Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 38

Digi Charat Nyo episode 38
Shoutengai mo Christmas nyo
Santa-san no Otetudai nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.06.24

Shoutengai mo Christmas nyo

It was near Christmas, and at the toy store, they had a tree and presents already setup. Dejiko was cosplaying Santa and was dancing around the place because she was so excited.

Kiyoshi was in charge of the store. He said that his older brother was up to something and he didn't know where he was. Dejiko assumed that he was making a lame toy. Several people came in the store, and Dejiko helped them with their questions. Many people were buying since it was Christmas and they had a toy store.

Dejiko was bored so she was going to find Puchiko. Since Kiyoshi was busy, he gave Dejiko the money purse so she could go buy them a Christmas cake at the bakery.

Dejiko was walking down the street singing a silly Christmas song. But then they passed the bath house. The owner of the bath was saying that she shouldn't be so happy about Christmas. He said that Santa Claus never came down his chimney (because it was a huge smokestack).

Dejiko just teased him, saying that it was probably because he was naughty (or something like that). But as the guy said that he didn't believe in that stuff, but then a chef showed up with his special delivery of Christmas turkey. Then a delivery man showed up with special Christmas champagne.

The man was embarrassed but tried to deny everything. Dejiko gave him a hard time and taunted him. The owner kept on denying that he believed in Santa. She got out a stick and began smacking Gema (so it would make a smacking sound, like when vendors hit a paper fan). Finally the owner confessed, and the champagne bottle popped and he screamed, "No! My Christmas champagne!"

Dejiko left him, with Gema looking very red as Dejiko had smacked him repeatedly.

Dejiko went to the bakery. But when Dejiko asked for a Christmas cake, but Kinako and Daifuku looked very scared. They said that they couldn't make one. Dejiko was going to leave, but they stopped her, saying that perhaps she could have some traditional Japanese sweets. They had some spherical gelataneous things, and Dejiko said that she didn't want to eat anything that looked like Gema. Gema said, "That's mean!"

Then Puchiko said that she wanted to eat some Christmas cake too, and she looked like she was going to cry. Daifuku and Kinako ran into the back and began putting together one just for her.

They came out a few seconds later with a pretty cake. Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were very excited and decided to taste it. But the cake tasted awful, because they substituted ingredients in it. Dejiko was furious saying that she wanted a real cake.

Then Rinna appeared at the door. She was handing out flyers to a store that was selling her Christmas cakes.

The store, Rinrin Cake, had a huge line in front of the store. Amaenbou was standing at the back of the line with the sign, "The Line Ends Here" (like at Comiket). Dejiko couldn't believe that there was such a huge line. Then Rinna fell asleep and Amaenbou had to push her away from the store.

Dejiko gave Gema the money and told him to go buy a cake. Then they left him to go fool around town. Gema couldn't do anything so he waited in line.

Dejiko and Puchiko were walking down the street when they ran into Mike. Mike was selling some Christmas treats. They were really red octopi with a seaweed ribbon tied around them. Mike said that they were really delicious, but Dejiko and Puchiko couldn't believe it. Then the mayor of the town appeared. Then Mike gave the mayor a huge one, because she knew that he liked them. The mayor gave it to one of his cronies to hold, but the octopus (which was still alive) continued to beat up the guy.

Then Aqua appeared on a cart. She knew the mayor as well. Aqua was with her very ugly, very large older sister. The mayor had a plan to have Aqua live in the fountain in the park. He figured that it would be great for the town's image. Aqua thought that it would be nice, but her sister just carried her off somewhere.

The mayor chased after them. Mike chased after the mayor as well, because she wanted him to buy some more stuff.

At the beauty salon, Hikaru had made a homemade cake. It didn't look perfect. Hikaru thought that it just needed the writing on the cake. She was going to put "Kiyoshi-kun Love" on it, so she could confess her feelings. But when she tried to write the letters with the frosting, it was very hard.

When she was done, she was horrified. It had some crazy phrase on the cake. It said, "Kiyoshi-kun Bubun", because her handwriting was so bad. I believe that's slang for "Kiyoshi-kun, You Pig". So Hikaru decided to make another cake.

