Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 30

Digi Charat Nyo episode 30
Nanikaya de arubaito nyo
Yasushi tai Riku nazo no taiketsu nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.03.01

Nanikaya de arubaito nyo

Digiko was walking down the street in a dreamy sort of way. Gema and Puchiko were following her. I believe that Digiko was bored because she didn't have any money to do anything. But then Puchiko pointed out a flyer that had some spooky ghost-like images printed on it. Digiko looked at it and saw that it was for the convenience store (with the pumpkin-headed owner). But Gema pointed out that they were also looking for some part-time help.

Then Unchiku-kun showed up again and explained the concept of part-time work.

Gema wanted Digiko to sign up for it, but she didn't want to do it. Then Puchiko said that she was moderately interested (for some reason), and Digiko got excited about it and decided to do it. So Gema took one of the flyers.

In the panda van, Piyoko was eating with Rick and Kai. But they were eating some kind of green slime, because they didn't have money to buy real food. So they just put up with it, although Kai seemed to like it. Then Kuu showed up and said that they could eat sukiyaki. The others were shocked and asked how they could have something like that. He showed them the flyer for the part-time job.

The next day, the convenience store owner hired Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema. He made them wear a costume, which was basically a jack o' lantern headpiece, like the store owner's. Piyoko and the rest of the Black Gema-Gema gang (already wearing their costumes) saw this. Piyoko thought that this would be a good chance to get her revenge.

The store owner was holding a meeting, but he said that one of his employees was missing. You could see Rabi en Rose (also in costume) sinking into some sand pit. The owner pulled out some tongs and yanked Rabi out of it.

Rabi pulled off her jack o' lantern headpiece, and Digiko was shocked to see who it was. Rabi said that she was trying to save up for Akari's CD box set.

Afterwards the store owner told them to take an inventory of all the items in the store.

Digiko had to count some red balls. But as she was sorting through them, the balls started moving on their own, and Digiko couldn't keep count of them, much less keep them in the box.

Meanwhile, Gema was on the ceiling counting what appeared to be ghosts or spirits that were dangling from the ceiling.

Piyoko thought that this would be a perfect time for her stunt. She intentionally ran into a person counting things in boxes, thinking that it was Digiko. But she was horrified when it was actually one of her own men (Kai, I believe), and he had to hand count them all over again.

Rick was being dragged around by whatever he was supposed to be counting.

Kuu was in some weird underground farm, pulling some huge vine out of the ground, counting the sweet potatoes (I believe).

Puchiko was in a laboratory counting microbes. She was getting dizzy trying to count them.

Rabi en Rose was in some very cold, windy location. She had to count snowmen.

The store owner was monitoring all of them at the command center. He seemed doubtful that they would be able to do the job.

Digiko was in some place where they had many tanks filled with a green liquid. Digiko was fishing with a net trying to scoop out things to count them. Whatever the liquid was, it smelled really bad.

Piyoko was there, hoping to screw up Digiko again. She got out a bamboo pole and tickled her feet so Digiko would fall into the tank. After she fell into the tank, Digiko was furious, demanding to know who did this to her. Piyoko started dancing around happily. But then she fell down and her headpiece fell off and Digiko saw who she was. But Piyoko quickly put on the pumpkin mask again, and acted like she was somebody else. But Digiko said that only Piyoko ended her sentences with "-pyo".

Piyoko then decided that it was time to fight, so she shot her mouth-beam at Digiko. But Digiko dodged and the beam blew up one of the tanks. Digiko countered and shot her eye-beams, also missing Piyoko but blowing up another tank. The two of them continued to shoot beams at each other, and eventually blew up all the tanks.

The alarms were blaring. On the TV monitor, the store owner saw what was happening and decided that something had to be done.

Meanwhile, Rabi was chasing butterfly-like things in a forest. Kuu was ice fishing out weird miniature pink octopi. Rick and Kai were in outer space counting weird giant bugs. Each of them heard the alarm and wondered what that meant. Rick and Kai decided that they had to save Piyoko, so they left.

Puchiko was sleeping because she got so tired from counting microbes. But she woke up when she heard the alarm. Then Gema came in the room saying that they had to run.

The store owner went to the door with everybody else. He tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. Then somebody helped him and the door flew open. Suddenly, a huge river of green liquid came out in a huge tidal wave and washed everybody down the hall. The Black Gema Gema gang saw Piyoko floating past them, and they grabbed her. She coughed out a lot of the green stuff, and she didn't look too good.

Puchiko was being held in the air out of the liquid by Gema. Digiko managed to grab the wall to prevent her from floating downstream. She opened her mouth and a giant pink blob creature ran out of it (probably one of the things living in the tank). Digiko said that it was Piyoko's fault.

Then the store owner jumped out of the water. He told everybody that they had to stop the liquid from reaching the steel door down the hall. Digiko asked what would happen, and he said that there would be a huge devastating explosion. He explained that the drug store contained stuff that would react with water, and it would cause a huge chain reaction explosion.

Everybody started to freak out uncontrollably. But Digiko said that she had a plan. She shot Gema with her eye-beams. Gema flew past the rushing water and smacked into the door. When the liquid ran into Gema, he absorbed it like a sponge (this happened in the original series, too) and he became huge and green. Gema rolled toward them, but everybody stayed away from him. He asked what was wrong, and they said that he smelled really bad from the liquid. Gema got really mad and starting chasing after everybody, as they ran while holding their noses.

