Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 35

Digi Charat Nyo episode 35
Kiyoshi wo Sagasu nyo
Warui Yokan ni goshoutai nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.04.22

Kiyoshi wo Sagasu nyo

Kiyoshi got home from school, but as soon as he went in the door, he tripped over all the toys in the room. Yasushi said that they were some new toys that he had developed. Yasushi also had one toy squirming in his arms. Then one of the toys began attacking Kiyoshi and he wanted them to go. But Yasushi said that there were more.

Then the sliding door to the other room burst open and all the other toys slid into the main foyer. Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were riding on top of the pile. Gema was glad that they had escaped. Dejiko and Puchiko woke up from their nap, oblivious to the whole thing.

Kiyoshi couldn't find his brother, and so he dug out Yasushi from the pile. But Yasushi was looking at some photo album and seemed very happy. Everybody looked and saw that it was pictures of Yasushi when he was young. Then Yasushi pointed out to a particular photo, which showed himself with a strange looking robot toy. The robot didn't even have legs, but a tree stump. Everybody thought that it was weird, but he said that it was the first toy that he invented. Yasushi was happy thinking of all the happy memories he had with the toy, whom he named "Kiyoshi".

Everybody seemed freaked out by this to an extent, including Kiyoshi, who wondered why he named it after him. But Yasushi gave a long, convoluted story, and said that he lost his toy when he was young. So when Kiyoshi was born, he suggested the name Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi seemed horrified that he was named after some dumb toy, and fainted.

But then Dejiko and Puchiko began to taunt Yasushi about his lost toy. Dejiko painted a very sad picture where the abandoned toy was left all alone in the rain and snow, forgotten by all. Yasushi was screaming at the thought of his toy being miserable.

Then Yasushi ran deliriously to the park, screaming for Kiyoshi. Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema (who was still dragging an unconscious Kiyoshi) followed him. They ran past the beauty salon. Hikaru saw them and she transformed (without the magical words) and flew after them. Everybody ended up at some rock formation that looked like a big foot.

Rabi was intentionally dangling from a tree branch to make it look like she was in trouble, and Kiyoshi would save her. She then fantasized the events as if it were a shoujo manga. She laughed to herself thinking about it. But everybody just ran past her and ignored her. Rabi then chased after them.

They got to the spot where Yasushi saw Kiyoshi (the robot) last, and Yasushi screamed out his name again and again. Rabi didn't understand why Yasushi was yelling for Kiyoshi when he was right there (still in a stupor). Yasushi was rolling around and digging in the grass.

But Dejiko got hungry as Yasushi was still going crazy. Rabi was trying to console the highly depressed Kiyoshi, when Dejiko asked her for some food. But Rabi showed that her backpack was empty. Dejiko was skeptical, and everybody else accused her of holding out on the food.

Suddenly W.C. Nikol started running up to them with a big pile of meat. Everybody was happy to eat the barbecue. Rabi seemed pleased that Kiyoshi was feeling better again. Bur Rabi saw something glint in the distance. She went out there and saw some ugly, rusty robot toy. But then everybody called out for Rabi to return, so she left it and returned.

Everybody waved goodbye to Nicol and thanked him for the meal. Kiyoshi and Yasushi had a huge belly. (The girls didn't). Then they walked home. Rabi was so happy that she got to be with Kiyoshi.

But that night, Yasushi realized that he had forgotten about Kiyoshi the robot. But he just said that it didn't matter. Kiyoshi seemed to be satisfied with this answer, but he looked out the window and wondered where did the robot end up after all.

At the beauty salon, Rabi en Rose had taken back the robot and cleaned up up so it was new again. She thought that it was cute, and decided to call it Kiyoshi. The toy blushed and seemed happy!

Warui Yokan ni goshoutai nyo

Dejiko and Puchiko were walking in the street. Puchiko had raffle tickets for a game that was going downtown. The mayor was ringing a bell and inviting people to play. Dejiko was very excited and wanted to win very badly.

When it was her turn to turn the wheel, a white marble fell out. The mayor said that she had one a package of tissues (like the kind you get for free in the street). But Dejiko wasn't going to give up and she played three more times, but she got a white marble every time. The mayor said that she had one more chance. Dejiko spun the wheel around again and this time a black marble appeared. The mayor got very excited, and they won a grand prize trip to an onsen.

Daifuku and Kinako said goodbye to Puchiko, and Kinako felt sad as she would miss her. Yasushi and Gema said that they would take care of her. Yasushi, Kiyoshi, Dejiko, Puchiko, Rabi en Rose, and Gema were all going on the trip.

They left, and later they were found walking along the road in the middle of some rocky, arid land. Everybody looked tired, and Rabi asked why they couldn't take a bus. Yasushi was so tired that he fell asleep and continued walking. Dejiko just gave some excuse.

But Yasushi woke up and saw the inn up ahead on the road. Everybody got excited and ran as fast as they could up to the building. But when they got there, the inn was broken down. It had a sign that said that it was the "Marui Ryokan", but the sign had fallen apart so the M flipped over and the R fell off. The sign now said, "Warui Yokan", which can be translated as "Bad Premonition" ("I've got a bad feeling about this").

