Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 33

Digi Charat Nyo episode 33
Bugedan Puchiko wo Nerau nyo
Bugedan Usada wo Naerau nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.03.28

Bugedan Puchiko wo Nerau nyo

Rik wanted to discuss the plans for taking over the world again. Piyoko was very bored listening to him. But then Coo appeared with a bag of bread crusts.** Everybody ate the crusts and didn't listen to Rik.

Then Rik mentioned that his plan was to capture Puchiko. Others wondered how he would do it. Then he showed that he had made flyers. The flyers mentioned classes to teach people how to do eye-beams, and they would be meeting at the shrine.

Gema was reading the flyer at home and got very excited. Then Dejiko showed up behind him and asked what he was doing. Gema started sweating and lied. Then he quickly ran out of the store. Dejiko suspected that something was very fishy.

At the shrine, the Black Gema-Gema Dan were all in a silly cardboard box painted to look like a hedge with eye holes. They were walking around in it. Piyoko was too short, so she just dangled as they carried the box. Coo was also too short, so he just shrugged his shoulders as he walked.

They were waiting for Puchiko to appear. Gema showed up and ran past them. Then somebody from inside the box asked them what they were doing. Rik gave the person a flyer. Then he realized that it was Dejiko inside the box with them. Dejiko got mad and said that she would show them eye-beams all right. Then she blasted them all into the sky.

Puchiko was still at home asleep, so she had never seen the flyers.

The Black Gema-Gema Dan were in their panda-van recovering from all the burn damage that they got from being shot with the eye-beams. But it sounded like Rik had another plan.

The phone rang at the bakery and Kinako picked it up. Whatever the phone call said, it made Kinako panic and she ran to tell Daifuku. While the two of them were freaking out, the Black Gema-Gema Dan went to Puchiko's room.

They were going to kidnap her, but then they heard Puchiko talk in her sleep. They wanted to listen to what she was saying. She kept on saying weird things. Finally she got up (in her sleep) and then shot eye-beams at the Black Gema-Gema Dan. Of course, she didn't have real eye-beams so some fluffy pink slime filled up half of the room, trapping Piyoko and her cronies.

Kinako and Daifuku ran into Puchiko's room and asked who they were. So Rik politely introduced them as the Black Gema-Gema Dan. Then they volunteered to help them work in the kitchen, probably to cover up their mission. So while Rik and Ky were in the kitchen making food, Piyoko and Coo worked the counter. Puchiko woke up and said that she was going to see Dejiko, and Coo bid her farewell. Piyoko was furious that they screwed up, but Kinako gave them some cookies to take home.

Later, the Black Gema-Gema Dan were in their van deciding what to do next. Rik wanted to learn more about the enemy, I believe. So he recommended eating the "Puchiko-yaki", the cat-shaped buns that had filling inside. So everybody ate one and drank some tea. Then they all said that it was delicious.

Kareda-san kept on appearing in scenes for some reason. I think that he kept on saying, "Ka-re da!" (It's curry).

The team members kept on talking about what they could put inside them. When Piyoko suggested sukiyaki, Rik said that was a great idea. Then Daifuku dropped from the ceiling and agreed.

Then Piyoko and her cronies went to the bakery and bought two full carts of Puchiko-shaped snack items. Piyoko wanted to eat one, but Ky stopped her for some reason. Later, Rik went to the park and started selling them for money. Dejiko and Puchiko, who were eating some puchiko-shaped snacks already, didn't know what they were doing.

By that evening, they had sold all of their snacks. They went to the bakery and ate a very fancy dinner with Kinako, Daifuku, and Puchiko. The others talked for a long time. But Piyoko didn't eat anything and after a while she stood up and said that she was going home. The Black Gema-Gema Dan ran after her.

Piyoko said that she didn't like seeing them eat and be so friendly with the others, as it made her feel like she didn't belong anymore. But Rik said that he was like a father to her. Ky said that he was like her mother. Coo asked what did that make him. Rik said that he was like the family dog.

Then Daifuku, Kinako, and Puchiko came with a wrapped dinner for them. Rik and Coo were very grateful. Then Puchiko gave Piyoko a bag. Piyoko asked what were them, and Daifuku said that they were special panda-shaped buns. Piyoko ate some and said that the insides were filled with sukiyaki. She said that it was very delicious and thanked them.

Then the folks from the bakery went home, and the Black Gema-Gema Dan went back to their panda-van.

At the toy store, Kiyoshi and Dejiko were eating dinner (which looked like some kind of slime that was moving by itself). Kiyoshi was wondering where the others were, but Dejiko didn't care.

At the shrine, Yasushi and Gema were still holding the flyers. They were still waiting for the seminar to start so they could learn how to shoot eye-beams.

Bugedan Usada wo Naerau nyo

Rik was having another presentation about how they could take over the world. But Piyoko was too tired to care.

But then Coo came into the room carrying a TV. He said that he found it in the garbage. Piyoko asked him what it was, and then Coo plugged it in and pushed the on switch. Nothing happened and Ky and Rik seemed disappointed. But then Coo gave it a karate chop, and the TV came on right away.

On the TV, a news reporter was talking about some kind of man who was in some eating contest or at a grand opening of a restaurant (I think). Watching it made Piyoko want to eat some good food. But Rik reminded her that she was there to destroy Dejiko, and so sometimes they had to sacrifice things (I think).

Then Rik mentioned his new plan to ruin Dejiko. It was to kidnap her "best friend", Rabi en Rose. The others seemed dubious of this new plan, but Rik was insistent. Rik then got out an electric fan and put it on the table. He was going to explain his new plan, but then the TV had an update. Nobody paid attention to him as they watched the reporter still talk (as the man was still eating food). The TV continued to talk about bizarre things, and Piyoko, Ky, and Coo were confused by it all.

