Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 44

Digi Charat Nyo episode 44
Kareinaru Shukudai nyo
Princess Unit Tanjou ka nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.12.29

Kareinaru Shukudai nyo

Kareida was teaching class at Princess School. He was telling the students that he wanted them to bring in something special for Show And Tell (I think). This made Dejiko very worried about it.

Then Yasushi came out and said that he wanted Dejiko to bring his new toy. It was this very cute ballerina figurine. Then Gema pushed the switch that would animate it. The ballerina then began flexing her oversized muscles like a bodybuilder and became very gross looking. Dejiko was very offended and shot it with her eyebeams. Then Dejiko left the store to go look for something else to bring.

At the school, Hikaru was wondering what she could bring to Princess School. Suddenly she got a note bounced off her head. Kiyoshi wrote, "What's wrong?" Hikaru got very happy that Kiyoshi cared, and quickly wrote a note back that said, "Thanks, but I'm doing okay." They began writing dozens of notes back and forth to each other, forming almost a real-time conversation. Finally, the teacher told them to stop.

At the fish market, Mike had closed the store. She was out on a cliff trying to fish for something really amazing, but she only got small fish.

The bakery was closed as well. Minna was looking at hundreds of pictures trying to figure out which cake would be special enough for Kareida.

Inside her spooky house, Yuurei was trying to figure out what to do with the help of her pet spiders.

Puchiko was outside the confectionary sweeping the sidewalk. She was so short that she could barely held the bottom of the broomstick. Dejiko came by and was very shocked to see her working. But Dejiko wanted to team up with Puchiko and her project.

Daifuku suggested that they show off some string tricks. Kinako demonstrated some fancy juggling. They also talked to John and Paul, but they quickly got distracted and soon went off into a world on their own.

Meanwhile, Piyoko and her cronies were having a dog haircut service. It was very popular and many people were lining up. Piyoko was hoping to use the hair so she could make a fur coat as her class project.

Piyoko went to Dejiko and Puchiko to brag about her brilliant idea. But then the dog which she was carrying started peeing, and Piyoko ran around because she didn't know what to do.

Dejiko and Puchiko were talking about what project that they could do near the panda-van in the park. Coo was washing the van. Then Gema came up to complain about something. Dejiko didn't want to deal with him so she shot him with the eyebeams. Gema flew off into the sky and disappeared.

Puchiko said that maybe they could do a project with eyebeams. Dejiko suddenly got an idea and pulled Puchiko and ran off to practice (assumedly).

The next day at school, everybody started the show-and-tell.

Aqua showed off a model of a pagoda, but she had made it with dried seaweed and kelp. She shook a little soy sauce in the top, and poured in hot water. It created soup from the model, and Kareida-sensei said that it was delicious and impressive. The class applauded.

Then Rinna showed off her project. She held out her finger, and nobody could see it. Kareida-sensei pulled out a large magnifying glass and realized that Minna had created the world's smallest decorated cake. Everybody in the class was very impressed.

Yuurei was about to go next, but suddenly Rabi en Rose jumped into the classroom apologizing that she was late. She was dressed in a fancy (and very cute) idol outfit. Everybody in the class thought that it was cool except for Dejiko and Puchiko.

Yuurei seemed to be upset that she got bumped. Rabi and Kareida-sensei apologized and let her go next. Yuurei showed off the sculpture that was created by her pet spiders. It was extremely ugly and horrible. Just about everybody in the class screamed in terror. But Kareida-sensei said that it was beautiful in its own way. Dejiko and Puchiko didn't understand what he meant at all.

Then Mike wanted to go next. She had a fish mounted on a plaque. Dejiko didn't know how it was pretty at all. But then Mike said to look closer, and everybody realized that she had somehow built the model out of matchsticks. Mike said that she used a live fish and duplicated it at home. Kareida-sensei said that it was fantastic.

Piyoko was worried about her presentation. Apparently Coo, who didn't know of Piyoko's plan, cleaned up the room and threw away all the dog hair. Dejiko teased Piyoko saying that she didn't have anything. But Piyoko said that she did, and produced a false moustache (assumedly made from dog hair that she found). Piyoko was ashamed of it, but Kareida-sensei still found it to be excellent.

Finally, it was time for Dejiko and Puchiko's presentation. They opened the classroom window. Then Puchiko did her "eyebeams", and weird gold-colored slime started filling up the racetrack outside. Then Dejiko used her eyebeams on it, carving the blob. In the end, everybody was shocked as it was a sparkling, giant statue of Kareida-sensei in gold. Kareida-sensei was overjoyed and the class clapped.

But then the statue started to fall over, because it wasn't balanced. It was falling in the direction of the school. The class screamed, and the giant statue fell right in the classroom, devastating it.

Princess Unit Tanjou ka nyo

Yuurei was running (very strangely) along a beach. Her guardian timed her and said that she wasn't getting any better. Then the "dream" ended, and it turned out that really they were inside a bathhouse. The owner yelled at them saying that it was dangerous to run on slippery floors.

