Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 51

Digi Charat Nyo episode 51
Chotto dake Oneesan kibun nyo
Digiko no Sakubun Happyou nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.03.12

Chotto dake Oneesan kibun nyo

Gema was outside working in the garden of the Princess School. He heard Dejiko scream in terror inside the building. When he went inside, he saw the entire class drinking large mugs of disgusting green liquid. Apparently, that was the class instructions for the day, to drink some kind of weird juice.

After drinking the juice, as prescribed, all of the girls glowed gold for a bit. Suddenly they all grew into young adults! Gema freaked out completely.

The girls had aged by five years. (Dejiko and most of the others were now 15). All of the girls looked much taller, and a slightly mature character design. They were all very cute.

However, Aqua was very depressed. Because she was already 120 years old (she is an immortal, like the Takahashi mermaid stories), being 125 didn't change her appearance at all. The cat-eared maid decided to help her by providing gallons of the weird stuff. Aqua drank it all. Aqua also became a "young adult"--which probably meant that she was roughly 180 years old.

Rabi went into the classroom, as she was running very late. But when she saw all the older girls in class, she thought that she was in the wrong classroom. Then she figured out what happened, and the girls pointed to the blackboard. Dejiko laughed at her, since now Dejiko was actually older than Rabi.

But Rabi didn't care, and wanted to try the juice so she could see what it would be like to be 19. But there wasn't any more juice left because they had to give it all to Aqua. Rabi then fainted. Aqua apologized, but Dejiko was very pleased. Rabi was so furious and wanted to have some juice. Dejiko wasted no time gloating about her latest victory again. (Given the recycling nature of Di Gi Charat Nyo, this was shamefully predictable).

Then the magically aged girls decided to go back to Maneki Shopping District to see what they could do now that they were older.

At the toy store, Yasushi ran into the store yelling for Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi looked bored, and wondered what the ruckus was. But Yasushi said that there were some "bishoujo" girls coming down the street, and they both freaked out. Kiyoshi got out binoculars trying to look for them.

Then Dejiko went up to them. She said that she was Dejiko, and Yasushi and Kiyoshi freaked out again. Both of the guys were ashamed because they wanted to date these "older" girls. Then Rabi got mad, I believe.

Meanwhile, the Black Gema Gema Dan were all amazed to see Piyoko being older.

Yasushi was (disturbingly) excited to see an older, more mature Puchiko. Meanwhile, Daifuku and Kinako were crying, because their "little girl had grown up" and they didn't get to experience it. But Puchiko said that the effects would only last for a day, and Kinako and Daifuku seemed to be happy about that.

The girls wondered what they would do next.

They ended up on a bus. Apparently Yasushi had arranged a special trip for the now-older girls. They all ended up at an amusement park.

Mike was super-excited by this, because she could finally ride the rollercoaster rides that said that you had to be at least 151cm tall. An x-ray showed that she only made it because she was wearing a hat. In reality, she is only 150cm tall. But when the ride worker let her onboard, Mike jumped on the guy and hugged him to death.

After the ride ended, Mike looked like she wanted to do it again, but every one of the other girls looked like they were going to be sick.

Piyoko was really glad because now she could have the really large ice cream cones. It looked like the stand had a mouth-bazooka blast, probably because the worker argued with her.

Dejiko made fun of her saying that ice cream was just a kiddie thing. She then sat down, wearing sunglasses, saying that mature people ordered black coffee. Everybody applauded at her maturity. But then Dejiko immediately spit out the coffee because it was so bitter.

Rinna was driving one of those small cars, and said that this was another thing that she could finally do. Dejiko seemed a little nervous letting her drive, but Rinna said that it was okay. But then Rinna fell asleep and wrecked the car.

Yuurei said that she was old enough to go into a haunted house. Yasushi quickly pushed Kiyoshi saying that he had to volunteer. Rabi quickly said that she would come along too, because she didn't want Kiyoshi going on a "date". When a skeleton dropped from the ceiling, Yuurei screamed in horror. But the look of Yuurei's face was so terrifying that Rabi and Kiyoshi screamed back.

They all went to one of those shows that they have at theme parks. It turned out that Aqua was the star of a water-themed show. She looked very pretty and mature. She got a lot of applause. Rabi was still very unhappy that she didn't get to have any juice, because everybody else had fun.

