Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 47

Digi Charat Nyo episode 47
Akari no Shigotoba ni iku nyo
Yukiyama de Yahhohho- nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.01.21

Akari no Shigotoba ni iku nyo

Dejiko and the rest of the Princess School cast went to some special location. Rabi en Rose wanted to lead them, since she had a badge that day that declared that she was the "iinchou" (leader). But nobody paid attention to her.

Dejiko and Puchiko ran into Akari-sensei. But Akari said that outside class, she didn't have to be called "teacher". So Dejiko decided to call her "Akari" instead (which is extremely personal) and Akari didn't mind.

Meanwhile, Piyoko and the Black Gema Gema Gang were spying on Dejiko with Akari. They were having some conversation that I didn't really get, but undoubtedly it had something to mess up Dejiko.

Suddenly Saba-san showed up in front of Piyoko. He wanted her to help him with something, but she didn't understand. The Black Gema Gema Gang came in to her rescue, but he said that it was for Akari. So Piyoko figured out that she would do it, so she could get closer to Akari and make Dejiko jealous.

So Saba-san grabbed Piyoko's hand and he dragged her away somewhere.

Rod P appeared in front of Dejiko, and he was cosplaying Dejiko for some reason. Dejiko didn't like his costume, and he started crying. But Rod P said that he was Akari's producer, and he wanted to learn from Dejiko (so he dressed up like her). Dejiko got tired of listening to him, so she tried to shoot him with her eyebeams. But Rod was dancing around so much that the beams missed him. Then Rod said that he got a good idea from that.

He went to Akari and asked her to go on standby on stage. Then on the set, Rod did a silly dance. Akari then said that she understood, and repeated the dance, but it was slightly different. Rod P was pleased anyway.

Then he asked Dejiko to shoot her eyebeams so she could dodge them like he did. He kept on taunting her saying, "Come on, come on..." in English and waving his hands in the "come here" pose. (This was kind of funny). But Dejiko didn't want to shoot her eyebeams at Akari. But Akari said that it was okay, and wanted her to do it. But in the end, Dejiko said that she couldn't. Then Puchiko pushed Dejiko out of the way and started shooting her version of the eyebeams (which looked like jets of water this time) and Akari danced around them in a silly way, as Rod had (supposedly) shown her just earlier.

Piyoko was in some giant vat of grapes. She was with Saba-san, and she was asked to stomp on them, assumedly to make wine. Supposedly this was a scene for some film shoot.

Then they went to another set and Piyoko had to step on *something* (I can't hear the word) and Piyoko followed Saba-san's instructions.

Then Piyoko had to setup a huge amount of dominos. Somehow, everybody had wandered into the same room by accident. Everybody didn't know what was happening. Then Rabi came in saying that she was their leader but then she bumped into Piyoko. Piyoko fell into her dominos, knocking them all over. (They made a picture of Saba-san). Rabi was very shocked and apologized, and started crying. But Piyoko didn't seem to mind for some reason.

Then everybody took a break for lunch. Everybody was eating, except for Piyoko. Even the Black Gema Gema Gang was furiously eating, and didn't have time to really look at Piyoko. But before Piyoko could eat anything, Saba-san grabbed her for another duty.

Piyoko had to clean off Akari's special "princess" kimono costume. But Piyoko was so hungry. Then Saba-san came in and offered her his smelly fish lunch. He claimed it was delicious. But Piyoko said no, but she accidentally swallowed some. She quickly said that it was delicious, and began eating it furiously. Then she saw that she had accidentally spilled a little on Akari's kimono, and it had dissolved part of the silk. While Piyoko was freaking out, her bento box flew out of her hands and splashed all over the kimono. Then the kimono burned up into ashes.

Saba-san freaked out and then everybody came into the room. Piyoko apologized and looked very sad. Everybody reacted in a different way. Rod P was wondering how much money he lost because of this accident. He began hitting a lot of numbers on his calculator. The Black Gema Gema Gang was telling Piyoko not to worry. But when they saw how much money it was, they all turned into stone. Piyoko wondered what she could do.

But the Akari said that it was okay. She said that she could instead dress as a "princess konnyaku" (konnyaku = a form of jelly made from vegetables). Then Chibi Akari showed up and said that she would help and take over as the "human" character role. As a result, the filming went as planned, with Chibi Akari becoming friends with the konnyaku.

Then Dejiko and company went home. But before they left, Akari thanked Piyoko for the all of her help. Piyoko was very happy. Suddenly, a weird ugly boy showed up with a squirming bag (Akari's lunch). It turned out that he was the "real" lackey that was supposed to be Akari's assistant, not Piyoko. Akari then let go of Piyoko's hand immediately and thanked the weird boy.

Piyoko and the rest of the Black Gema Gema Gang couldn't believe it, since she and the boy looked nothing alike.

Back at the Princess School, Gema was wandering around the classroom wondering where everybody was.

Yukiyama de Yahhohho- nyo

Dejiko and the rest of the girls were at a skiing resort. Dejiko was very excited. Piyoko was sanding down some wood, as she was going to make her own skis.

