Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 27

Digi Charat Nyo episode 27
Piyoko ha Aku no Shuryou nyo
Ryakushite Bugedan nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.02.04

Piyoko ha Aku no Shuryou nyo

The panda-shaped UFO crashed into the field behind the Super Omocha store. Then the UFO tranformed into a panda-shaped minivan.

Inside the toy store, Gema aksed if anybody felt something. Digiko was watching TV, and Puchiko was playing ayatori (string tricks). Digiko said that it was just his imagination. When Gema said something like she wasn't paying attention, then Digiko shot him with her eye-beams.

Then Rabi en Rose came running in saying that something terrible had happened. Gema called her "Usada" and she kicked him away, telling him not to call her that. Rabi sat at the table drinking tea, and she explained that something was happening in their backyard (I believe--it's hard to hear what she said). When Digiko didn't seem interested, she used her rabbit ears and made a helicopter and flew outside.

Gema came back into the room, and Digiko grabbed him saying that she wanted a trip outside, too. Then Puchiko jumped on top of Gema, and he went outside. Digiko was just dragged on the ground to the backyard.

A crowd had gathered in the field but they left saying that there wasn't anything. Rabi, who had just arrived, was surprised to find that there wasn't anything. Digiko and Puchiko insulted Rabi for making them come out there for nothing. But Rabi insisted that there was something there. Gema noticed that there was some strange burn mark on the ground. But Digiko and Puchiko were bored so they left, and Rabi quickly followed. The camera panned up and you could see that the markings made a panda face.

Digiko was still poking fun at Rabi for the wild goose chase later on in the day. Nobody noticed that there was a panda-shaped minivan following them. Then the van went and took a detour.

When Digiko and the others got to the bakery, they noticed that there was a big panda-shaped van parked outside the store, blocking the entrance. Puchiko was mad and she kicked the van. There was some sign on the van advertising something that was going to be an all-day event. Puchiko kicked the van again.

Then Piyoko appeared on top of the van and laughed evilly. She said, "So, we meet again."

Piyoko was also with her three minions, Rick, Kai, and Kuu. Rabi asked if the girl was Digiko's younger sister, but Digiko said that she didn't know who they were. Then Digiko asked who they were, and they were shocked. Piyoko said her name, and said that she had to have remembered her. But Digiko didn't know anything. Piyoko said that she was from Analogue, the rival planet to Di Gi Charat. But none of the Di Gi Charat folks seemed to know them still. Piyoko almost fainted because she was so disappointed.

Then the minions started to fight amonst themselves about what to do next. Rick tried to cheer Piyoko up, but she didn't like his "uncute" companion. Digiko got tired of listening to them so she shot her eye-beams. But before they hit Piyoko, the three minions jumped in and protected her.

The bad guys said that they knew who she was. Then Digiko said they were the real bad guys. She said that Piyoko was actually a princess of Analogue, and they had joined up with the Black Gema Gema that tried to take over planet Di Gi Charat. Then Piyoko got really happy because Digiko had remembered who she was.

Then Piyoko, Rick (the veterinarian), Kai (the dentist), and Kuu (the doctor) introduced themselves for the first time. Piyoko said that she went to Digiko's mom and she mentioned that she had gone to Earth, so Piyoko had followed her here. Then Digiko made fun of Piyoko, and she got really mad.

Just as Digiko was going to leave, Puchiko decided to do something first. She wrote an advertisement on the van's side. Then everybody saw the sign and hundreds of people flooded the store. So Piyoko had actually "helped" Digiko.

Digiko and the others were walking back to the Super Omocha. When they got there, they noticed that the minivan was blocking the entrance. Then all of the Analogue people began to laugh (stupidly) as they were going to get their revenge finally. Digiko and the others didn't know what was happening, and as Digiko was going to go inside the store, Piyoko's cronies stopped her.

Digiko was very nervous, as the team said that it was time to go into battle. But then a lady with her kid showed up suddenly. The kid had a really bad toothache. Kai pitied him, and took the boy inside the van and fixed up his teeth. The kid and his parent were very grateful. Suddenly everybody heard about how great the dentist was, and a huge line of sick people appeared for treatment.

