Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 32

Digi Charat Nyo episode 32
Gosenzo-sama ga yattekita nyo
Digiko kira kira nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.03.15

Gosenzo-sama ga yattekita nyo

It was a stormy day, and a cloaked stranger came into town. He looked a lot like Clint Eastwood's character in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". Somehow, the town had changed so it had a dirt road and tumbleweeds blew across the road. The stranger was standing in the middle of town while people hid in their houses.

Dejiko and the others were hiding in the toy store inside watching him. When Dejiko asked Yasushi and Kiyoshi to go outside and ask what he wanted, they quickly refused. Dejiko lightly teased them about it.

At the bakery, Kinako and Puchiko were fighting to keep Daifuku in the store. He wanted to go out and take on the stranger. But Daifuku pulled out his string and said that he could beat him at ayatori. Then he ran outside into the bright sunlight. Puchiko ran after him.

At the toy store, Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema were pushing Dejiko outside, and she was very scared. But Daifuku was already in the street, and was doing fancy ayatori in front of the stranger. Daifuku challenged the stranger. There was a flash of lightning, and Daifuku fell to the ground. Digiko and Puchiko went up to him to see if he was okay. I believe that he said that he was too good, and he wanted Yasushi and Kiyoshi to take care of everything. Then he passed out and fell asleep (with a snot bubble).

Puchiko said that she wasn't going to forgive the stranger and shot her eye-beams at him. But there was just some ugly looking slime. The stranger wasn't impressed. But when he turned around Dejiko was there. Dejiko shot her eye-beams at the stranger many times, but he kept on dodging them.

Dejiko said that she would challenge him next. Kiyoshi didn't want her to do it, but she said that she was a princess and she couldn't stand for such things. The sun came out from behind the clouds, showing that it was high noon. But instead of drawing a gun, he pulled out the pink rubber band toy. Then he began jumping around in between them. Dejiko ran for the challenge. Everybody watched them and was amazed by how fast they were moving. But in the end, Dejiko tripped and she flew off into a building. The stranger said that she needed more practice, and he'd be back tomorrow. He walked into the sunset with a wicked laugh.

Daifuku decided to train them all for the upcoming rematch. Digiko, Puchiko, Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Rabi had to bunny-hop on the steps of the shrine, and other activities. Rabi wanted to know why she had to do the training. Gema kept on holding up signs that gave encouragement, like "Guts" and "Speed". They were practicing with the rubber band, but they tripped and fell. Daifuku wasn't going to accept any failure or excuses. He said that the rubber band was to become your best friend. He wanted all of them to take it whereever they went, and they were to sleep with it in their futons.

Then Nichol showed up and threw meat in everybody's mouth. It was night time, and they all ate meat around a campfire. They were all talking about what they were going to do the next day.

It was still at night, and Dejiko was doing her practice again with the rubber band. She got her foot caught in the rubber band, but instead of falling, she jumped in the air and spun. When the rubber band came out, it become some fancy ayatori pattern. Everybody was amazed. Yasushi and Kiyoshi had a lot of problems with their rubber band practice.

The next day, the stranger showed up again. Digiko went to the challenge. They jumped around, and when Dejiko did her finishing move, the man only laughed. He pulled back his foot and spun the rubber band into an even fancier ayatori pattern. The rubber band then snapped back and smacked Dejiko into the others who were watching.

Yasushi and Kiyoshi were flying backwards, but something blew them aside. It turned out to be Puchiko who had her hand out and somehow deflected them. She said that she was going to challenge him. Yasushi said not to do it. But Puchiko went and danced around the rubber band in a cute manner while singing a very cute song. The stranger fell to his knees and said that he couldn't compete with that.

Then the stranger's hat flew off his head. Dejiko was shocked. Kiyoshi recognized him also and said that he was the great-great-...-great-grandfather of the Omocha family. The man said that he was right, and ran out of breath trying to say "great-great-great...-great-grandfather".

Rabi asked him why did he lose to Puchiko when Dejiko was so much faster. He explained that when he was small, he saw small cute girls wearing skirts playing this game. He said that Puchiko was just like those girls. He said after he saw that, he could now go to Heaven. He started flying up, but Dejiko grabbed him. I think that Dejiko figured out that he didn't consider her a small cute girl, and got mad. So she blasted him with her eye-beams into the sky (Heaven).

Digiko kira kira nyo

Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were walking down the street. Dejiko was singing a silly song. Then an golden arrow came out of the shrine and hit Dejiko in the forehead. It turned out to be one of those arrows with a rubber-suction cup. Dejiko couldn't pull it off her head. However, everybody that saw her suddenly became very amazed.

