Mizuhara Makoto

Mizuhara Makoto (水原誠) looks like a weakling, but he will give it his all when things are on the line. His grades are the best, and he was also good at sports, so Jinnai calls him his rival.

Makoto was a 17 year old, third year student at Shinonome High School (東雲高校). He was born in August 1978, and was 170 cm tall.

Makoto was born in the Kansai area (Western Japan), but moved to the Shinonome area later. So he talks with a Kansai accent.

OAV series setting

Because of the strange girl he met at the ruins, he was sent to El Hazard. In El Hazard, Makoto was put into a very important position, as he looked a lot like the younger princess of Roshutalia, Fatora.

Makoto had to impersonate Fatora.

When the humans got sent to El Hazard, all of them got some "supernatural" powers. Makoto's power was to synchronize with the objects of the past in El Hazard.

TV series setting

Makoto was a science nut and he loved to do experiments. But because of one of his experiments going wild, he and the others got transported to the El Hazard world.

Makoto's voice is done by Iwanaga Tetsuya (岩永哲哉).

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