Pre Idol Shinjin Happyoukai

Event Pre Idol Shinjin Happyoukai
Location Joining Square (Akihabara)
Date 2004.05.02
Time 13:00 - 15:00
Cost 2700 yen
Guests Aihara Atsuko
Kayasaki Ryouko
Mizuno Saya (水野沙耶)
Izumi Rika
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.05.08

Artemis Promotion held a series of six events on May 2 and May 3, 2004 at Joining Square in Akihabara. The first event was the Pre Idol Shinjin Happyoukai (プレアイドル新人発表会), an event featuring many new girls. Some girls sang for the first time, and others sang just their second or third times.

Izumi Rika (a veteran compared to the new girls) was the emcee of the event, and she wore a sailor fuku. She also lead off with one song.

The girls sang in the following order.

  • Izumi Rika (1 song)
  • Kayasaki Ryouko (2 songs)
  • Tsubasa (1 song)
  • Kurumi Junko (2 songs)
  • Akisawa Miki (2 songs)
  • Aihara Atsuko & Kayasaki Ryouko (Danzen! Futari ha Pre Cure)
  • Mizuno Saya (2 songs)
  • Adusa (3 songs)

Comoe (Andou Akari) sang under the name Aihara Atsuko (相原あつこ), with her friend Kayasaki Ryouko (茅崎リョウコ). Ryouko is a friend of Atsuko's from high school, and both are originally cosplayers.

They dressed up as Cure Black (Ryouko) and Cure White (Atsuko) from the anime Futari ha Pre Cure, and sang the opening song to the anime Danzen! Futari ha Pre Cure.

Unfortunately, Atsuko didn't sing any songs solo.

Ryouko sang P.S. I Love You and Shining Ray.

Mizuno Saya sang one Gotou Maki song and one Matsuura Aya song.

At the end of the event, there was a signing/handshake session for those who bought some goods by the girls. But Atusko and Ryouko didn't have any goods, so it was possible to get their signatures without buying anything.

photo notes

I took both my 10D and D60 and took photos with two cameras. I used the 70-200mm F2.8L lens and flash with the 10D, and used the 85mm F1.8 lens without flash with the D60. I took 533 photos with the 10D, with 331 of them worth keeping, and 181 photos with the D60, with 76 of them worth keeping.

The photo breakdowns were as follows.

girl 10D D60 total
Aihara Atsuko 102 53 155
Kayasaki Ryouko 65 4 69
Adusa 127 10 137
Mizuno Saya 52 13 65
Izumi Rika 9 0 9
Tsubasa 3 0 3
[Mizuno Saya] [Adusa]

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