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  • Mamono Hunter Yohko 5

    Mamono Hunter Yohko 5
    Chiyoda Koukaidou (Kudanshita)
    16:30 - 18:30
    Hisakawa Aya () [voice actress]
    Yoshida Konami (ĸ) [voice actress]
    Mutsuki Juuzou (ϻ) [director]
    Miyao Takeshi () [character design]
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    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.06.21
    • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.06.23
    • Report version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.11

    On June 19, 1994, the Mamono Hunter Yohko 5 event took place at the Chiyoda Koukaidou in Kudanshita. There were two sessions that day, at 13:30 and 16:30. The Chiyoda Koukaidou has a large auditorium on the 9th floor that seats around 900 people.

    I went in with Peter as Anime UK, so I only went to the 16:30 session. (I could have gone to the 13:30 one, as some friends had extra tickets. ^_^;)
    There are some pictures of Hisakawa Aya and Yoshida Konami in Anime UK issue 16.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • short talk by the staff and cast guests
    • Mamono Hunter Yohko 5
    • 10 minute intermission
    • Hisakawa Aya and Yoshida Konami Final Concert
    The emcee for the event was Mr. Hattori of Toho.

    short talk by the staff and cast guests

    The guests that came were Mutsuki Juuzou, Miyao Takeshi, Yoshida Konami, and Hisakawa Aya. They lined up on the stage, and said a short welcome message.

    Mutsuki: Thank you for coming in this rain. I am Mutsuki Juuzou. Please enjoy yourself today.

    Miyao: It has been five years since Yohko began. Probably some of you have been with us from the beginning. Thank you very much. We tried very hard on this one. Please enjoy.

    Yoshida: I'm Yoshida Konami, nice to meet you all. Let's have a great time today, even in this rain.

    Hisakawa: Hello everyone!
    [Everyone yelled back, "Hello!"]
    Hisakawa: You older friends learn very fast. I'm Hisakawa Aya, nice to meet you!

    Then the emcee asked each some questions.

    Hattori: There were claims that part 1 was ecchi by the girls, and there were claims that part 2 wasn't ecchi by the boys. Which did you want to do?
    Mutsuki: Personally, I like ecchi. Ecchi has its good points, but this story (5) is not so ecchi.
    Hattori: But the transformation scene is in it three times.

    Hattori: Please tell us about the youma Tokima.
    Mutsuki: He is the powerful youma that can manipulate time. He has 107 wounds on his body, one by each mamono hunter, as he had fought all of the previous ones. When he is about to lose, he escapes into some other dimension. Yohko is the 108th mamono hunter.

    Hattori: You design unique characters, such as Yohko with her hair and Azusa with her ribbon. What are the key points that you try to do carefully when you design characters?
    Miyao: I'm not trying for unique. I just want to make the first impression important. I want to make it a design where you can tell what kind of girl she is by just one glance. When I heard that the 107 mamono hunters will appear, I was worried that I had to draw all of them. But there was help by the staff and it turned out well. There are red heads, blondes, etc..

    Hattori: The first mamono hunter Haruka and a 16 year old Madoka appear in this one?
    Miyao: The first one is the same age as Yohko. But I made her more mature, as she was the first mamono hunter. The 16 year old Madoka was hard to do. I didn't think about what people of those days wore and such. I just did a lively girl.

    Hattori: For Mamono Hunter Yohko you had done the anime, image clip, songs, and such. What are your impressions?
    Yoshida: At the previous event, I did a cosplay, and I remember that well. Even today there are girls who did cosplay.
    [There were two girls in the audience who dressed up as Yohko and Azusa.]
    Yoshida: I'm happy when others dress up like this for us. When I got the role of Azusa, they had the event right away so I was very worried. They gave me a costume, which was a mini skirt. Although Azusa and Yohko are cute and would look good in a mini skirt, I was worried about myself. But it turned out all right. In one scene where I was supposed to clean up, I was holding a broom and wearing a pink ribbon. Although I am 2? years old (^_^), my manager saw me and said that I look like a junior high student. So I remember that.

    Hattori: In Mamono Hunter Yohko 5, you were taken over by Tokima and had to fight against Yohko. Your impression on Mamono Hunter Yohko?
    Yoshida: When I first heard that I would do Mamono Hunter Yohko, I was looking forward to doing the fighting scenes. I wanted to fight along with Yohko against the youma. But in this one, Azusa did more of the fighting where she looked for holes. Also she helped get Yohko and Haruka back.

    Hattori: It's been about 1.5 years since the Mamono Hunter Yohko 2 event. Are you going to mess up today?
    Hisakawa: I think is should be all right..
    Hattori: But in the first session you missed the lyrics.
    Hisakawa: Since events are live, there are happenings to it.

    Hattori: Looking back over Mamono Hunter Yohko?
    Hisakawa: It was a long five years. There are lots of memories.. too many. It also made me grow as a seiyuu.

    Hattori: You're also doing a duet?
    Yoshida: Yes, the Mamono Hunter Yohko 5 CD will go on sale 8/24. There are drama and songs.
    Hisakawa: Also the Mamono Hunter Yohko 5 ED single will go on sale 6/22.

    Then Yoshida Konami and Hisakawa Aya started taking over and asked some questions.

    Yoshida: How do you feel about doing Yohko for five years?
    Hattori: It was great being surrounded by fantastic staff and cast. I think it turned out well. This was my first as a producer, so I have lots of memories.