Inside Piyoko's van in the park, Piyoko was putting together a large stocking so Santa could give presents. The Black Gema-Gema Dan were all doing crazy yoga positions for some reason. I believe the others were suggesting to Piyoko that she didn't have a chimney. Piyoko was worried that Santa wouldn't come visit.

It was now early evening. At the Rinrin Cake store, Gema was the last person in line, and it was finally his turn. But when he got to the door, Amaenbou put up a sign that said that they had sold out and he had to come back tomorrow. Gema fainted from the shock.

Meanwhile Puchiko said goodbye to Dejiko as she went back to the bakery. Dejiko went back to the toy store. But she saw some mysterious person with a sack lurking outside the store. She quickly assumed that it was some thief and she tackled him. But it turned out to be a man dressed in red with a white beard. Dejiko screamed out that it was Santa, despite that it was obvious it was just Yasushi in costume.

Santa-san no Otetudai nyo

Dejiko was shocked that it was really Santa. Yasushi decided to play on this, but it only made Dejiko suspicious. Yasushi said that she had to help "Santa" later that night.

That evening, as everybody slept, Yasushi went to Dejiko's room and woke her. Then he told her that she had to get in costume.

Dejiko, dressed in a Santa-like outfit, had a huge sack thrown on her back. Dejiko said that it was very heavy, but Yasushi said that he had hurt his finger and couldn't carry the presents. Then Yasushi danced from rooftop to rooftop, and Dejiko just stumbled trying to follow him.

The first place they went to visit was the bakery. Yasushi said that he had a special gift for Puchiko. It looked like some kind of cup. He claimed that it was because Puchiko liked nattou so much. But when he went to her futon, she wasn't there. Dejiko pointed out that Puchiko liked to sleep sitting up by the doorway. Yasushi said that she was so cute and started acting goofy in his usual way.

Dejiko asked if he was really Santa. Yasushi got very serious and said he was. Dejiko kept asking, "You're really Santa?" and he would say that he was. Suddenly Puchiko began saying something like, "Is there a thief here?", and they got very nervous. But Puchiko was just talking in her sleep. Yasushi gave her her present and the two of them left; somehow the bag walked itself out of the room.

At the Rinrin Cake shop, they were looking for an entrance from the roof. Finally, one of them knocked off one of the decorations off the roof. There was a hole remaining there and they decided to use that to get in the building.

Rinna was sleeping in the kitchen. Yasushi and Dejiko made a loud noise as they came down the chimney, but Rinna kept on sleeping. Yasushi decided to give her an alarm clock. But it looked like a bomb and it would ring by making a big explosion, I think. The clock was going to go off, and Dejiko and Yasushi panicked and they kept on passing it to each other. Finally the two of them shut off the clock before it "detonated".

At the fish store, they decided to squeeze in through one of the eyeball windows. Mike was sleeping in a fish-shaped futon. It looked like it was eating her. She was thrashing about in her sleep, perhaps because she was dreaming about being swallowed by a fish again. Yasushi had a huge present for her, and it looked like some kind of giant bell or rattle.

They went to Hikaru's room. But Hikaru was mumbling, "I'm not sleeping; I'm not sleeping."

Dejiko and Yasushi got scared. But it might have been because Hikaru was dreaming about being at school. Yasushi said that he got her some kind of steam iron for her rabbit ears. He dropped the present by her bed. Dejiko made fun of Hikaru when she was sleeping, and Hikaru rolled over in her sleep and punched Dejiko in the head.

Then they went to Yuurei's house. They saw a wreath on the door but it turned out to be just bats huddled together. They went inside the spooky house, and Dejiko was scared. Then they saw the old witch-like woman appeared suddenly, which surprised them and they pressed against the wall. The old woman didn't notice them and said that the toilet was really cold. Yasushi asked who it was, and Dejiko said that it was Yuurei's maid.

They went to Yuurei's room and dropped off the package. Dejiko noticed that the package was moving. Yasushi said that it was a boyfriend for her pet spider. Suddenly, Yuurei got up as if she was a zombie and muttered something in her sleep, and she fell asleep again. Dejiko and Yasushi were very freaked out by this.

Then they went to the park where Aqua was living. They found the fountain and Aqua and her sister were sleeping in it. Yasushi said that he had a skateboard for Aqua so she could now go around town. For her sister, Yasushi got a very heavy dumbbell. Dejiko threw it in the fountain, but it landed on the older sister and she sunk into the fountain. Yasushi and Dejiko thought for sure that she would awake, but she floated with the heavy weight and was still asleep.