While everybody was waiting, they went inside the store and began buying all the toys in sight. Yasushi and Kiyoshi could barely keep up with all the customers. In the end, they took care of all the customers, and Piyoko's gang was too tired to do anything else. Digiko was so happy that they had gotten so much business that she said that maybe she'd have sukiyaki that night. Then Piyoko realized that she had helped Digiko again. Then Piyoko and her gang said that it wasn't over yet, and they drove away in their panda minivan.

Digiko didn't know what they were doing, but she said that she wasn't going to give up.

Ryakushite Bugedan nyo

The minivan was parked in the park again. Rick, Kai, and Kuu were all doing nice things for all the people in town, and they didn't want anything in return. Piyoko didn't like what they were doing. But the guys explained (I think) that this was an attempt to get people to dislike Digiko and like Piyoko more.

Then Digiko walked past all of them, and Piyoko wanted the guys to chase them. But the guys were all wrapped up in their own conversation. Then for some weird reason, Suba-san showed up and did weird things to Kuu (I didn't understand this at all). But Piyoko yelled at all of them and they followed Digiko finally.

The guys were all going to jump Digiko (assumedly to beat her up), but Digiko just used her eye-beams and she sent them all through a wall. Then Digiko explained that she couldn't get by a princess that had been training from idol Akari Usada. Then Digiko told them that she was a star and showed them an advertisement for her CD. Piyoko couldn't take it anymore, and she used her mouth-beam. Digiko countered with her eye-beam.

Just then, Yasushi and Gema were walking by with a cart, and they were singing a silly song. They ended up going right between the two beams and there was a huge explosion. But Yasushi got up quickly and went up to Piyoko, asking her who she was, as he was interested in her cool power. Then Digiko told Piyoko who he was. Then Digiko and Puchiko left, although Piyoko said, "Don't run away!"

Then Yasushi figured out that these new guys were from outer space. He then pulled Digiko and Puchiko back, as he wanted to show off his toys to them. But Digiko just talked bad about Piyoko and her cronies. They explained that they were members of the Black Gema-Gema Dan (which Puchiko explained was shortened into "Bugeda"), but Yasushi couldn't say the name right.

Kiyoshi went outside the shop and told them to come home. Then Yasushi introduced the Piyoko and her allies as "PiKaKuRi-san", as it was an acronym of their names. They were all shocked. But then Kiyoshi introduced himself and called them "Pikakuri-san". Then Yasushi, Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema all went inside the store. Piyoko and the others were left outside, too shocked to do anything.

Inside the store, the gang was pricing items and putting them on the shelves. Gema finally explained that they were bad guys.

Nobody realized it, but the members of the Black Gema-Gema Dan were already inside the store, hiding behind some toys. They decided on a plan to hurt the toy store: They were going to be really bad customers.

Kuu went to a kid that was playing a video game, and instead of waiting his turn, he just snatched the controller from the boy's hands. There was another kid looking at a toy box. Kai went up to him and began harrassing him, saying that he was probably supposed to be in school. Then Rick went up to Yasushi and asked him about some string toy. Yasushi said that it was for ayatori, and demonstrated. But Rick was totally unimpressed, so Yasushi started juggling for some reason.

So the store was in chaos. Piyoko thought that she had gotten her revenge. But then Digiko used her Princess Power Up and pulled out her keitai. Piyoko quickly asked to see it, but Digiko refused to let her touch it. Piyoko really wanted to see it. Then Puchiko used her Princess Power Up and pulled out her keitai. They began playing on their phones and saying how much fun it was.

Piyoko saw one of the keitai on the shelves, and she got really mad and told her cronies to get her one. Rick said that he wanted to buy one, and Yasushi went to the back to get it. But when he returned, it was some gigantic keitai. Piyoko grabbed it and threw it into Gema's face.

Digiko then got bored. But Puchiko pulled out her bracelet (from a very long time ago). Digiko said that she forgot about it, and then she pulled out hers. As always, the bracelets made funny sounds and Digiko and Puchiko acted all happy again.

Piyoko went almost into a frenzy and demanded that she have one. But Yasushi said that he didn't have anything like that. Piyoko got so mad that she used her mouth-beam and blew up the store. Everything was all caught in the explosion, except for Digiko and Puchiko. Despite this, Yasushi was saying how cool it was, seeing the mouth-beam in action.

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