Puchiko and Gema were trying to pull it off her head with no luck. Then Kiyoshi and Hikaru came back from school and saw them. Kiyoshi then saw the arrow and explained the legend of the area. He said that a legend states that a mystical arrow from the shrine would fly out and stick to the forehead of the "chosen one". Rabi couldn't believe that Dejiko could be anything like that.

But then Dejiko began shining with a golden light and her character design changed into a shoujo manga heroine. She was so bright that nobody could look at her. Then the entire town surrounded Dejiko and began praying to her. When Dejiko addressed her worshippers, she spoke in a different, very polite voice. Gema wanted her to snap out of it, but Dejiko couldn't.

Then the producer guy grabbed at Dejiko's feet. I think that he wanted to worship her (obscenely) since she was golden, and he liked gold so much. Puchiko said that she should shoot him with her eye-beams. But Dejiko said that she wouldn't do that. Instead, she turned up her brilliance so the producer was repelled.

Then the mayor came and told everybody that she was the chosen one from the shrine. They were going to take her to the shrine so that everybody could worship her. But Piyoko showed up and said that it was impossible, because she was from Planet Di Gi Charat. But Dejiko didn't argue with them. Instead she turned up her brilliance again, and Piyoko and the rest of the Black Gema Gema Gang were blasted away.

Kiyoshi and Yasushi didn't want Dejiko to go away. Hikaru tried to act like she didn't care, but she did. With Dejiko being so nice to her all of the sudden, Hikaru just ran off to the side of the road. She got in her cardboard box and transformed into Rabi en Rose. Then she, Puchiko, and Piyoko agreed that they would work together to bring Dejiko back to normal. But when they had finished with their flashy introduction pose, everybody had already left and the streets were empty.

Outside the toy store, a crazy person was digging in the street with a pickaxe.

Inside the store, Kiyoshi was asking the others what they should do about Dejiko. Nobody had any good ideas. Piyoko was thinking about shooting her with her mouth-beam (and opened her mouth really wide to blast one), but Puchiko shoved a rice cooker in her mouth saying that wasn't an option.

Yasushi came over with a bottle of some liquid. He said that this would help turn Dejiko back to normal. Puchiko asked if it was really safe, and Yasushi was saying that it was fine. So Puchiko poured a little on the table, and it burned a hole through it. Everybody in the room screamed in terror. A mysterious person came up from underneath the floor saying that it was dangerous and vanished.

The others were still thinking about what to do. Piyoko said that she could just shoot her with her mouth-beam. Then Puchiko shoved Gema in her mouth.

They went to Dejiko's room as she was sleeping. They placed an audio tape that had a person saying all the phrases ending with "-nyo". The intent was that this would turn Dejiko (who now spoke normally) into herself again.

Outside the toy store, the crazy person had dug a very deep hole. He finally struck oil and was overjoyed.

Rabi en Rose and the others were in the living room still thinking about what to do with Dejiko. Dejiko came into the room and she was still all shining gold. Then she spoke very politely and said good morning to everybody (in proper Japanese). Then she bid everybody goodbye and left. The others chased after her.

Everybody was at the shrine for the enshrinement of the chosen one. Piyoko and her gang decided that they were going to break it up. Piyoko challenged Dejiko with the rest of the Black Gema Gema Gang. But Dejiko only spoke politely and then she blasted them with her radiance.

The Dejiko's friends were watching from a distance, and said that nobody could do anything with that kind of power. But Rabi pulled out a bullhorn and said that she could do something. So she flew around on her helicopter ears and tried to convince the crowd to not believe in Dejiko. But then everybody only got angry and threw things at her, knocking her out of the sky.

Dejiko continued making tea like in a tea ceremony. It seemed that nobody thought that there was anything that they could do. But Puchiko was sitting on a see-saw. She told Yasushi to jump on the other end. He did so, and Puchiko flew in the air and landed next to Dejiko.

Puchiko asked if she really wanted this. Dejiko said yes. So Puchiko said that it couldn't be helped. Then she shot her eye-beams at her. The eye-beams formed a gross ooze that enveloped Dejiko. The ooze melted away from Dejiko and her arrow on her forehead was gone, and she looked normal again. Everybody else in town was shocked and dismayed, so they left.

Dejiko talked normally and didn't seem to remember anything. So Dejiko and Puchiko decided to go home together. After they ran into Rabi en Rose and Piyoko, Dejiko made them mad again, and so they returned to their usual rivalry.

After everybody left the shrine, the slime was seen with the arrow stuck to its forehead, so it became golden and shimmering.

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