi en Rose was shocked that he had come into the shop. Then Michelle and Francois thought that maybe Rabi had a relationship with him, and Rabi got embarrassed.

Digiko and Gema crash landed into the bakery. Daifuku and Kinako thought that they just wanted to see them real bad.

Then the producer asked him if Yasushi for what he wanted to do with the shop. (Then John and Paul showed up, but they realized that Digiko wasn't there, so they left). Before Yasushi could answer, Puchiko showed up. Sitting on her head was one of the robot pigeons. She said that she liked them. Then Yasushi pushed the producer out of the way and he became fired up.

Yasushi went back to the store and took out everything from the store. But then he began doing some kind of crazy construction inside the building. Nobody could tell what he was trying to do. Then Yasushi said that he was finished and put a funny looking helmet on his head.

Outside, the town had gathered to see what was happening. Then Yasushi said that this was Super Omocha's Magic Special. The store then stood up as it had grown legs. Everybody passed out from the shock. Using the helmet, Yasushi could control the store-robot. Everybody thought that he was going to destroy the town, but instead the robot did a magic trick to make the pigeons appear and they flew off into the sunset.

Digiko and Puchiko thought that it was really pretty. Then Yasushi passed out from fatigue. Kiyoshi told Yasushi that everybody saw it, and they wanted him to not give up the store. Then Kiyoshi tore up the contract again.

But the producer wasn't fazed. A red carpet rolled all the way to the store, and he summoned the new building to come to destroy the toy store by force. Then the building of the chain store appeared and began running along the carpet, as if it was going to smash into the Super Omocha store and destroy it. Everybody (except Puchiko) was scared for their lives, but then the store stopped on its own at the last second. It turned out that there was some gum on the ground and the store didn't want to walk on it.

The producer guy got very mad, and so he kicked the building and it flew into the sky. Then he admitted defeat and walked into the sunset.

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