Seiyuu Collection - 1997.01.07

Event Seiyuu Collection
Location Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou
Date 1997.01.07
Time 18:30 - 20:30
Cost 2000 yen
Guests Tomizawa Michie (ҷ)
Honda Chieko (¿ηû)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.08

The event flowed as follows.

  • talk
  • song
  • questions
  • kokuhaku time
  • guest
  • game


The emcee of the event was Punch UFO. After a show talk by Punch, Michie came out wearing a kimono.

Punch UFO and Michie talked about many things..

[15 minutes into the event..]

Michie was feeling happy because there were 4 girls in the audience. Punch was saying that the crowd was mostly guys. Michie asked if there were people from far away. Punch said that there was a person from Norway. Michie though he was joking.. then she spotted the man from Norway.

Michie: You know him?
Punch: We are all friends. He came last time, and the time before that.
Michie: Do you want to join Yoshimoto? Did you come to Japan to study comedy?
Punch: No.
Michie: Do you understand what we are saying?
Punch then asked if his gag was good enough to be used world-wide.. Then he did a silly gag.

Michie: May I have your name please? [in English]
Mats: Mats Nielsen.

Michie: The last Sailor Moon recording will take place on January 17..

Michie will keep doing Crayon Shin-chan. Also Michie would be in a NHK drama this year.

They showed a video of some videos that are coming out soon. (Genma Sappouchou, a live action movie [scifi ninja fighting and ecchi movie], and Seiyuu Hakusho, Michie singing and dancing.)

When filming the dance scene for the Seiyuu Hakusho movie, they started at 8 AM and it went on until around 4 AM the next day! Since it was filmed outdoors, Michie said that it was very cold. But the editing was more difficult, as it took two 14 hour sessions, and Michie was with them for that too. The song was a new song that Michie wrote for this video.


Then Michie sang the Sakura Taisen OP Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan and the Kanzaki Sumire image song Nayamashi Manbo. Before singing the Sumire song, Michie "taught" the crowd the cheers.


After the songs, they read some questions from the audience.

Michie [about Sailor Moon ending]: It's been 5 years. It's hard to say if it was long or short. It still didn't hit me that it's ending. Maybe I'll still keep going to TAVAC even after it ends. Maybe after a while, the sadness will hit me.

Michie was with JAC (Japan action club) for one year, but she never got to do any movies/TV while she was there. She landed a role in Southern Cross, so she couldn't take a role in a TV series.

Q: The happiest moment in your life?
Michie: It's still to come.. There have been many happy things, such as being hugged and kissed by Michael Jackson, but I think there are still happy things to come.

Then Michie talked about her experiences with Michael Jackson.

kokuhaku time

The next corner was the kokuhaku time (confession) corner. In the questionnaire, there were questions: in what situation would you like to pick up Michie, and what would you say? There were three people chosen to go up to the stage to "act out" what they wrote on the questionnaire.

The first person chosen was Mr. Toshio Ono. The situation was "on the last spaceship of mankind".. He was supposed to read what he wrote, but he said some nice words to Michie. Then Punch told him that he had to read what he wrote, so Toshio said, "Please cooperate with me for making our descendants."

The next person's situation was "looking at the stars in a planetarium".

The third person's situation was "on a snowy Christmas on Long Island". The words were, "Will you become my goddess." After saying in Japanese, Punch asked him to say it in English. But the guy didn't know.. so "someone" in the audience told him the correct English. But the guy still couldn't say it, so an American who was in the audience (better known as the friend of the person from Norway) went onto the stage to "perform".

Michie: Do you like anime?
RK: Yes.
Michie: Which ones?
RK: The ones you are in.. Sailor Moon and Crayon Shin-chan.

Then Michie gave presents to everyone who participated.

guest corner

In the guest corner, Honda Chieko, who was a long time friend of Michie's came. They have been friends for around 18 years. They were in the same seiyuu school.

They worked together in [some anime, I couldn't make out]. Then they worked together in Kimagure Orange Road, as twin sisters.

Michie went off to change clothes.. and Chieko talked about herself a little bit. But then Chieko told some of the stories about Michie and Michael. Chieko had been with Michie for most of the times when Michie had gone to see Michael Jackson.

Michie came back on stage wearing a white shirt and white pants.

game corner

The crowd was divided up into the Tomizawa team and the Honda team. Half of the crowd was the Tomizawa team, and the other half was the Honda team. Five people were chosen from each team to participate, and everyone on the winning team would get a present from Michie.

The first game was the pick the victim. The five people had to eat sushi, one of which had hot wasabi in it. The other team had to try to pick out which member ate that one. Michie's team guessed correctly, and Chieko's team missed.

The second game was the catch the marshmallow. Michie and Chieko tossed marshmallows to the team members, and the people had to catch it in their mouths. Michie's team caught 3, and Chieko's team caught 1.

The final game was arm wrestling. Each team chose a member of the other team that looked the weakest. The two weakest members arm wrestled, and Michie's team member won.

So Michie's team won, and everyone on Michie's team (the right half of the crowd, looking from the stage) got a signed picture of Michie wearing a kimono.

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