Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 37

Digi Charat Nyo episode 37
Nenmatsu Akihabara ni Iku nyo
Akihabara 7 nin Musume nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.06.21

Nenmatsu Akihabara ni Iku nyo

It was wintertime, and Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were warming themselves with a kotatsu and eating tangerines (or mandarin oranges). Puchiko wanted some manju that was located on the next shelf. So she summoned her "eye-beams" which instead created a slime monster that carried the manju to the kotatsu.

Then Kiyoshi and Yasushi came into the room wearing t-shirts and shorts. Their t-shirts said, "Akihabara", and they invited Dejiko to come with them to visit again. But Dejiko remembered how hot and sweaty the people were there, and she refused. But I think that Yasushi said that it was somehow a good thing as the crowds could keep them warm in the winter (or something silly like that).

Rabi showed up suddenly. Dejiko called her "Usada" and it made her mad again. Kiyoshi said that she was there for the Akihabara Princess Contest. Rabi began hula dancing and talking dreamily about it (as she was probably going to enter) and Kiyoshi held up a flyer. Gema suggested that Dejiko should enter, since it would be part of her princess training. Dejiko didn't want to go, but Piyoko used her "eye-beams" to create a slime monster that carried Dejiko out the door.

Outside the toy store, Coo overheard them talking about the contest. Coo reported back to the gang. Inside their van, it was very cold as they didn't have any heat. Coo had turned into a snowman and the others were huddling together with blankets. Piyoko thought that maybe Akihabara would be like vacationing in Hawaii (I think). So they decided to go.

On the train to Akihabara, it was very crowded (some people were stacked on top of others) and sweaty. Dejiko and Puchiko thought that it was awful. But Hokkemirin was somehow dancing around on her hind legs, and Kiyoshi and Yasushi thought that the train was great.

They got off the train, and Kiyoshi, Yasushi, and Rabi immediately slipped off into the crowds to the stores. Hokkemirin was carrying Puchiko and was running very fast (on her hind legs) in between the spaces in the crowd. Dejiko was very impressed with the cat.

Everybody saw the crowds and figured that the event was being held there. But when the gang pushed up to the front, and saw that it was actually Rinna. Dejiko went up to Rinna and shook her awake. Dejiko asked her why was she in Akihabara, and Rinna said that she wanted some electronic things.

Then the crazy sentai-like "A.N.O." gang appeared and began chanting about how Akihabara had electronic goods and "point cards". But Rinna had fallen asleep again and they got mad. Then Rinna asked who were they, and they posed and said that they were Mamoru Pink (Akihabara Tarou), Mamoru Blue (Nipponbashi Jirou), and Mamoru Yellow (Oosu Saburou). But Rinna had fallen asleep again. They gave up and retreated back to the "Gamers" store in the background.

John and Paul showed up and said that Dejiko must be there for the Akihabara Princess event.

Somewhere else in Akihabara, Piyoko and her cronies were stumbling around the streets. They looked very tired. I believe that Rik and Ky said that the TV was wrong (I think). Coo complained that there wasn't an ocean or ukeleles. But Piyoko thought that if she won the princess contest, maybe they could get a trip there. Then they all got excited and ran to the event.

Millefeuille (this is incorrectly spelled Milfeulle in the professional Galaxy Angel subtitles) welcomed everybody to the Akihabara Princess Contest. Then Mint explained how the girls had to get through the challenges on each floor of the "Gamers" store. (It wasn't spelled Gamers but it was obvious).

But then Mike broke in through the wall of the building with a huge ship. She thought that she had found a new fishing pole, but it turned out to be microphone on a stand. Then everybody explained about the contest.

Millefeuille, Mint, Vanilla, and Normad then said that it was time to start the contest.

Meanwhile, Piyoko and the other Black Gema-Gema Gang members were walking tiredly through the street. They couldn't find the Gamers store. They started to think about all the food they could get in Hawaii, and Rik started talking about sukiyaki. Then for some reason, the A.N.O. gang appeared again and began talking about sukiyaki.

But the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Gang wanted to prove that they were the coolest so they started posing and saying catch-phrases. They kept going back and forth, until Piyoko got tired of the other gang and she shot them with her mouth-beam.

At the same time, there was a tour bus going around Akihabara. Rod P was on board and he saw the A.N.O. gang create a giant robot. But nobody else noticed and they went on with their tour.

In the Gamers store, they had gotten to the final challenge, which was the quiz section. But the guy asked some crazy trivia question about some Love Love Angel Sisters episode where they fought some monster. There wasn't any way for anybody to know the answer. Then the guy gave a hint, and it had to do with going to the toilet. It didn't help at all, and Dejiko got mad again. But the guy just mocked her. Then Dejiko shot him with her eye-beams. The Gamers manager had to grab Dejiko before she started a rampage. But Rabi even agreed saying that the contest wasn't fair.

