Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 49

Digi Charat Nyo episode 49
Kaeri Michi de Yori Michi nyo
Digiko no Karei na Tabi nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.02.24

Kaeri Michi de Yori Michi nyo

Akari-sensei was telling the class that they would have homeroom to themselves. Then she stepped out of the classroom. She was surprised that she didn't see her manager there. But it turned out that her manager was crammed into the fire extinguisher cabinet. The manager said that hoomroom was over. She put a sombrero on Akari's head and said that it was time for her next shoot. As Akari was being dragged away, she waved her hat and say, "Aye-aye, amigo!"

Dejiko and the others were planning to leave. It seemed that Aqua wanted to discuss something with Dejiko. Apparently Aqua had never been to anybody's home after school (or something like that).

So in the end, they decided to go hang out together after school. Yuurei was happy, and she put on a huge amount of sunscreen since she didn't get to go outside very much.

The first thing that Dejiko took the girls was the dirty boiler room, which is how they get to school every day. (Aqua's face was of pure delight). But then they all smelled something weird and terrible. It turned out to be the guy who liked to eat the smelly food was there. The girls had to crawl out of the room because it smelled so bad.

Afterwards, they were walking down the street of the shopping plaza. Piyoko wanted to show the others how she had a good time. She went around and altered all the store-front statues so they looked like they were dancing. However, nobody was paying attention to her once again.

They continued walking down the street and passed a bookstore. Rinna noticed that a new pastry book. Puchiko found a book on Go that she wanted.

Then Piyoko was going to show (again) how she would be a "banchou". She decided to tachiyomi some manga. But Puchiko pointed out Dejiko. Dejiko was laying on the floor with a blanket under her head while reading a manga. The other girls were impressed with Dejiko's technique. Then the store owner smacked Dejiko with a duster telling her not to tachiyomi, and Dejiko crawled out of the store.

Then the store owner went up to Rabi en Rose and said that he had her book on how to audition as an idol. Rabi didn't want the others to hear, but they were listening and smirked at her. But Rabi told Dejiko to shut up before she got to say much.

Afterwards, Piyoko was muttering to herself about how she could show others to be a troublemaker. But then there was a huge explosion from behind them.

It turned out that the toy store had exploded. Then Rabi ran over to Kiyoshi, who was laying in front of the store along with Yasushi. Rabi asked if he was okay, and Kiyoshi (who was dazed) said thanks (for helping, I believe). Then Yasushi said something to Puchiko, like he was trying to make something cool for her. The other girls were very unimpressed, and eventually the girls left. Yasushi wanted to go with them, but Kiyoshi yanked him back to probably help clean up the store.

Then they went to the confectionary. Daifuku and Kinako treated them all to desserts. When Mike wasn't looking, Dejiko grabbed the dessert out of her bowl and ate it. Then Dejiko ate the one out of Rabi en Rose's bowl as well. When Rabi complained, Dejiko said that idols had to be on a diet anyway. Rabi told her to shut up.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was savoring the dessert. She was feeling sorry for Rik, Ky, and Coo. But she didn't care in the end and wolfed it down. Rinna made a very through analysis of how the dessert was made. Meanwhile, Aqua was juggling the dessert balls with Kinako.

As they were leaving, Aqua was overjoyed by how much fun it all was.

Aqua asked where they were going next. Mike said that they would go to the fish shop next.

As they walked there, Piyoko wanted to show her what she could do as a banchou. She went and started to collect "food" from nearby bushes on the side of the road. Dejiko said that she did this because she was so poor.

Suddenly, a lady cried out that her baby was lost in the river. The other girls were wondering what to do.

Aqua couldn't wait and threw off her school uniform (revealing her traditional outfit under it). She jumped into the river. The river had a fast current and Aqua couldn't move forward swimming like a human. So she dove underwater and swam like a mermaid. The other girls ran over to the riverbank. They decided to cheer for Aqua. Then Aqua jumped out of the water and saved the baby. She gave the baby back to the mother. The other girls applauded.

But she had spent so much energy trying to save the baby that she fainted. Mike pulled out her fishing pole and tried to catch Aqua. But she just got pulled along with Aqua. The other girls tried to hold on to them. Then Yuurei said that she would assist. But as soon as she grabbed everybody, her hand slipped and pushed them all in the river. Puchiko told Yuurei that it was because of her lotion. Yuurei apologized.

As they approached a huge waterfall, the girls started to really panic. But then Aqua's older sister (who was still in giant form) simply swiped at them, knocking them out of the river and onto a strategically placed mattress. Then Aqua thanked her older sister, and she left.

The girls went back to the bathhouse in Neko Maneki Shopping District. I believe that they were soaking in something unusual. Dejiko began singing "Party Night" in the bath. Then the other girls began singing along. Aqua seemed to think that that day had been really fun.