Suddenly an old hag appeared in front of everyone as they were talking. Everybody (even Puchiko!) screamed like crazy because she had scared them so bad. Then Rabi realized that it was just Yuurei's mom from an earlier episode. Everybody seemed to be relieved at this and stopped screaming.

The old woman explained that she ran the inn (ryokan). Dejiko was going to say something, but then realized that a hand was on her shoulder. She freaked out and then Yuurei appeared from behind her. Yuurei said that it was a long time since she last saw her.

Yuurei took them all to their room. When Yuurei walked, for some reason, she was able to move by gliding across the floor, almost as if she had no legs. She kept on leading the people around, but the dimensions in the hallway were strange. It appeared that they kept coming back to the same intersection over and over again. The others seemed to be getting frustrated.

Yuurei suddenly turned around and said that it was the end for all of them. She had a creepy expression and said it in a dead-like voice. Everybody screamed horribly, but then Yuurei said that she was kidding. Then she opened one of the sliding doors and took them to their room. Everybody seemed pleased by how the interior looked.

Dejiko immediately ran up to the table, which had a bowl of some brown like objects in them, which she thought they were food. But then they all moved and they were actually the soot ball creatures. Yuurei apologized for the confusion.

Then Rabi decided to open one of the windows so they could look at the view. But there wasn't anything but a large rock face outside. Suba-kun was outside trying to climb the rock face. He looked in the room and screamed something, and then he farted. Rabi just shut the window from shock.

Later, Yuurei gave them all yukata for them to wear. But the yukata were so stiff that everybody couldn't move their arms. They looked very two dimensional as they walked down the hallway. Yuurei just glided down the hall, with her dress hiding her feet, but rippling from an unseen wind.

Dejiko saw the onsen, which was very big, and she was really happy. But before she could do anything, John and Paul appeared from nowhere wearing happi coats. Dejiko asked why they were here, and Yuurei said that they were working part-time there. Apparently they were there to clean the area.

Everybody went to go take a bath first.

However, in the guy's area, they only had a very tiny bathtub. Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema were just crammed into the tub. Kiyoshi complained that Gema was hogging all the room. Then Gema's body absorbed the water and he swelled up so big that he filled the room.

The girls (who now had their yukata loosen up so they could move normally) were following Yuurei to their bath area. Dejiko opened the doorway, and it was only a very dark room, filled with cobwebs and large spiders. She was very scared. Then Yuurei said that she made a mistake and took them to a new room. But this doorway led back to the strange convenience store with the jack-o'-lantern cashier. Yuurei apologized deeply.

Meanwhile, Piyoko and the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Dan were looking over at a large table with a huge spread. Apparently they had won second place at the raffle and also got a trip to the hot springs. Rik was so busy talking about how great he was for getting the ticket (and talking into the karaoke microphone) that he didn't realize that everybody was already eating all the food without him. Rik was so mad that he grabbed an entire lobster and attempted to eat it with just his teeth. He bit insanely into the shell.

As the rest of them (except Rik) were eating, nobody noticed that there were several banners mentioning that the food was actually for Di Gi Charat and company.

Meanwhile, Yuurei said that she was certain that this was the right room. Dejiko and the others didn't want to open the door anymore, as they were tired and scared. So Yuurei opened it and many bats flew out of the room, and the others screamed. Yuurei looked very sad and apologized again.

The others went back to the large outdoor bath, but John and Paul were saying that they couldn't enter because they were still cleaning the ridiculously-oversized pool. So they just went back to their room.

Dejiko was very upset, but then Yuurei said that they had a banquet prepared. The others all walked to the banquet area, and they were all excited again. But then they ran into Piyoko and her cronies, who were all immensely fat and picking their teeth. Dejiko asked them what they were doing here, and Rik showed them his silver ticket. But then Dejiko bragged saying that they won a gold ticket. Rik and Ky were shocked to know that there were actually different kinds of winning tickets. But Piyoko and the others waddled back to their rooms.

Dejiko and the others went to banquet hall and realized that somebody had eaten all of their food. Yuurei felt bad, as the only thing that she had left was nattou on rice. Everybody was depressed, except for Puchiko, who thought that this was the best meal ever.

Late in the middle of the night, when the others were asleep, John and Paul called out saying that the bath was finally ready. Dejiko didn't hear (or care) what they were saying, as she was furious that somebody woke her from her sleep. So she shot both of them with her eye-beams. Then she went back to sleep. Nobody else woke up so they didn't know what happened.

The next day, the others had packed up and looked back at Marui Ryokan. They were all a little disappointed. Dejiko asked why did Piyoko and her gang get to stay. Rik said that they had signed up for a part-time job so they could stay longer. Dejiko was still furious that they had eaten all of their food, but Puchiko talked her out of her rage, saying that the rest of the food was pretty good. So they all went home.

Piyoko and the Black Gema-Gema Dan were going to gloat. But then the old woman said that the inn was going to close up, and they boarded up the entire building. Then everybody returned to the Neko Maneki Shopping Center.

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