Yuurei dressed and got a bottle of milk. She was still upset at her athletic performance. But she saw a flyer that mentioned something about performing.

At school, Dejiko was very bored in her chair. She stuck a pencil on her desk and shot it with a small eyebeam just to keep herself amused. Gema yelled at her saying that this was Princess School. Then Puchiko tried the eyebeams on her textbook, but it only made a glue blob that stuck to the book. Gema yelled at her, too.

Aqua watched them and thought about how everybody had a special ability. Dejiko could shoot eyebeams. Puchiko could shoot weird eyebeams. Mike was always so excitable. Minna--who was sleeping while rolling out dough--could make delicious baked goods. Finally, Piyoko seemed to survive despite that she was so poor. (At the time, she was making silk roses with the help of the Black Gema Gema Dan). Aqua said that she didn't have anything special about her.

Then Yuurei overheard her and said that perhaps they could form an unit. Aqua didn't know what that meant. Yuurei said it was like a group. Aqua thought that she meant a band, but Yuurei was really thinking of something else. But the two of them paired up.

Shortly later, the principal showed up on the TV. Of all ironies, she said that the next class project would be to form a unit.

Yuurei said that their unit name should be "Aku-Yu" (as in the first syllable of their names), and Aqua thought that it was very cool. I think that the reason Yuurei wanted it was because Akuyu meant "bad companion" in Japanese. But Aqua didn't want her to think of it that way. They were very happy regardless.

Dejiko said that she would form a unit with Puchiko. Then Mike said that she would partner with Rinna, and Gema said that he would be their manager.

Piyoko felt all alone. However, the Black Gema Gema Dan said that they would partner with her. They would name the group "BG Dang"--assumedly short for "Black Gemagema Dan" with a G on the end. Piyoko liked it very much.

Everybody was worried about Rabi en Rose since she had no partner. Piyoko asked if she wanted to be part of BG Dang. But Rabi said that she would be fine. She was going to create a unit by herself by combining Rabi en Rose and Hikaru Usada to form "Usa-mimi 2" (Usa-mimi meaning rabbit ears).

Back at the toy shop, Dejiko was talking about the names of their units. Puchiko and Mike had silly names. Yasushi decided that Dejiko, Puchiko, Rinna, and Mike should join up to form "Depurimi" (the first syllable of each of their names). But Mike didn't want to be known as the fourth band member, so she said that she wanted "Midepuri". Then the two of them started to fight over who would be listed first. Then John and Paul appeared for no good reason.

Meanwhile, near the fountain where Aqua lives, Aqua was talking over with Yuurei. I think that they were looking for a theme for their unit.

John and Paul were playing a dumb song using a guitar and cowbell. They were trying to find a Jpop idol theme (assumedly) for the four girls. Dejiko told them to go home.

Aqua and Yuurei were trying to come up with lyrics for a song. Aqua made a line, and then Yuurei made another line that was very creepy (maybe about two people killing themselves, perhaps). Aqua felt shocked, and Yuurei seemed ashamed. But Aqua said that it was okay, as long as you used "guts" (in Japanese, it's slang for "spirit", I think).

At the park, Rik was talking over with Piyoko. They wanted to use the musical style of "gospel". Then Rik began playing an ukulele and singing, and Ky clapped his hands and sang along. Piyoko seemed to think that this wasn't going to work.

At the beauty salon, Rabi/Hikaru were trying to sing a song, but she had to keep transforming back and forth every few seconds so she could sing it "together". Eventually she got too tired and wondered how she could do it.

On the day of the performance, Rabi/Hikaru decided to wear a strange outfit. Half of her body was dressed in Rabi en Rose's costume, while the other half dressed in Hikaru's normal school clothing. Dejiko said that it was scary looking, but she replied that it was the only thing she could do to be a unit with herself.

Then Dejiko said that their band was "(something)puri". She had to say "De" and "Mi" together since Dejiko and Mike argued so much about who would be first. But then Puchiko got tired and said that she was going on her own unit as a lone wolf. Then Mike said the same thing. Rinna fell asleep. Dejiko said that her unit had fallen apart.

But Dejiko and the others heard cheering for somebody performing on stage. Aqua and Yuurei were on stage, and they were singing old pop songs. Kinako and Daifuku were saying that it brought back memories. But the crowd liked them very much.

The Black Gema Gema Gang didn't like the idea of being upstaged, so they tried out their chanting-like gospel tune. It wasn't very good, so Piyoko suggested that they do a dance with it. They did an interpretive dance to the song that looked very silly.

But regardless, Hitsuji showed up with a portable TV. The principal showed up again saying that she wanted to see some "tsukomi" (which is like comedy) not singing. So she gave the award to Piyoko because they were so funny. Piyoko was overjoyed, and Dejiko was incredibly jealous. The principal named their band, "Piyoko and the Ukulele Hiita Kiita Utota". But they had to do something bad because they won.

Meanwhile, Aqua and Yuurei were still performing on stage singing about Princess School, and everybody loved them.

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