Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 52

Digi Charat Nyo episode 52
Princess School Gakuensai nyo
DiGi Charat Sei ni Kaeru nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.03.20

Princess School Gakuensai nyo

Dejiko and the other girls at Princess School were practicing cheerleading with Saba-san. But when Saba-san told them to practice a cheer again, all the girls collapsed because they were so tired. But then Akari-sensei and Chibi Akari showed up wearing cheerleading uniforms. The girls were inspired to go practice again.

However, before Saba-san could say anything, he got knocked off into the sky by the cat-eared maid from Planet Di Gi Charat. She said that she had a message from the principal, and she had a TV set on a cart. She turned on the TV. The principal said that they were going to open up the school for a festival, and all the Maneki Shopping District would be invited (for the first time) to be on the school grounds. There was going to be a prize (a crown) for the best student performance. Then the principal started babbling and the maid shut the TV off in the middle of her speech.

The girls were all very fired up about the festival.

The next day, the school was flooded with visitors from the outside. Gema had been demoted to a balloon so they could hang a banner from him.

Rabi en Rose was passing out flyers and she was shocked when she ran into Kiyoshi. Rabi was so surprised that she dropped her papers. Then the two of them gathered up her flyers, and they touched hands and had a "shoujo manga" moment. Dejiko and Puchiko were watching this and thought that it was very silly.

Dejiko meanwhile talked to Puchiko. Dejiko seemed to brag about her new badge on her uniform, which declared her as class co-representative. Puchiko also had a badge which said that she was a class co-representative. Then Yasushi showed up and seemed to be very impressed with Puchiko's title. While Yasushi was babbling, both Dejiko and Puchiko walked away.

The school festival had many booths.

Hitsujii was making cotton candy.

Aqua's older sister was making taiyaki (those fish-shaped buns), except these fish had legs on them instead of tails. (Such irony for an anime). "Tomoyo" and "Sakura" were eating them, although Sakura seemed to wonder if they were really okay to eat.

Rinna was making crepes very, very fast. She would just fry them, fill them, wrap them, and throw them into her customers mouths.

The pig-faced producer was arguing with Mike about her goldfish catching booth. I guess that he was complaining that the scoops were too weak. But Mike didn't budge.

Dejiko and Puchiko were watching the spectacle. Then Dejiko's stomach growled and she realized that she was very hungry.

Later, Aqua and Yuurei were performing the song that they did during their "Princess Unit" episode. They were even wearing the same outfits and hairstyles. They were very popular with the crowd. Puchiko and Dejiko liked the sound of "Akuyu".

In the classroom, Daifuku and Kinako were looking over the show and tell items that Kareda-sensei had asked for the students to bring. This included the moustache that Piyoko had made using hair from dogs. But when Kinako and Daifuku asked Dejiko and Puchiko where were their projects, they got very nervous. (For those that don't remember, they created a huge gold statue of Kareda-sensei, which had collapsed and destroyed half of the school). According to the photograph, it had been moved to Egypt and placed out in the desert.

Yuurei's guardian was running a haunted house. The bathhouse owner was very terrified by what he saw inside it. But I think that he hadn't actually gone inside the haunted house part, but only saw the things from Yuurei's home.

Piyoko was dressed up in a kiragumi of the monster in the box at Gamers (from the first Di Gi Charat series). She asked Dejiko and Puchiko to go to her booth, a "zoo". The booth appeared to be made from cardboard boxes.

Rik appeared dressed as a blue "skunk". It was quite shocking how he demonstrated how he released his "scent". Then Ky appeared dressed as an green elephant, and he swung his trunk costume around spraying water everywhere. Finally, Coo was dressed as a pink tiger. He demonstrated how he "marked his territory" (I can't believe the stuff they show on TV).

Both Dejiko and Puchiko thought that it was extremely lame and they left immediately. When Piyoko and the Black Gema Gema Dan complained, Dejiko shot them all with her eye-beams.

During lunch, the girls were sitting and eating very large sandwiches. Puchiko was having fun "playing" with Piyoko. She kept throwing food, and Piyoko--still dressed in her kiragumi--jumped around and ate it using only her mouth (like a dog).

Later, they had a special performance by Akari-sensei and Chibi Akari (they were both dressed in Akari's usual "usa-mimi" costumes). They were singing the Usa-Mimi Song. Everybody sang along with the song. After the song, Akari-sensei said that the next thing was the main event.

