Niji Iro Amazing Smile ver. 1 event

Event Niji Iro Amazing Smile ver. 1
Location Gamers Akihabara
Date 2008.01.14
Time 14:00 - 15:30
Cost 525 yen (per CD)
Guest Itou Asuka (伊藤あすか)
Wakabayashi Yuki
Kariya Rimoko
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On January 14, 2008, the Animelo shinjin audition theme song (?), にじ色アメイジングスマイル (Niji Iro Amazing Smile) version 1 went on sale. This song is sung by the three girls who passed the first audition, Itou Asuka, Wakabayashi Yuki, and Kariya Rimoko. The girls don't have a group name yet.

There was an event in front of Gamers Akihabara for this CD. The Niji Iro Amazing Smile version 1 CD was a CDR, with the labels handwritten by the girls, and each girl tried to sell 50 CDs.

This event was being filmed by the staff, and parts of it will probably be broadcast on the Internet.

Just before 14:00, the three girls and the staff went to Akihabara Station, and shot a short video. Then they went to the table in front of Gamers, and started selling the CDs. Each CD was 525 yen, and they also had a CD case (holds 10 CDs) for 1050 yen.

It was a partly cloudy and very cold day.

Asuka and Yuki wore white jackets over their outfits, the same as the previous Animelo event. But Rimoko was wearing a kimono, as it was her "coming-of-age" (seijinshiki) ceremony day today.

Those who bought a CD were able to get their photos taken with the girls (with their own cameras), if they wanted.

Kariya Rimoko
Kariya Rimoko
Itou Asuka
Itou Asuka
Wakabayashi Yuki
Wakabayashi Yuki

I bought 3 CDs of each girl (for a total of 9 CDs), and one CD case.

At around 15:30, they finished selling all 150 CDs. They had quite a bit of help from a few people who bought over 10 CDs.

They are planning a similar event on 2/17, where they will sell version 2 of the same song, assuming the girls' singing improves.. (^_^;

The information about the animelo audition is at

photo notes

Photos and videos allowed. I brought my 20D and just the 24-105mm F4L IS lens. But since it was too cold outside, my old (4 year old) batteries started dying after one hour! So I ended up using my IXY Digital 910IS compact camera at the end.

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