Digiko no Karei na Tabi nyo

The school bell rang indicating that school had started. Akari-sensei came on the TV and said that she was currently in Europe. Gema said that was where Kareda-san was born. She was going to tell them her homeroom assignment. But like the Queen, she sneezed and the TV almost lost connection. But before she lost the connection, there was a big furry hand grabbed her and pulled her off the screen.

All the girls in the classroom (especially Dejiko, whose head was spinning) were very shocked by this event. They decided that they had to save Akari-sensei.

The girls ran out of the classroom, but then Yuurei asked how could they get to Europe. (This was funny because Rinna was running as hard as she could in the background to catch up to the other girls. Apparently she must be slower than even Yuurei or Aqua in this episode). Nobody seemed to know where Europe was located.

Then John and Paul appeared from behind the road sign, and they said that they didn't have to worry. They had a bus that would take them to Europe. Rabi said that there was no way that they could drive to Europe (from Japan), but all the girls had left her already! Dejiko said, "Let's go!" and Rabi had to chase after the bus.

They were driving in the bus to Europe. The scenery outside was very bizarre as they had all kinds of weird animals and landscape that looked very surreal. Inside the bus, Mike and Piyoko were snacking as much as possible, Rinna was asleep, Aqua stared excitedly out the window, and Yuurei looked a little carsick.

Dejiko and Puchiko seemed to comment that they didn't really know where they were going. Rabi asked "Jean-Paul" even if they could get to Europe, would they really be able to find Akari-sensei. But they said that it was okay, because they were Gold Members in her fan club. As a result, they had all the details on where she was (like a crazy stalker).

The bus went to a stop, however, when a tunnel through a mountain had a cave-in. There were weird things on the side of the mountain, including exposed dinosaur bones, an UFO, and a pair of Groucho Marx joke glasses. But John and Paul didn't think badly of the situation, as they thought that their surroundings were very cool.

They eventually showed them a flower field that just mysteriously happened to be next to the road. Then they ran all the way to the top of a cliff and looked down. It looked like it made some weird pattern. Rabi screamed at them to hurry up and find Akari-sensei. Then a weird guy came out of nowhere and gave them directions.

The bus continued driving and they got to where it seemed to be England. They drove past the Loch Ness Monster, London Tower, and Big Ben, although they were scattered around the area randomly. John and Paul said that they were in "Liverpool". But it turned out to be a dirty swimming pool that was filled with something very slimy and gross. John and Paul thought that it was very cool anyway, despite that the girls were mostly disgusted.

Then Lucy-san appeared. She was a blonde foreigner who spoke English. Everybody pointed out her expensive earrings, which were huge and made only of precious gemstones. Suddenly, John and Paul dragged the girls out to a distance in the middle of some strawberry fields (forever). The girls could see that the woman had huge earlobes, which somehow was very cool according to John and Paul. Rabi asked again how this was getting them to Akari-sensei. Then John and Paul asked if she knew where Akari was, and she pointed them into a different direction.

Then the bus drove to a very strange version of France, apparently the birthplace of Kareda-san. The scenery outside didn't make any sense. Rabi asked how could they have driven to Europe from Japan again. But they made it to the next destination so nobody answered her.

There was a big doorway and they went through it.

Apparently this led you to that bizarre planet where the astronaut that sometimes appears is exploring. He was sleeping on the ground without his helmet, but he woke up and explained what this world was. (I can't hear the name, because they say it too fast).

The furry, one-eyed alien was waving to him. The astronaut was going to talk to him, but then the doorway opened and the bus came through it.

The girls stepped off the bus. The girls saw the waving alien, and assumed the worst. Piyoko was going to shoot it with her mouth-bazooka, and Dejiko and Puchiko were going to shoot their eye-beams. But then Akari appeared from nowhere and asked why were they all there.

The girls seemed confused, and Akari explained (I believe) that the alien was a fan of hers. The alien had made her a glass of special tea. It was very smelly and Yuurei fainted. John and Paul had to wear gas masks to avoid getting grossed out by the smell.

Then Akari's manager showed up to take her to her next job. Akari then ran away with her manager.

Dejiko thought that they had worried for nothing, but they at least knew that Akari-sensei was safe. So they got back on the bus and decided to go home.

The astronaut ran up to the girls and begged them to take him back to Earth. But the girls didn't know what he was saying, and the bus left without him. Then the astronaut wondered if maybe he had been on Earth the entire time. The alien suddenly said, "Yes, that's right!"

The alien turned out to be a costume that contained the silly kiragumi salesperson from the earlier episode. Then the salesperson left, while the astronaut was stunned beyond belief.

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