Idol Promenade vol 94

Event Idol Promenade vol 94
Location Ohmori Sports Center (Heiwajima)
Date 2005.12.11
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Cost 3000 yen
Guests Saaya ()
Fuzuki Shizuku
Hirachi Rei (ʿϥ쥤)
  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.12.14

This was a singing event by minor idols and cosplayers. There were around 30 to 40 people in the crowd.

I went to see Saaya, and this was her 19th singing event. She was wearing a black frilly one piece, with white trim. She has worn this outfit a couple times in the past. But this time she had her hair in twin tails, with white lace. VERY cute!

Saaya was also the emcee for this event, so she was on the stage a lot more than usual. But there wasn't that much talking between the emcee and guests this time.

For her stage, Saaya sang "Popotan Kiss" and "Sekai ha Pi-Po".

Since it was a December event, some of the other girls wore santa outfits.


photo notes

I brought my 20D and took 800 photos with 469 of them worth keeping. The number of photos per girl was as follows.

Saaya 382
Hirachi Rei 65
Fuzuki Shizuku 26
[Rei] [Rei]

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