Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 40

Digi Charat Nyo episode 40
Princess School ni Nyuugaku nyo
Usagi Bo-bo- Princess nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.07.23

The opening, as always, starts with Dejiko and Puchiko saying, "Please watch our show with the lights on and sit far away from the television!" But this time, Dejiko and Puchiko were watching themselves on TV.

The new OP features a brand-new animation and song, and it shows Dejiko and the other girls attending princess school. This OP, "Miracle Wonderland", is also sung by Dejiko, Puchiko, and Rabi en Rose's seiyuu. The ending scene shows all the girls wearing formal dresses, and Dejiko wearing an ornate royal outfit with a crown on her head.

Princess School ni Nyuugaku nyo

The episode started with a re-introduction of Dejiko. It printed that Dejiko's real name is Di Gi Charat, or "Chocolat" in her native tongue. She comes from Planet Di Gi Charat. Her specialty is eye-beams. She has O blood type, and she is 10 years old.

Dejiko was doing this because she felt like an all-new person now that she was going to princess school. Yasushi and Kiyoshi were eating breakfast as she was posing and such. Dejiko also grabbed something to eat, which apparently they were eating some kind of disgusting green slime. Dejiko mentioned that this was the first time that she went to school or something like that.

Puchiko ran from the bakery to go to school. Kinako called out to her. The screen paused and showed a re-introduction of Puchiko. It printed that Puchiko's real name is Petit Charat, or "Cappucino" in her native tongue. She comes from Planet Di Gi Charat. Her specialty is *trying* to do the eye-beams. She has B blood type, and she is 5 years old.

Kinako was fretting about if Puchiko would be okay, but Puchiko and Daifuku said that she would be fine.

Hikaru was in her regular school uniform and was crouched in a track sprinter's position. A gun fired and she began running as fast as she could to school.

Meanwhile, Rinna had been waiting by the signpost outside town. She saw Dejiko and Puchiko. Yuurei then appeared suddenly from behind the signpost and scared Dejiko and surprised Puchiko.

They walked to the Princess School. The camera panned back and you could see in the sky, and inverted school, just like the inverted castle in Revolutionary Girl Utena. The girls talked about being a little nervous for the first day of school, I believe.

They got to class and Mike ran up to them, as she was already in class. Mike was screaming, "Good morning!" and Dejiko said that she was too noisy. But Mike said that she was excited. Mike began dancing around and doing push-ups to get rid of her excess excitement.

Everybody else went to their seats and Mike was still doing her thing. Aqua was already seated and was quietly reading a book. Dejiko said that she got there early that morning. Aqua said that she didn't need much sleep. Dejiko and Puchiko got a little depressed, saying that she was really 120 years old, so she was like an old lady.

Then the TV in the classroom turned on and Dejiko's mother appeared. Dejiko called her "okaasama" (mommy dearest), but her mother said that in Princess School, she had to be called "kouchou-sensei" (principal). Then the entire class said, "Good morning, principal".

Then the principal said that she would be bringing in some help. Gema showed up in a bow tie and said good morning. Dejiko immediately began beating him up, asking why would he be in Princess School. But the principal said that Gema was actually part of the support staff at the school. But then the principal explained that the support staff would be doing jobs like mopping the floor, cleaning the windows, and pulling weeds. Then Gema figured out that he was just a custodian, and not a teacher. Dejiko took great delight in seeing his pride deflate.

Then the principal said that she would have a guest teacher. The door opened and Akari was there. Everybody stared in awe, and even Rinna--who had been sleeping all day--woke up a little to look. Dejiko couldn't believe that this was her teacher. As soon as the principal went off the television, Mike ran up and began screaming how it was the girl on TV. Even Rinna got out of her desk and began hugging Akari! Dejiko was shocked, but Akari said that it was okay. Dejiko said that this must be like a dream to have Akari in Princess School.

Then Akari took roll call, and found out that Hikaru (Rabi en Rose) and Piyoko weren't in class for some reason. Dejiko just called them delinquents. Akari then mentioned that somebody had to be the class representative. Dejiko, who wanted to be the teacher's pet, quickly volunteered. But Piyoko appeared at the door and said, "Just wait a minute!"

Akari said that Piyoko was late. When Piyoko said that she was late on purpose, Dejiko said that she must have gotten lost. Then Piyoko said that if Dejiko was going to be the representative, she would become a candidate for the "banchou".

Then the weird explanation boy showed up and said that banchou meant "the leader of juvenile delinquents". He said there were also good leaders, who beat up the bad teasers. But he said since Piyoko was the leader of the bad ones, she would be a leader of the delinquents. Then Akari gave Piyoko the "banchou" position without any contest.

Then it came time to choose the representative, but Mike wanted to do it. She then challenged Dejiko for the role. She said that the battle would be fishing. But as she swung the pole around, the hook got caught in Aqua's hair again. So Mike just started swinging around Aqua around the classroom, because she said that she wanted to be the class representative. Rinna was sleeping the entire time (as she was since the start of the class). Yuurei wanted them to stop fighting, but nobody listened to her. Meanwhile, Piyoko was scheming something in the corner.

Akari didn't know what to do. So suddenly she began singing an original, cute song about how everybody should get along. Then everybody held hands and settled down. They couldn't decide on the class representative, so Akari said that they would take turns becoming the class leader. "Since there are only eight students it wasn't that important anyway."

At the end of class, everybody went home. Dejiko and Puchiko wondered where Hikaru was.

After everybody had left, you could see a cloud of dust as Rabi en Rose was running as hard as she could to school. She ran all the way to the school and smashed into the school gates, because the school had closed for the day.