They went around town and delivered more presents. Amaenbou got a sack full of candy, and his pet rat got a sock so he could sleep in it. Majingappo got a watering can. Hokkemirin got a set of bows for her children and she got a hat. The two pig sisters--I forgot their names--got piggy banks.

Finally, they ended up at Piyoko's panda van. Piyoko and her cronies were all sleeping in the giant sock that she had made. Dejiko gave her the panda-shaped keitai that she always wanted. Yasushi was very amazed that she was willing to give it up. But Dejiko merely bragged about how great she was. But in her sleep, Piyoko and the others badmouthed Dejiko. Dejiko got mad and said, "Eye-beams Christmas Version!" It was the same beams, but stars, wreaths, and bells came out of her eyes too. It blew up the interior, and Dejiko and Yasushi barely escaped. Piyoko woke up and wondered what happened.

Yasushi thanked Dejiko for all of her help, as they delivered all the gifts to the Neko Maneki Shopping Center in time. But Dejiko had fallen asleep. Then he gave Dejiko her Christmas present as she slept.

The next morning, Kiyoshi met with Rabi en Rose. Rabi said that she got her ears fixed up, but Dejiko said that it was because of her Christmas present. Rabi wondered how did she know. Then she ignored Dejiko and gave Kiyoshi a Christmas cake. Kiyoshi said that he was grateful, since Gema didn't get a cake yesterday. Rabi said that he wanted him to pay close attention to the message on the cake. Then she got embarrassed and ran away, much to the confusion of the others.

Piyoko was all excited by the phone that she got from Santa. The Black Gema-Gema Gang were still doing yoga positions. The problem was that the phone had a password lockout, and it asked some crazy question about some idol. They didn't know the answer.

Kiyoshi was at the dining table and decided to have some of the cake. Dejiko hid saying that it could blow up.** But nothing happened when he opened the box. He tried reading the message, but it said, "Kiyoshi-kun Bubun". He was very shocked. Back at her home, Rabi found out that she had given the wrong cake. Rabi fainted from the shock.

Kinako and Daifuku came out with a Yule Log dessert for Puchiko. But when Puchiko tasted it, it was still just so-so.

Dejiko was very tired from staying up so late. Gema mentioned that he got a bottle of "Gema's Oil" for Christmas. He asked Dejiko what did she get. She said that she got a full set of "Princess Accessories", including a diary, pencil box, pencil sharpener, and obento box. She also got a "Princess Melon" which was a melon with a cute face drawn on it.

Then Yasushi came out of the room and he looked very funny. His eyes were all pencil dots. He saw the cake and melon and said that he was very hungry. Dejiko asked him very slyly where was he last night. But Yasushi said that he was stuck in his lab all night and couldn't leave.

Dejiko got very shocked. She said to herself that the person that looked like Yasushi in a Santa suit the previous night was really Santa! Yasushi and Gema couldn't figure out why Dejiko acted so strange.

Outside in the sky, the cloud-thing that normally blows the horn was pulling Santa's sled.

The ending for this episode was very special. It had the song "Party Night - Cyber X'Mas Version", which had chimes and jingle bells. The video changed too. It showed what everybody did with their presents:

  • Puchiko was happily mixing her nattou with the rice in her cup. Kinako and Daifuku had made another cake for Puchiko to try.
  • Outside the Rinrin Cake store, there was a huge line of people waiting to buy a cake. Amaenbou was outside with the sign again. Inside the store, Rinna's alarm clock was making lots of noise but she didn't wake up anyway.
  • Mike was trying to sell her octopi again. But the huge bell toy that she had rolled into her store and broke some of the glass!
  • Yuurei was watching her pet spider with her new friend. They weaved a web that was the shape of a heart.
  • At the fountain, Aqua was skating around the fountain and doing fancy skateboard tricks. Her sister was doing exercises with the weights.
  • The rest of the town was dancing in the streets.
  • One of the party crackers fired, and in the confetti and streamers, you saw almost everybody in the Di Gi Charat Nyo universe in the street, and Santa was in front.
  • The last scene showed Dejiko with Gema in the background. A sign said, "Merry Christmas Nyo."

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