Everybody (even Akari-sensei) was dressed in their cheerleading costumes. The class seemed a bit nervous about the next event. But Mike was fired up about it. Then Akari-sensei said that everybody would do fine. Then Dejiko said, "Let's go, Princess!" and everybody seemed to be fired up as well.

They performed their routine to one of Akari's songs. It was a very cute routine. Finally the girls got into a pyramid shape. Dejiko was standing back, and then she ran and jumped on a springboard. She flipped in the air and landed on top to form the peak of the pyramid. The crowd was completely amazed and cheered loudly.

But Dejiko still hadn't got anything to eat. She was so hungry that she started to get dizzy. But Akari-sensei told everybody to react appropriately. So the pyramid swayed with Dejiko to prevent the formation from falling. The crowd thought that it was part of the act, and cheered again. From a distance, you could see the queen watching from one of the school windows.

The event ended, and the crowd of people left. Several people were submitting completed questionnaires at the gate. Meanwhile, Gema was still stuck up in the air holding the banner, and he started screaming for somebody to bring him down.

Back at the classroom, Dejiko had eaten two bentou boxes and she seemed to be full finally. Everybody seemed to think that the day's event was a grand success. The maid came back on the TV. She said that she had reviewed the questionnaires, and the winner of the gold crown would be... everyone. Apparently everybody liked all the performances. So the girls all cheered.

After school, Dejiko was walking through the halls and heard a familiar voice. She threw open the doors of one of the classrooms and saw her mother with Hitsujii. Dejiko gave her mother a hug. Her mother said that she was very proud of Dejiko. Then she said that she completed her training, and she could return home.

But Dejiko seemed very surprised. She screamed, "What do you mean I'm returning to Planet Di Gi Charat?!"

Then the eye-catch came on the screen. This was VERY FUNNY, because between episodes, there's an eye-catch where Puchiko and Dejiko tell a very silly joke. Then they have commericals, and afterwards they give you the answer. But this time, instead of a joke printed on the TV screen, it just had some jumbled characters. Dejiko had a completely freaked out expression, and couldn't say the joke. But after the commerical break, the answer was given anyway ("hotcake").

DiGi Charat Sei ni Kaeru nyo

At the school, they had a graduation ceremony for the students. The Neko Maneki Shopping District folks were there as well. But Dejiko was late for some reason. The girls were talking about how they would miss Akari-sensei. Apparently, Chibi Akari would be graduating with them.

Akari's manager seemed anxious because Akari was too slow, and they'd be late for their next appointment. As Akari bid everybody goodbye, her manager tied her up (like she always does) and ran off with her to the next job.

Piyoko decided that she didn't have to be a "banchou" anymore and threw off her sash and joined the others in their farewells.

But then Aqua came in on her skateboard and knocked Piyoko away. Aqua said that she had news that Dejiko was returning to Planet Di Gi Charat. The girls were very shocked. Then Aqua's older sister began telling the story to all of the teachers and the people in the audience. Everybody was very shocked and dismayed. Rabi en Rose kept a positive look about it, trying to suggest that she'd never leave. But Dejiko appeared and said that it was true; after she graduated as a princess then she'd return home. Then Dejiko said that Puchiko and Gema would return home with her.

But Rabi suggested that she was just playing with them to get them excited. The others seemed to buy it and they walked away very relieved.

The the principal (the queen) gave a welcoming speech. Then they had the ceremony were all the girls got their crowns put on their heads. (They looked very cute). In the audience, everybody looked proud. Akari-sensei was replaced by a cardboard figurine.

Dejiko was last. Her mother congratulated Dejiko. Dejiko said that coming to the Neko Maneki Shopping District was a great thing and she remembered many wonderful experiences. Then the maid took away her thought balloon since it was crowding the screen.

Then the queen gave her closing comments. Then the queen left through the portal along with Hitsujii and the maid. She told Dejiko to return home in her UFO.

Later, Dejiko's UFO was sitting in the park. Everybody was there. But Rabi told everybody to relax, for she was still in denial about Dejiko actually leaving.

Inside the UFO, Dejiko was there with Puchiko and Gema. Dejiko said it was time to set the autopilot (who was actually a little mannequin in the seat). There was a dial on the control panel and she spun it. For a brief moment, the destination said, "#10: Neko Maneki Shopping District", and Dejiko hesitated. But she spun it again and it went to destination #1 Planet Di Gi Charat. Dejiko said, "Let's go!" and pulled on the joystick.