Usagi Bo-bo- Princess nyo

That night, Dejiko was having dinner with the others, and she was describing her day. They were eating some kind of purple blob thing that was moving on its own. Dejiko was mentioning that she was so happy to see her favorite idol Akari there. But she mentioned that she couldn't believe that Hikaru was an idol too. Kiyoshi dropped his rice bowl, as if he had just made a startling conclusion. But when the others asked him what was wrong, he quickly said that it was nothing.

Gema complained to Kiyoshi that spilling rice on the ground was a waste, and then he went to clean it up with him. Dejiko recounted about how Gema was also at the school. Overall, she was very happy to be at school, and the others seemed to be proud of her.

At the beauty salon, Rabi en Rose was in her room, lamenting that she missed the first day of Princess School. She said that for certain that she would get up on time and make it to school. Then she began jumping around her room excitedly.

The next day, everybody was entering the classroom. Rabi was already there, sitting properly in her chair. She seemed to be very proud of herself. Then Dejiko and Puchiko went up to her. Dejiko said that "Usada" must have decided to come to school today. Rabi got very mad about being called by her real name, as always, but then she realized that she was in Princess School, and so she wasn't really an idol here. She was wearing a school uniform with her rabbit ears. So she decided that her real name was okay. But Dejiko and Puchiko said something mean to her again, and left.

Rabi decided that she had to also attend regular school. She announced, as it was almost time for the bell, that she had forgotten something. But instead of Dejiko volunteering, Mike said that she would help her. Yuurei said that this was so nice of the classmates at school. Mike asked what was she missing. Rabi didn't know what to do, so she said a wig. Yuurei said that she had one (it made her look like a bald old man) and Mike put it on Rabi's head. Rabi then said that she needed an old man, or something. So Rinna said that she was carrying around a Buddhist statue and Mike handed the heavy thing to Rabi. Rabi kept on asking for weird junk, and everybody seemed to give her stuff until she finally collapsed. Everybody was happy that they helped Rabi, however, and shouted, "Banzai!"

But Dejiko said that she hadn't actually forgotten anything. But Rabi just threw all the junk back at Mike and made some dumb excuse, because she had to leave. Piyoko then started arguing about her being labeled a banchou with Dejiko, and she prevented Rabi from leaving. Then Piyoko shot her mouth beams, and Dejiko shot her eye-beams, but they both hit Rabi. Amazingly, Rabi didn't get hurt much, and she said for them to stop fighting. But Dejiko and Piyoko were shooting beams at each other all over the classroom, and the other classmates appeared to be cheering them on (!!).

Back at Hikaru's normal school, Hikaru quietly slipped into her seat just as the teacher called her name. Kiyoshi was glad she made it and whispered good morning. Then he said that her clothes were on backwards. Hikaru quickly spun around and her clothes looked normal again. Then Kiyoshi's hair started sticking up, and I think that he said that it was from his stretching exercises where he would bend over backwards. Hikaru put on a silly pink handkerchief over his head to cover up his cowlick. Hikaru was so happy. But then her pager went off saying that school was back in session at the Princess School. So she quickly slipped out again. Kiyoshi asked her where she was going, and she just said that she forgot something.

As Hikaru ran outside the regular school, Bobo, the funny multi-colored shrub-thing that runs around the schoolyard, collided with her and Hikaru couldn't get off it. So she transformed into Rabi en Rose, and used her helicopter ears to fly off into the sunset. But then she hit the cloud-thing that always blows the horn, and she fell into the river.

The owners at the bathhouse were throwing water on the ground. Rabi hobbled up to them with a cane, as she looked very beat up. The owners asked her what was wrong. But she only muttered that she had to get to the Princess School. Then she went inside. The old man asked the younger what was happening, and he replied that there was a golden door that led to the Princess School in the boiler room.

Back at the Princess School, Akari had wrote on the chalkboard that it was study hall because she had to go on tour somewhere. Hikaru hobbled into the classroom. Everybody wondered where she was, and asked if she forgot something again. Hikaru said, "What do you mean?" as she had forgotten about her cover story.

But then Hikaru's pager went off again, and she screamed in fury that she was out of time. Then she hobbled back out of the classroom door.

Kiyoshi wondered why Hikaru was so late. In her seat was a sandbag dummy that she had put there to fool the teacher. Hikaru (still dressed in her bunny ears and Princess School clothes) ran back to school but she got hit by Bobo again. Kiyoshi saw this and wondered why she looked familiar. After Bobo dropped her, her pager went off and she stumbled back to Princess School again. Kiyoshi wondered if Rabi en Rose and Hikaru were the same person.

Gema at the Princess School was cleaning when he ran into Hitsuji-san. Hitsuji-san was wondering why there was garbage in the middle of the hallway. Gema picked it up, not realizing that Hikaru had become so tired and dirty that she was now a dirty blob. Then Gema threw her down the waste disposal, and she fell into the dumpster. Her pager went off again, and she rolled to the regular school.

Kiyoshi was wondering where Hikaru was. Her dummy had fallen asleep on the desk and was drooling. Then he saw her at the gate, and he picked the blob up and took her to school. The principal wanted to know what Hikaru had been doing and why she was wearing funny clothes. Hikaru wanted to say but she wasn't sure how Kiyoshi would react if he knew her secret identity. Kiyoshi just made some excuse saying that she was delayed because she was caught by Bobo. Then the principal believed it.

Hikaru went back to the Princess School, but the doors were closing as it was the end of the day. Dejiko was saying that she missed another day of school. But Rabi swore to the first star that she would complete Princess School. However, Dejiko and Puchiko were leaving and weren't listening to her.

The ending animation was new. The song was "Daisuki" and it was a sung by Dejiko, Puchiko, and Rabi en Rose again. But it had romanized names of Dejiko, Puchiko, Rabi en Rose, etc. so there isn't any doubt as to how their names are spelled.

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