Rik was oblivious that nobody was listening to him, and kept on talking in the background. Finally, he switched on the fan and cooled himself off. Then he asked the others what he thought about it, only to realize that everybody was still entranced by the TV.

The next day, Piyoko and her cronies drove to Rabi en Rose's school. Everybody wore black sunglasses and a cotton mask (like when you get a cold) as a disguise, except for Piyoko, who didn't wear sunglasses.

Then they got all the students in the school to lineup for a health checkup. Hikaru was in line with Kiyoshi. Hikaru felt like her stomach hurt, and Kiyoshi asked if everything was okay. She said she was going to be okay. Kiyoshi asked if maybe it was something she ate. Then she gave a long list of food that she ate for breakfast, but all of it was very disgusting.

Rik and Ky overheard Hikaru and said that she had to come in for an examination right away. They grabbed her and forced her to come with them. Hikaru was put in a chair and Coo asked her to open her mouth and say "ah". But Hikaru suddenly let out a massive belch, which released a huge cloud of green gas. The smell was horrible, and several people passed out or started choking. Everybody began running away as fast as possible, leaving Kiyoshi coughing in the hallway. Inside the room, Ky had passed out, and the others grabbed him and were in a rapid retreat out the window. Hikaru was furious that people were acting this way.

Kiyoshi ran in the room trying to save Hikaru (he didn't know what happened). But the man from the eating contest earlier was there, and he belched more toxic green gas in Kiyoshi's face. Kiyoshi immediately passed out from the smell.

In the park, the Black Gema-Gema Dan had put Ky on a bench so he could recover. Ky said that Rabi en Rose was a powerful opponent. Rik had another plan, saying that he was going to put a love letter into Rabi's locker and trick her. Piyoko and Coo thought that this was a very dumb plan.

But Hikaru was so depressed that she didn't even see the letter and she went home with the letter still in her shoe. When she got home, her father Francois said hello and asked how things went at school. But Hikaru was still deep in thought, as she was worried that maybe Kiyoshi knew that it was her and she would be humiliated. She became very sad. Then Hikaru thought that he ran in to save her, so maybe he liked her. She became very happy. Her father had no idea why she kept on acting strange.

As Hikaru was dancing around happily, the letter fell out of her shoe. Francois saw it and picked it up. When he realized what it was, he freaked out and then said that he couldn't control himself and read it. He then got very happy to think that his daughter was dating some boys. Then the client who had his hair only partially done pestered him, but Francois said that he was busy.

Piyoko was outside drawing pictures of herself on the ground. Rik and the others were there waiting just outside the tacky gold-adored house owned by the producer. They were waiting for Rabi, but instead her father appeared. The others were horrified, but Francois thought that Coo was actually the guy who wrote the letter. So Francois grabbed Coo by the collar and dragged him home, and the others followed believing that they had an insider.

Michelle then put out 12 bento boxes and expected Coo to eat them all. Then Francois said that he needed a new hairstyle, and he redid his hair into a very ugly samurai style look. Then Michelle gave him new clothes, specifically a clown-like outfit. Francois and Michelle then continued to do "improvements" on Coo. The guy from the eating contest was sitting on the house, and he let out another toxic burp that filled the room. Coo couldn't take it anymore.

At the panda-van, a strange man with a guitar appeared. Piyoko asked who he was, and he removed his disguise to show that he was actually Coo.

Rabi en Rose came home and saw a letter stuck to her bedroom door. The letter said that Akari wanted to meet her by the shrine. Rabi got very excited.

Coo said that he learned that Rabi liked Akari very much, so his plan was to exploit this weakness. Coo had a name for this plan, but the others wanted to give it some other cool name. There were some outsiders that were watching their antics as if it was an outdoor play.

Rabi danced happily to the shrine. But then she realized that she could bring a gift. She thought about giving her a strawberry tart, or perhaps candy and cake. As Rabi was debating about this out loud, John and Paul overheard her. They were excited about having Akari come visit.

At the shrine, the entire town had somehow heard about Akari showing up there. Rik and the others were wondering just why there were so many people there. They figured that it would be difficult to execute the kidnapping plan now.

Dejiko was asking Kiyoshi if Akari was really coming, since she was late. But Kiyoshi said that he got this information from John and Paul. Dejiko was about to get angry, but then she saw something wagging behind one of the bushes. Dejiko and Puchiko thought that was very strange. In reality, it's Rik's tail.

The Black Gema-Gema Dan didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Piyoko showed up wearing a pink bunny outfit and a microphone. She said that she was going to pretend to be Akari. But Rik quickly stopped her fearing for her safety. Then he said that he was going to do it, and cosplayed himself. Then Ky said that he'd do it, and he put on a dress also. Coo put on a giant strawberry outfit and said that he'd do it.

But Dejiko was there and realized that this was another scam setup by them. She got mad and shot them all with her eye-beams.

Piyoko and her cronies were walking home very depressed. Suddenly, Rik fell down because somebody had left a banana peel on the street. Looking up, he saw that there was a monkey that had dropped banana peels all over the ground. Rabi had fallen on a peel also, and knocked herself unconscious. Rik thought that this was his lucky break.

Gema told Dejiko and Puchiko that Rabi was missing. But they didn't seem to interested so Gema just left.

In the park, Rabi was tied up in a sack. She was mad and wanted to be released. But Rik said that she could relax, since he was going to let her go for some reason. Rabi asked if there was really Akari appearing, but he gave some dumb excuse.

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