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  • Hisakawa Aya Christmas Live '95

    Hisakawa Aya Christmas Live '95
    Nihon Seinenkan
    15:00 - 17:00
    19:00 - 21:00
    Hisakawa Aya (久川綾)
    Bass - Tajima Koji
    Drums - Hirose Michitoshi
    Guitar - Hyakkoku Hajime
    Guitar - Yamamoto Ichiro
    Piano and Keyboard - Yukawa Tohru
    Keyboard - Takanishi Kei
    Saxophone - Cheep Hiroishi
    4635 yen
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.26

    On December 24, Hisakawa Aya had her Christmas concert at the Nihon Seinekan Hall (which seats 1360). There were two sessions, at 15:00 and 19:00. Each session was around two hours, and were basically the same.

    The list of songs that she sang is as follows.

    • 人生, 祭りやっっ (2nd アルバム「Hi-Ka-Ri」収緑)
      Jinsei, Matsuriya (from Hikari)
    • 青い空を抱きしめたい (2nd アルバム収緑/2nd シングル)
      Aoi Sorawo Dakishimetai (from Hikari)
    • Sunday (2nd アルバム収緑/1st シングル)
      Sunday (from Hikari)
    • Wait For Me (3rd アルバム「for you for me」収緑)
      Wait For Me (from "for you for me" (Aya's third album))
    • このが遊歩道(みち)が終わるまでに (3rd アルバム収緑/ニューシングル)
      Kono Michi ga Owarumadeni (from "for you for me")
    • ムーンライト伝説 (TVアニメ「美少女戦士セーラームーン」より)
      Moonlight Densetsu (from Sailor Moon)
    • In the Groove (OVA「聖羅V(セーラーヴィクトリー)」より)
      In the Groove (from Sailor Victory)
    • Merry Christmas (2nd シングルカップリング曲)
      Merry Christmas (from the "Aoi Sorawo Dakishimetai" CD single)
    • 僕の好きなひと (1st アルバム「AYA〜時間を紡いで〜」収緑)
      Boku no Sukina Hito (from Aya-Tokiwo Tsumuide)
    • 金木犀 (1st アルバム収緑)
      Kinmokusei (from Aya-Tokiwo Tsumuide)
    • 赤い砂時計 (2nd アルバム収緑)
      Akai Sunadokei (from Hikari)
    • Medley (全て 2nd アルバム収緑)
      • Tila-so-Tilalifo〜風を感じて〜
      • Shiny Day

      Tila-so-Tilalifo, Hallelujah, Shiny Day (all from Hikari) [a medley]
    • Hi-Ka-Ri (2nd アルバム収緑)
      Hi-Ka-Ri (from Hikari)


    • Take it Easy (1st アルバム収緑)
      Take it Easy (from Aya-Tokiwo Tsumuide)
    • だいじょーぶっっ!! (1st シングルカップリング曲)
      Daijo-bu!! (from the "Sunday" CD single)

    As the show started, the music began, and a large snowman began to move. The arms popped out and then the snowman stood up. It was Hisakawa Aya inside the snowman costume! After dancing around on the stage with a couple other snowmen, all of the snowmen went off the stage, and Hisakawa Aya appeared in a short, short white one piece dress and began to sing Jinsei, Matsuriya. Aya also was wearing a white hat and short white boots.

    For Moonlight Densetsu, Aya came onto the stage doing a cosplay of Mizuno Ami! She wore the same school outfit as Mizuno Ami from the Sailor Moon anime. Then for In The Groove, Aya put on sunglasses. One of the guitarists (male) dressed up as Sailor Mercury too..

    For Merry Christmas and the rest of the concert, Aya wore a very fancy white/light purple evening gown style dress. She also had up hair up.

    For the encore, Aya came out in a Y-shirt and short shorts, and wore a cap.

    During the fast and lively songs, Aya was bouncing around and was dancing a lot. The crowd was standing up and cheering for her. But for the slow songs and during the talk sections, the crowd sat down, so it didn't end up to be an all-standing concert.

    As expected, Aya did make some mistakes during her songs. (^_^;) She even shouted out, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake!" in the middle of the songs.

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