Gema couldn't believe it. Puchiko waved goodbye to Kinako and Daifuku from inside the ship. Outside, the ship was shaking. John and Paul were crying as they didn't want her to leave (they had a video camera to record the event), and said goodbye. Everybody was so distracted by John and Paul's stupid antics that they almost missed seeing Dejiko's UFO disappearing in the sky.

Akari was in a space suit doing a scene in low Earth orbit. But then the UFO went by and Akari stopped in mid-sentence and looked as it disappeared deep into space.

The next day, Hikaru went back to normal school, but she seemed distracted. Mike was trying to sell more of her octopi, but she also seemed depressed. Rinna found out that she ended up making dozens of little cat-ear cakes (they look like the hood that Dejiko wears) in her bakery without her realizing it. Aqua was packing to return to the ocean with her sister, but she found a picture that they all took with Dejiko and the others on the beach. Yuurei was petting her pet spider, but she looked up in the sky with a sad expression.

Akari was doing a concert and she saw the familiar white ears in the crowd. Her eyes went wide for a second, but then she saw that it was just a hood that a mother had put on an infant. Akari's face seemed a little disappointed for a split second, but she brightened and finished her show.

Back at the toy store, Yasushi was hammering a large antenna dish on his store. Kiyoshi asked why was he doing that. Yasushi said that it was a UFO detector. He said that one day, Dejiko would return to them. Kiyoshi said that Dejiko had already returned home, but Yasushi said that he understood, and he continued. Then Kiyoshi figured out what Yasushi was doing, and Kiyoshi said that he would help.

At the bakery, Daifuku had a special meal but didn't know what to do, as he couldn't give it to Puchiko. Kinako then gave him tea, and they drank tea together.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was talking with the Black Gema Gema Gang about leaving themselves. She said that there wasn't a reason to stay since Dejiko had already left.

Rabi en Rose was outside passing out tissues while wearing her crown, in order to promote herself as an idol. She heard somebody say, "Usada!" in a similar tone that Dejiko would say. But it was really a little boy talking to somebody else (it's a language joke which I don't get--something rhyming with "usada"). Rabi seemed to say that she missed her. But then she saw something sparkle in the sky.

At the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku saw it too and got very excited.

At the toy store, Yasushi told Kiyoshi to switch on the radar. But as soon as he did it, the radar spun around to the dot in the sky, and knocked Yasushi off the building.

In the park, Piyoko had transformed the panda-van back into her UFO as well. They were going to leave, but a huge crowd of people appeared. Piyoko thought that the entire town had come to say goodbye to her. But then she realized that something was coming down from the sky.

Dejiko's UFO suddenly crash landed into the park on its side. Dejiko and Gema were lying on the ground afterwards. Dejiko was very surprised that she was back on Earth.

Rabi en Rose quickly got happy and said that it must be because her princess training wasn't finished. Dejiko quickly threw barbs at Rabi, infuriating her. But since she was going back to school, then they could be together again. Everybody was very happy about this. Puchiko was very happy to be back with Kinako and Daifuku. Yasushi was very happy that Puchiko was back for a different reason.

Gema ended up hugging Saba-san for no real reason.

Dejiko was talking to Rabi en Rose. She said that she wanted a welcome home party, but Rabi argued with her about that. After Dejiko insulted her, Rabi used her rabbit ears and began torturing Dejiko.

But then Puchiko confessed a secret. She used her "eye-beams" to recall a memory. It showed that in the middle of the night, Dejiko walked very quietly to the auto-pilot. She spun the dial to "Neko Maneki Shopping District". Despite that the UFO was minutes away from Planet Di Gi Charat, it turned around and went in the other direction.

Dejiko quickly said, "Oh, is that what happened?" and feigned ignorance.

But Dejiko's mother came from a tiny UFO (like in the ending credits). She said that she was going to reopen the Princess School for the Second Grade. All the girls asked if they could join, and they could. Everybody was overjoyed.

During the ending credits, they showed scenes of Dejiko's welcome home party. The entire town appeared (all the people from all the episodes). Dejiko and Rabi were fighting over who would get to sing karaoke.

The next day, the Princess School had a sign nailed to the top spire. It said, "Grade 2". Puchiko and Dejiko ran to catch up to the other students.

In the end, Dejiko jumped up in the air, looking at the audience. The final message on the screen said, "Bye-bye nyo".

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