The Galaxy Angel girls then starting talking about the Gamers store, and how on the third floor you could karaoke anime songs (they had the trivia contest guy there singing the first OP to Di Gi Charat Nyo). On the fourth floor, they had videos. I think that the manager said that the top floor had the main stage for events.

I think that the manager said that if they won, they could get special events, and their faces on posters, and maybe even work at the store. But Dejiko and the others thought that was lame and decided to leave.

But then Rod P stopped them all violently. He said that he was thinking of making a new movie in Akihabara, and the winner of the contest could be in the film.

Akihabara 7 nin Musume nyo

Rod P was describing his movie. Dejiko was saying how she could star in it, but Rabi said that she was going to be the Akihabara Princess. Then everybody began giving Rod ideas about how the movie should be filmed. [I really didn't understand this part].

For some reason, Mike started fishing in a hole that appeared in the middle of the Gamers floor. She caught something and pulled it up. Aqua appeared and everybody seemed surprised. Everyone wondered how could somebody that was living in the ocean could appear in the middle of Akihabara.

Yasushi explained that all the hot, sweaty people would result in a river of perspiration that went into the sewers. From the river of sweat, it would go out into the ocean. He assumed that Aqua must have swam up under Akihabara that way. Dejiko and the others were very disgusted by this fact. Puchiko said that she needed a shower, and then a large amount of water fell on Aqua from nowhere.

Mike said that Aqua could also compete in the Akihabara Princess contest with them. Aqua said that it sounded like fun, but she there were some complications. (There were some funny explanations here but they spoke too fast for me to hear it).

Then Mike mentioned that she also caught some mackerel, and Rod P got happy and started dancing as he liked mackerel.

Then Rod P said that he wanted everybody in the movie, including some other girl. For some reason, Yuurei was sitting in a box. I think that she mailed herself to Akihabara. The others were freaked out by the things she said. Yuurei got hurt because everybody was afraid of her again. But she wanted to be in the Akihabara Princess contest.

She said, "Irrashai" in a scary voice, and the store manager started shaking.

Then she offered to count out trading cards (or something). She started counting, "One... two... three..." in a scary voice. Then she said that one of them was missing and this made the manager very scared. (She is imitating Okinu).

Meanwhile, Piyoko and her gang were still wandering around town. They were getting hungry, but they didn't have any money. They couldn't even eat at the 10 yen ramen stand. They had some complicated plan to get food, but Rik's plan didn't work.

All of the girls had gotten on stage for the final judging. Dejiko was certain that she was the number one girl. But then they had some debate about how to resolve the final winner. I think that they wanted to go for a talent contest. Dejiko was certain that she would win, but John and Paul said that she couldn't use eye-beams because fans wanted "cute" things. So Dejiko acted "cute" but John and Paul weren't impressed. Dejiko locked up into a pose.

Coo mentioned that he found a way for Piyoko and the others to get food. They went to the game center to one of the UFO catcher machines. One of them had a bag of food in it. So Rik said that he could do it and put in 100 yen. But he couldn't retrieve the item and everybody was shocked. Then Rik said that he was going to try again, and he pulled out their last 100 yen. Piyoko and the others had to wrestle him to prevent him from wasting the money.

Dejiko was still "frozen", so Gema had to pour hot water on her. It was like she was a freeze-dried ramen.

Yasushi had a stupid plan where he would use the rubber band as a gimmick. He said that all seven girls could be in the movie, and it would be called Gumudanga Seven.

Then the nasty producer-guy appeared. He had tons of money and offered to give it to Rod. However he wanted a percentage of the movie's profits, specifically, 100 percent. Rod said no.

Then Dejiko finally "melted" and shot the producer guy with her eye-beams. Rod P was very excited after he saw this as it inspired him. Then he went to his laptop and began typing up a screenplay for his movie. It was something about the Love Love Angel Sisters. Then the Love Love Angel Sisters appeared in their bikini uniforms, and Rod drove away with them to shoot his movie.

So Dejiko and the others never won anything. I think that they decided to go home.

Piyoko and the others were still wandering around town and they were so hungry.

Inside the Gamers store, the manager said that since nobody was there anymore, Rinna and Mike could be the Akihabara Princess. Mike was still fishing in the hole, when she suddenly pulled on the net. The net had hundreds of fish caught in it!

Piyoko and the others finally made it to the Gamers store, but then they passed out right in front of the door. Mike saw this. Then Rinna came out with a huge tray of tarts. Piyoko and the Black Gema-Gema Gang ate them as quick as they could, and asked for another tray. Then they asked what were these delicious things. Rinna said that they were tarts made from fish. Piyoko and her gang were shocked.

Then John and Paul appeared in a car that looked like a fried fish. They offered to take them home, and Piyoko and her cronies got in the car. Then they drove into the portal in the ground and Piyoko said that she was scared.

It was nighttime, and back at the toy store, Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were at the kotatsu again eating mandarin oranges. Dejiko said that kotatsu and mandarin oranges were the best.

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