    Yoshida: I hear that there is going to be a Mook coming out.
    Miyao: It should be ready by the end of July. When the previous one came out last April, we just had to collect the pictures from the previous episodes. But with this one, they asked me to draw all of the pictures. I told them that there wasn't anything else to draw. So I got ideas from others, and was able to draw it. There is a scene where Yohko and Azusa were doing an after recording session. Also there are many pictures of the daily life of Yohko, so there aren't many scenes of Yohko in the China dress. Also Gakken told me that I had to draw a shower scene, so I did. But it is not that ecchi.

    Hisakawa: Mutsuki-san, what about Sotsugyou?
    Yoshida: Also Yuugen Kaisha?
    Mutsuki: Yes, they are both coming out from other places. In Sotsugyou [Graduation], Hisakawa-san is doing one of the voices.

    Then the guests said their final comments to wrap up this part.

    Mutsuki: I'll say in behalf of the entire staff, thank you very much.

    Miyao: I never thought Yohko would last this long. I don't know what will happen in the future, but if Yohko can come back it will be because of all of you. If that happens I would like to try something new. Thank you very much.

    Yoshida: You're going to watch Yohko 5 now. It's raining all day today, and it's turning into a storm. It's like a "Yohko that calls a storm". Please enjoy it.

    Hisakawa: This is the final Yohko and after that it will be the final concert. Since it is the end, anything goes. Please really enjoy it.

    Mamono Hunter Yohko 5

    Before showing Mamono Hunter Yohko 5, they showed some scenes from Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna and Bounty Dog. (around 5 minutes)

    Yuna was very cute. Space battles with powered suits, cute girls, etc..

    [Yohko 5 was great. I think it was the best one. - H.Doi]

    Hisakawa Aya and Yoshida Konami Final Concert

    At around 17:50, the Final Concert began.

    Hisakawa Aya came out onto the stage wearing a yellow one piece dress, with a big bow in front. She sang Mangetsu no Shiwaza and So Bad Boy.

    Aya yelled out during the music part between verses, "Since this is the end, anything goes! Please make this a day of good memories."

    After the two songs, Hisakawa Aya talked for a bit. Some of the things that she said were:

    "It's been 5 years since Yohko began. At events and such, I've always messed up. I'm always honest about myself and say what I want to. I don't want to make myself up like an idol. I want to be natural. I want to go after my own dreams. I have pride as a seiyuu."

    Aya started to get tears in her eyes, so she called Yoshida Konami to the stage. Yoshida Konami came out in a red one piece dress, with red shoes, and white ribbons in her hair. Then they talked for a bit. They said that they first met each other at Mamono Hunter Yohko. Hisakawa Aya also mentioned that Konami's father and mother were in the audience.

    The new Mamono Hunter Yohko CD will come out on 8/24. It contains songs and drama. The drama will mostly be at school and such. So it will not contain much fighting. Also their first duet will be on the CD.

    Hisakawa Aya was trying to come up with something clever to say about the release date, 8/24. But she couldn't think of something. Then Yoshida Konami said 8 divided by 2 equals 4.

    Aya and Konami then sang their duet song Muteki na Futari. [Plenty of cute dances and movements!]

    After the song, Konami left the stage to change clothes. Aya stayed and talked some more about herself. Her first single will go on sale 7/1. Also there will be a making of video as a present. Usually they use home videos for these, but they even used some real TV cameras to take the pictures. She was choosing the pictures to use in the video, and there was too much that she wanted to show. There was about one hour, but they have to cut it to 15 minutes. Aya said that if there are lots of requests, maybe they can make a real video.

    Then Yoshida Konami came back on stage to sing her solo song, Hatsukoi ha Kanawanai. Konami was wearing a white top, a purple/blue skirt with lacy frills, and white shoes. During the song, the background lighting was such that it made it seem like the clouds where flowing. [Very nice!]

    After the song, Konami talked a little bit about herself. She was DJing a radio show on Tokai radio. [which is too far away to pick up in Tokyo] She will also appear in Metal Fighter Miku, a new TV show starting on 7/8 at 7:30 AM on TV Tokyo.

    Then Hisakawa Aya came back on stage to sing the ED song of Yohko 5. The single is going on sale 6/22, and it's called Ganbaru Watashiga Suki. Aya was wearing a long sleeve striped shirt, jeans, white gym shoes, and a baseball-type hat.

    After the song, Aya called Konami, who had changed clothes again. Konami was wearing a pink shirt, short flower dress, and red shoes. She had tied her hair into pig tails with pink ribbons. Just as they were going to sing the last song, Mr. Hattori came out on to the stage and interrupted them. Then a lot of the staff and other people came to give flowers to the two girls. Aya and Konami started to get tears. People from the audience called out, "Ganbare!"

    Then Aya and Konami sang Koi no Coup d'etat Go Go!. The slow part at the beginning was sung by Aya alone. She started crying, and wiped her eyes with her sleeves. When the fast part began, everyone on the first floor stood up. They were very hyped up! (The people on the second floor were still sitting.) In the music part between the verses, the girls threw streamers into the crowd.

    After the song, Aya was crying a lot, and the curtains came down. But everyone was still standing and yelled out, "Encore!" immediately.

    After a while, the curtains went up and they sang Muteki na Futari. Then during the music part between the verses, the girls threw little rubber (maybe vinyl?) balls into the audience. [I think these balls were signed, or had drawings.]

    The event ended with this song.

    [Hisakawa Aya event reports]

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