At the end of the day, the store owner thanked them all for their help. Everybody looked really worn out from the ordeal. Then the owner passed them all envelopes, and everybody got happy again. But all of the envelopes started moving around as if there was something inside them. Everybody was scared. But the store owner said that it was in the fine print on the poster.

In very tiny print, it said that they weren't going to get paid in money. Everybody got so depressed.

Piyoko wondered what was in her bag and she opened it. She pulled out something very strange and ugly, but the label said that it was sukiyaki ingredients. Rick and Kuu also got sukiyaki "ingredients" and they were very happy. But then Kai said that they weren't really ingredients and everybody fainted.

Then Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema pulled out their items. It turned out to be something very stupid, and Piyoko laughed at them.

Yasushi tai Riku nazo no taiketsu nyo

A huge storm was coming into town. Yasushi left the toy store. Rick left the van. Both of them walked with a serious look on their face. The two men met in the middle of a field. Rick wanted to know if Yasushi brought something with him, and he showed him some strange red joystick. Then Rick showed him the insides of his jacket, which were apparently lined with... musical instruments.

[Kev's Note: I made a mistake earlier. If you are wondering, Rick is Piyoko's veterinarian. Kai is Piyoko's dentist. Kuu is Piyoko's doctor.]

So Rick said that it was the start of the showdown. Yasushi yanked on the joystick, and a giant robot came out of the ground (much like The Big O). Rick wasn't fazed and he took out a dog whistle and blew on it. Hundreds of dogs came running to his location, and Rick ordered them to attack.

Yasushi shot the robot's eye-lasers, but the robot ("Chu-robo") was so tall that it missed everything (but it did hit the moon). The dogs weren't much better, as they were just fooling around the base of the robot's feet as they couldn't do anything.

Then Unchiku showed up again and explained some point in the story. I didn't understand his comments at all, because it didn't make any sense.

Then Rick blew on a bird whistle, and it summoned some fast-moving bird. It turned out to be a small woodpecker. Rick ordered the woodpecker to destroy the robot, and it began pecking at the robot, making a barely-visible hole. He offered encouragement anyway.

Yasushi heard the tapping, so he ordered Chu-robo to make a jump. It jumped as commanded, but it jumped almost all the way into outer space. The g-force from the jump combined with the lack of air almost killed Yasushi. But the robot eventually came crashing down to Earth again.

Rick blew a deep sounding horns (the kind that are so large and long that they lay on the ground, like in Europe). Rick watched in his binoculars. He could see the Paramount Mountain (i.e., a mountain top with stars circling it) off in the distance and a cow started to walk toward the battle site. It was moving very slowly.

Yasushi put on a spacesuit in preparation for more wild actions with his robot. Then he ordered his robot to do a super punch. It made a tremendous sound, but when the smoke cleared, the cow was still there walking toward the robot, and Rick ordered it to destroy the robot. Yasushi tried doing another robot karate chop, but it missed. The cow just butted its head against the robot (going at about 2 mph).

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were at home with their feet under a kotatsu watching TV. But the TV was so boring, so Digiko stretched out her fist (so she didn't have to leave the kotatsu) and smashed the TV. Then Digiko and Puchiko fantasized about eating hot white rice.

Amaebou and his pet went to the panda van in the park, but it was closed. He left in a huff. Inside the van, Piyoko, Kai, and Kuu were all sleeping.

Back at the combat site, Rick had blown a whistle to summon a bunch of monkeys. Yasushi ordered Chu-robo to block. The monkeys were throwing stuff at the robot, and it was only hitting its knees.

Then Yasushi ordered the Chu-robo to do its rocket punch attack. But since Yasushi was sitting on its shoulder (like in Giant Robo), the flames coming from the rocket burned him up. The rocket fist was just flying around in space, but it cut off a UFO. The UFO got mad and started shooting heavy weapons at the giant robot. Rick said that this was his chance, so he blew his "rabbit whistle". A large collection of small rabbits came and ran over Rick.

Then for some reason, the producer showed up in a cart drawn by two, fierce looking dogs. Rick got mad and said that this was his fight and didn't want him to interfere. But the producer just ran into him anyway. The cart exploded and the dogs ran away, and Rick was knocked out. The producer was really mad about this but he left.

The UFO was still blowing up Chu-robo. The last round of explosions caused Yasushi to fall. He ordered Chu-robo to rescue him. It tried to catch him with his right hand, but it couldn't because it wasn't there--he had shot it off from doing the rocket punch. Yasushi screamed, "Shimata!!" Then he crashed into the ground and made a huge pit.

Both Yasushi and Rick both got up and they looked really beat up. They were going to face off again.

But Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema showed up at the location. Digiko asked what they were doing. Yasushi started giving an explanation (something about a man-to-man thing), but Digiko got bored within a few seconds and they all left.

Rick was then confronted by the Piyoko and the rest of their group. They were asking him about what was happening. Then as he was explaining, they got bored and left also.

Yasushi and Rick said that they would give it one last shot. Yasushi had his hand on the controller. Rick got out another animal whistle.

But meanwhile, Piyoko and Digiko were fighting over some food item at the grocery store. They both wanted it. When the others tried to break up the fight, Digiko shot her eye-beams and Piyoko shot her mouth-beam. The two beams missed and landed in the combat field and blew up Yasushi and Rick.

The judge (the narrator) was in the field. He started talking about the futility of war and how there was no winners. Then one of the neighbors in a nearby house near the field screamed for all of them to shut up. Yasushi, Rick, and the announcer apologized.

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