That night, Rabi was very depressed. But then she figured out something. The next day, she burst into the classroom. Since she could transform, she merely transformed as an older, 19-year old girl. (She looked very trendy, like a kogal with bunny ears). But the other girls had already returned to normal. Rabi got very depressed that she had wasted all of her effort.

Digiko no Sakubun Happyou nyo

Akari-sensei was talking about what they were going to do today. She asked for suggestions (I think). Then she finally decided that everybody would write a report about what they did yesterday after school.

Everybody began writing in their own way: Puchiko used an inkbrush and wrote with a lot of flourish. Mike was doing the same, but she would smack an octopus for ink. Rabi en Rose was typing her report on a laptop. Yuurei was putting words on the page using her psychic power (this was very funny). Piyoko wrote her report in magic marker. Aqua used a tray of sand and wrote out words with her finger. Rinna fell asleep in the middle of the exercise, but woke up suddenly and yelled out unexpectedly.

Gema saw them writing, and he eavesdropped. Gema, out of boredom, decided to write his own report for fun.

Then Akari-sensei said that everybody could submit their report to the TV to turn the words into video.

Puchiko went first. The TV ate her report. Then the video showed that Puchiko went home and Daifuku and Puchiko wanted to make some kind of new pastry. Puchiko came up with an idea. She helped cheer on Daifuku and Kinako as they tirelessly created the new thing. She assisted in the process. In the end, it was this weird-looking swirl bun. In the end, Amaenbou bought some, although I think that he mentioned what they really looked like.

Rabi en Rose's report showed her working very hard trying to get all of her homework done. She had to do a lot of work, because she was trying to be an idol, as well as attend school. She had a strange story, but in the end, she went to bed after doing all the work.

Then it was Mike's turn. She said that she went and ate dinner. Then she went to sleep. Then she woke up in the morning and went fishing. Then she went back to sleep. And that was the end of her incredibly silly and short report. But Akari-sensei was still impressed with it.

Rinna went next. She was at her bakery. She sleeps all the time, but regardless, all of her cakes get sold. I think that she said for dinner, she went to Yuurei's house. She mentioned that her friend's house made her a little intimidated. However, Yuurei was a very nice girl, and Rinna liked her. At least, she did before Yuurei showed the spooky thing. Then the report ended suddenly. Dejiko asked what was the thing, but Akari-sensei ignored it and said that it was very interesting.

Then it was Yuurei's turn. Yuurei had a huge dinner. She did her homework (once again, writing using her super-psychic ability). Then Rinna came over. They walked through the dark house, and went into one of the rooms. There was a coffin in the room, and something came out of it. The thing scared both of them. Then her report ended. Dejiko said that she didn't get what they were doing. But Akari-sensei was jubilant as always.

Aqua went next and said that she was skating around the park. She saw John and Paul there, probably talking about otaku things. Then she saw the mayor and Bobo-san playing shogi.

Then Piyoko went next. She mentioned that at dinner time, they had no food to eat. Then Amaenbou showed up and gave them some strange swirl buns. All of them were very happy and ate them. Apparently they tasted very good. Dejiko said that her report was very boring, but Piyoko told her to shut up.

Finally, it was Dejiko's turn. Dejiko said that after dinner, she helped out with the dishes. But somebody didn't clean out the rice bowl properly so it was hard to wash. She got very angry, and she figured that it was Gema so she shot him with her eye-beams. Then she was watching TV with the rest of her host family. But her tea was lousy. She got very mad, and she shot Gema with the eye-beams again. She decided to go take a bath. But her favorite towel had gotten very gross. So she got very mad, and shot Gema with her eye-beams.

After her report the class was very silent. But Dejiko was thinking that it was very interesting to her. But Akari-sensei gave her a complement about her report.

But before she dismissed the class, Akari-sensei spun to the doorway and threw it open. She asked Gema for his report.

Gema's report said that after dinner he went and took a nap. Then he woke up after Dejiko shot him with the eye-beams. He was watching TV with everybody and had a good time. At least, until Dejiko shot him with the eye-beams. Then he took a bath, but after he got out, Dejiko shot him with the eye-beams.

Afterwards, Dejiko was worried about what the other classmates would think of her. Akari-sensei said that was a very sad story. But she then brightened and said that everybody could do what she wanted.

From what I could tell, the class went into total chaos five seconds after she left.

As her manager drove her to her next performance, Akari-sensei said that everybody had such interesting stories.

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