Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 28

Digi Charat Nyo episode 28
Kareida-san ga Kuru nyo
Kareida-san pinch nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.02.14

Kareida-san ga Kuru nyo

On a flight from France, a waitress asked (in English), "Would you like coffee?" The mysterious French person who looked like Oscar from Rose of Versailles replied (also in English), "Rose tea, please."

Hikaru was outside the beauty salon trying to get all the mail. Apparently the samurai armor was serving as a mailbox (this was Kabuto in an earlier episode), as you stuffed mail into the mouth of the mask. It was very full, and she had to pull very hard. Suddenly the entire street filled up with mail that had been trapped inside the armor. But she noticed that one of the letters was airmail.

Francois and Michelle read it and realized that it was from Kareida-san from France. When Francois opened the letter, the room filled up with roses in the background (like shoujo manga) and Hikaru got very confused. Apparently, he was coming to Japan. Michelle and Francois got very nervous. Hikaru wanted to know who Kareida-san was, and her parents only gave vague descriptions (Michelle did a very silly dance). Then the phone rang, and Michelle answered it in a VERY cute way. It was from Kareida-san, who said that he was coming to the Neko Maneki Shopping Center right then.

Michelle and Francois went hysterical. They said that they had to clean up the place before he got there. They began running around cleaning everything, despite that Hikaru still didn't know who he really was. Then her parents explained, with stars in their eyes, that he was some super-stud. Hikaru looked disgusted and said that she understood.

Then Francois said that she had to transform. Michelle said, "Yes!" and did another very silly dance. So Hikaru turned into Rabi en Rose, using her Miracle Rouge Lip-Up sequence. Rabi said that she was going to leave to pick him up, and her parents said goodbye. Her parents kept on cleaning, even the rabbit ears and such on the outside of their store.

Rabi was walking down the street when she ran into Digiko and Gema. Rabi said that she was expecting a guest from France to come visit. Then there was this flash of bright light, and Kareida-san appeared with sparkles all around him. He was wearing his red uniform and a rose as always, but he was wearing airline slippers on his feet (no shoes). He said, "Bonjour."

He was so cool that Digiko, Rabi, and Gema all got stars in their eyes and said, "Bonjour."

Then Rabi went up to him and introduced herself to him. Kareida-san said that Rabi en Rose was a "suteki" (wonderful) name. Then Digiko and Gema quickly jumped in and introduced themselves. But Rabi tried to push them away and told them to go home.

Then Kareida-san looked closely at Rabi's face. He said that when he looked deeply into her eyes, he could see... a reflection of himself toasting a glass of wine. But Rabi thought that he was so cool that she had stars in her eyes. But Digiko wanted to be around Kareida-san for part of her princess training, and she got stars in her eyes. Rabi didn't want Digiko hanging around him.

Then Kareida-san twirled (like a ballerina) down the street. Digiko and Gema also twirled and followed him. Rabi said, "Wait!" and tried to twirl as well. But then she fell down, and she ended up doing a breast stroke on the ground to crawl toward them.

Kareida-san went up to a flower shop. This is the first time that you could tell that Kareida-san is very short, shorter than even Digiko!

He was saying how awesome this place was. The store owner was very confused. But Kareida-san pulled out a rose and said that she was like a rose. The lady blushed and got embarrassed. He said that this was one scene from a shoujo manga. Digiko, Gema, Rabi, and the flower shop girl all had stars in their eyes. Then Kareida-san ran away, like a mysterious lover, saying, "See you again!" The others followed, with Rabi flying on her helicopter ears.

They then went to the bakery, and Kareida-san asked what it was. Rabi told him the name and said that they served delicious things. So they all went inside. Puchiko, Kinako, and Daifuku were all there. They saw Kareida-san and asked who he was. Rabi said that he was a guest from France. Kareida-san said "bonjour" again, and Kinako got all flustered as she didn't know any French. But he had said that he had studied Japanese so it was okay.

He went to one of the cases and he suddenly went to his knees. Daifuku and Kinako wondered if he passed out because he was hungry. But it was because he was so enraptured by one of the items in the case. Daifuku told him what it was. Then Kareida-san said, "Beautiful!" (in English). Then Digiko and Rabi imitated him.