Yuurei was putting on suntan lotion saying that it wasn't good for her skin (although she is very pale). Aqua said that they got gifts from Yuurei's custodian. They lifted their jackets and showed that they had tied wood logs around their bodies. The assumption, I believe, was that it would protect them in a fall.

Then Rinna showed up and Dejiko and Puchiko noticed that she had something on her belly as well. But Rinna showed everybody that it was actually a pillow. Dejiko and the others asked what she was planning to do with that. Then Rinna pulled it out. She put the pillow against a tree and rest her head against it. Then she fell asleep standing up. Dejiko yelled at her for sleeping again.

Suddenly, Rabi showed up in her skis. She looked very nice in her outfit. I believe that Rabi was bragging about her skiing talent again, and laughed. But Dejiko was just teasing her nonetheless. Rabi accused Dejiko of being jealous. But Dejiko and Puchiko said that skiing was old-fashioned (I think), and they were going snowboarding.

Meanwhile, Yuurei and Aqua were laughing together, as they had placed a box on top of some skis and turned it into a sled.

Piyoko had also finished making her custom skis for herself.

Dejiko and Puchiko decided to show the others how it was done, and they began snowboarding down the mountain. Yuurei and Aqua rode their makeshift sled and followed them. Piyoko was chasing after them in her skis.

Then Rabi decided that she would go after them. Then Rinna, who had been sleeping on the tree the entire time, woke up and told for everybody to wait for her. But she tripped as she tried running after them, and her face hit the pillow. She fell asleep again, and she began sliding down the mountain as she was asleep.

Dejiko, Puchiko, Aqua, Yuurei, and Piyoko all stopped eventually. They all said that it was a lot of fun.

Rabi saw them and decided that she should impress the others with a jump. But then she heard some noise. She turned around and there was a huge snowball coming at her. Rinna was on top of it, fast asleep. She was somehow staying in place because her fingers were pushing herself along. Rabi ended up getting caught on top of it, and was running so she wouldn't get crushed.

Rabi and Rinna were heading to the edge of a cliff. Mike was on a ski lift when she saw them. She whistled and suddenly a (very cute) snowmobile that was shaped like a cat appeared. Mike raced over to the snowball and then cast her line from the fishing pole. The hook grabbed Rinna and she pulled her to her snowmobile. Rabi asked for her to hurry up and save her, but Mike said that she could only save one person at a time.

Then Rabi fell off the cliff and everybody was shocked. But it turned out that Rabi fell into a hot springs down below, so she was saved.

That night, Rinna apologized terribly to Rabi en Rose for the trouble. But Rabi said that it was okay since nobody got hurt in the end. I think that everybody was all wired up from the excitement in the day. But Rinna said that it was okay, because she had some herbs and could make some herbal tea to relax them. Supposedly, Rinna could make any kind of herbal tea, so everybody had their own strange request. Rabi began talking rapidly about herself again, but nobody was listening to her.

That night, they played the Milton Bradley game "The Game of Life". But then Dejiko got tired and said that she wanted to go to sleep. Everybody else was sort of nodding off. Mike had to pin clips to her eyelids so she could stay awake. Rabi en Rose was already in bed and deep asleep. So everybody went to bed. But Rinna didn't want them to go to sleep!

Dejiko turned off the lights, but Rinna immediately jumped on her bed and began rolling around on it, saying that she wanted others to stay up with her. Dejiko was furious and threatened Rinna. Then she turned off the lights again and everybody went to sleep.

After some time, everybody jumped out of bed in horror because there was a horrible noise. Everybody ran outside to figure out what was happening. Rinna was outside banging on a pot with a spoon. [This was hilarious].

Rinna said that she didn't want people to go to sleep because she wasn't tired. Rabi explained that everybody was really tired. Rinna said that she understood, and then everybody went back inside and went back to sleep.

Suddenly somebody turned the lights back on and everybody started freaking out again. Puchiko said that she smelled something. Rinna said that she had some special "hakka cream" which apparently helped people stay alert. She wanted everybody to try some.

Dejiko's eyes turned glowing red and stomped like a monster. She screamed at Rinna that if she didn't stop it, then she would shoot her with her eye beams. Piyoko also looked equally furious and said that she would blast her with her mouth-bazooka.

Puchiko pulled on Rinna's nightgown and asked if she was having trouble sleeping. She recommended maybe making herbal tea for herself. Rinna realized that was the solution.

Rinna made a cup of tea and after she drank it, she immediately fell asleep. Everybody seemed grateful that this adventure had finally ended. But then Rinna started talking in her sleep. She started saying some funny things.

Dejiko figured out that it was because of the herbal tea. She wanted to eavesdrop and listen to what secrets that she would say. Piyoko wanted to listen too.

While Rinna was asleep, she didn't speak with the "myu" at the end of her sentences, and her voice was different. Others assumed that she was talking about something she overheard from Kareda-sensei. Then Rinna began saying how Dejiko took advantage of the others secretly. Dejiko quickly shook Rinna saying that she had to wake up. But Piyoko and the others were furious.

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