Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 50

Digi Charat Nyo episode 50
Princess School Nana Fushigi nyo
Shoutengai ni Princess School nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.03.08

Princess School Nana Fushigi nyo

Dejiko and the others were in Princess School playing a bizarre variant of "The Game of Life". Piyoko was having exceptional luck, and this only infuriated Dejiko, especially after she landed on the square marked "go back to start". Mike was going to give Dejiko 500,000,000 in play money in consolation, but then Dejiko sneezed very hard and blew away the board and all the game pieces. Dejiko then announced that since they couldn't finish the game, then she'd just go home. Rabi en Rose muttered that Dejiko was just a sore loser.

They were all going home. It was late in the afternoon and it was getting dark inside the school. A few of the girls were getting nervous. Yuurei began talking about the "seven mysteries" that could exist in the school, and Piyoko seemed to get a little scared.

Then they noticed that Aqua was no longer with them. Rabi got very scared all of the sudden. They heard a scream, and somehow Rinna had gotten caught in something very sticky on the floor. Puchiko said that it looked like leftovers from her eyebeams. Dejiko asked Rinna if she had seen Aqua, but she hadn't. Then Yuurei said in a scary voice that this could be the start of the seven mysteries of the school. Rabi then punched her out in terror because she didn't want to hear it.

Piyoko saw something glowing in the hallway. She grabbed onto Dejiko and said that there was a ghost. Rabi got very scared. But when everybody looked again, there wasn't anything there. Dejiko didn't believe Piyoko saw anything. Yuurei said that this could be the next school mystery, and then Rabi punched her again.

Then Puchiko realized that Rinna and Mike were now missing. Rabi was so scared.

They all walked down the hallway, following the weird, sticky, sparkling goo which went for some distance.

The goo stopped at some point, so they decided to separate and see if they could discover something. They did janken to determine who would go into which team. Yuurei, Rabi, and Puchiko ended up in one group. Dejiko and Piyoko (much to Dejiko's dismay, but Piyoko's delight) ended up in the other team.

Dejiko and Piyoko were in the science classroom. Piyoko didn't like the creepy room with all the preserved things in jars. Then she heard Dejiko call out for her. When she turned around she saw the human body mannequin moving toward her. Piyoko screamed, but of course it was Dejiko pulling a prank on her. But then Piyoko said that there was something behind her. They both looked. It was actually Yuurei's guardian in her cloak, but they screamed in terror and ran. You could hear Yuurei say that this was the third mystery of the school.

Meanwhile, Rabi and the others had ended up at the pool outside. Rabi didn't want to go inside the building, but Puchiko said that she could hear something. There was a strange voice it seemed from it. Puchiko and Yuurei said that this was another mystery, just so they could see Rabi scream insanely and run away.

Dejiko and Piyoko were walking down the hall, and both were very scared. Suddenly there were two shadowy figures lurching toward them, with dripping, outstretched hands. They two girls screamed, but it turned out to be Aqua and Mike. They had gotten out of the restroom but they had forgotten their handkerchiefs, so their hands were wet after washing their hands. Piyoko yelled at them for giving them such a scare.

Something in white was walking behind them.

Dejiko was saying that since they knew what happened to Aqua and Mike, then all they had to do was find Rinna. Somebody called out to them from behind them. They turned around and there was somebody dressed in all white. They four girls screamed again. But it was Rinna who apparently had been cooking and so she had to dress up.

Then they all heard a scream, and they all ran down the hall. It turned out Rabi was huddled underneath a windowsill, shaking. Puchiko said for them to look out the window. Something outside was ringing the school bell on its own. Yuurei said that this was the seventh of the school mysteries. Then Rabi began beating up Yuurei because she didn't want to hear it.

Something was clunking around in the hallway. They saw a mysterious knight, and it ran after them. Everybody ran for their lives, but eventually everybody tripped over Rabi. Dejiko was backed into the wall, and the knight swung out its foil and hit the light switch. It turned out that the knight was actually Kareda-sensei.

Then it turned out that the ghost that Piyoko saw was really Gema. The scary person in the science lab was of course Yuurei's guardian. The weird slime was apparently the residue when Yuurei's older sister shed her skin (because as a fish, she apparently molts). Then Saba-sensei appeared and confessed that he was ringing the bell. From what I could tell, it was mostly because he was a moron.

Rabi seemed relieved that there weren't really seven mysteries after all. Gema told them to go home.

As they were walking home, Dejiko said that she wasn't really all that scared. But then she ran into some horrible looking monster. All the girls screamed and fainted. Then Akari-sensei pulled off the costume saying that she had just gotten off of a shoot. But then she didn't understand why all the girls had passed out.

Shoutengai ni Princess School nyo

School ended and Dejiko, Puchiko, Gema, and Rabi were walking home from the secret entrance under the bathhouse. But Rabi noticed that there was a gigantic sign that pointed how to get to a "new" Prince School.

They walked and found a gawdy building. Then they saw that Yasushi, John, Paul, Rik, Ky, and Coo had become members (with similar uniforms) to the new Prince School. Yasushi apparently was told the idea in the middle of the night by Dejiko's (mysterious) father.

Dejiko didn't really believe that it was a legit school. But Kiyoshi, who was also dressed in a school uniform, said that it was accredited. Then a strange prince appeared and asked if he could join. Dejiko said that it was just Gema transformed again.

Piyoko didn't seem to like it that she didn't have an exclusive club anymore.

Then it seemed that lots of people wanted to join, including the young person from the bathhouse. Daifuku wanted to join too, but Kinako dragged him away.

The group went inside the building. Inside the grounds were huge rose hedges. Piyoko asked Rik if you could eat them. But Rik said that you couldn't. Kareda showed up, probably because he loved roses so much. He decided to give the students new European names (like "Richard" and "Alex").

Everything in the school seemed to sparkle. Rabi still daydreamed about Kiyoshi ("Edward") and thought about meeting him. She had this strange fantasy, and as the clock struck midnight, she ran off, as she lost her transformation. Edward found her red shoe on the steps. Then Dejiko asked what was she doing. It turned out that Rabi had been holding onto Dejiko's hand, as she thought that she was Edward.

It turned out that they had walked into the boy's restroom, as seen by the numerous urinals on the wall. Rabi ran out of the room very quickly, and she was horribly embarrassed.

Then they walked to the library. Dejiko found some book and asked what it was. They said that it was guidelines about the students. All the students then made some extremely un-funny language jokes. Finally Kareda-sensei grabbed the book and threw it in the garbage.

The next stop was the kitchen, which supposedly made all kinds of delicious gourmet food. Piyoko and Coo were amazed by the number of knives and forks on the place settings. But it turned out that for dinner, everybody was having oden. Coo couldn't figure out why they had knives and forks to eat that (since it's very hard).

Then everybody decided to walk to the classroom to see what they would learn. The teacher turned out to be Saba-san. He then showed everybody how to separate egg yolks from eggs and then he mixed in sugar into the yolk mixture. The girls realized that it wasn't a Prince School, but a Purin School (purin = Japanese flan). Kiyoshi raised his hand, and Yasushi asked if he was going to question all of this. But Kiyoshi instead asked what did you do with the egg whites. Then the building collapsed.

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