Then Kinako asked Kareida-san where in France was he from, and he replied Paris. Daifuku got out some string and made an ayatori Eiffel Tower. Then Kareida-san sat in a chair with a glass of wine and talked about France. But then Rabi made a dumb language joke. However, everybody quickly forgot it.

Then Rabi took Kareida-san around town and introduced him to all the people. Rabi, Gema, and Puchiko followed. Rabi showed him some of the more interesting sights around town, and Kareida-san was saying how "kareida" (beautiful) everything was, and posed. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema would pose along with him.

Meanwhile, Piyoko and her cronies had dug a huge hole just outside their minivan in the part. They were planning to use it as a trap to catch Digiko. Then they covered the hole with leaves. Shortly afterwards, Digiko and the others passed by the location, and Kareida-san said that it was beautiful. When Digiko found out that he was talking about something of Piyoko's, she became very disappointed.

Piyoko kept on taunting Digiko to follow her, and she kept doing a silly dance. Meanwhile, Rick, Kai, and Kuu were debating amongst themselves about what to do. But Kareida-san went up to the guys and said that they were beautiful for some reason. The three guys were so freaked out and disgusted that they grabbed Piyoko and tried to run back to the van. But they forgot that there was a hole in front of their van so they fell into their own trap.

Kareida-san pinch nyo

For no reason, Kareida-san was in some musical and was singing a silly song. Then Digiko, Puchiko, Gema, Rabi, and Nikol (for no good reason) began singing as well. The chorus to the song went: "Beautiful... wonderful... hidey-ho..." (in English).

It turned out that they weren't really in a musical, but they were just in the park pretending to be in one. Digiko and Rabi thought that it was the greatest. Puchiko wasn't as impressed.

Then John and Paul showed up wearing outfits like the ones in Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But then Kareida-san told them that they weren't beautiful. They were so disappointed that they melted and left. Then Kareida-san asked Rabi to do something beautiful and she danced around him. Digiko quickly said that she could do something also. Then she made a VERY cute facial expression, but she quickly said it made her face tired and so she stopped. Then Puchiko decided to play on top of Gema (in a very cute manner). Kareida-san thanked them all, and everybody had stars in their eyes.

Back at the beauty salon, Francois and Michelle finally finished cleaning the entire house. But then they were afraid to walk on their own floors out of fear of getting any of it dirty.

Digiko and the others were walking down the street. For some reason, Kareida-san began talking about his personal life. He mentioned that he had owned some very popular stores called Kare-Curry restaurant. In it, his special was rose curry (which was just curry with a red rose in the bowl), and it cost 10,000 yen for a bowl. Gema was shocked. Then Kareida-san twirled down the street, and Digiko, Rabi, Puchiko, and Gema also twirled and followed him.

The producer guy was in his house polishing all of his gold fixtures. He was singing a song about all of his expensive crap. Digiko and the others went into his home without asking. But for some reason, Kareida-san passed out when he went into the home. There was something in the house that made him feel bad.

But the producer was proud of his home. He began showing off all of his extremely gaudy gold fixtures and watches. Kareida-san was getting really sick. The others tried to make him feel better. Puchiko even "played" on top of Gema again. But the producer wanted to make him really sick. So he showed Kareida-san all of his horrible gold items, including his solid gold table and gold flowers in a gold flowervase. Then he showed him his fat belly and his stinky feet. Kareida-san shrived into a blue slime.

Digiko and the others grabbed Kareida-san and took him to a flower-filled field. He quickly returned to normal. He said that he had to return to France, however. Nobody wanted to see him go. Even Puchiko cried. But he jumped on the cloud that blows the horn (often seen in the early episodes). He said, "See you again!"

The girls all replied back, "See you again!" in English and waved. It was very silly sounding.

Later that night, Yasushi and Kiyoshi were wondering why Digiko was so late to dinner, as they were so hungry. At the beauty salon, Michelle and Francois were still waiting, wondering when Kareida-san would come by their home.

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