Comic Market 46

Event Comic Market 46
Location Harumi
Date 1994.08.07 - 1994.08.08
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Cost free
  • Report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.09
  • Report version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.11

I went to my first Comic Market on 8/8.

It was HOT! It was crowded. It was HOT!! It was very tiring.. Most of the air conditioned buildings were hotter than outside. (;_;)

Since I went as a seller for Kimagure Productions (located in B building, table RU-46a), I only had a few hours to go look around to buy doujinshi. There were 5 or 6 buildings, and I'm sure it's impossible to cover one building in one hour. Since Comic Market is only 6 hours, it's impossible to look at everything..

I brought lots of money and wanted to buy lots of books, but I could only manage to buy around 50 to 60 books. (At least I was able to carry it back.. ^_^;) I needed more time!

The books I got were Megami-sama, Chacha, Sailor Moon, Ranma, and Tenchi. Some details later..

There were so many Chacha books this year, both normal and ecchi. Lots of Sailor Moon as usual. But not much Megami-sama or Taiho. (There never was that many.. ever.)

I even saw a Shiratori Yuri book. (Shiratori Yuri is a voice actress.)

Half of the building that we were in had doujinshi based on games. Since most of those look the same to me, I couldn't tell what games they were from. If I had more time, I would have looked more closely at them.

I went to a building where they had all of the computer software, but it was almost all PC98 image file collections, mostly ecchi ones. I didn't see any of Aa Megami-sama that I liked. Most of the images were Sailor Moon girls, or original generic cute naked girls.

I got some badges (color drawings of characters which were laminated). These were 200 to 300 yen and pretty nice! Many groups had put out badges. I got badges of the three megami-sama, Chacha (in princess form), Natsumi and Miyuki.. I should have gotten more, so I went back later. But they were sold out. (;_;) I should have gotten some Sailor Senshi ones. Most of the badges were Sailor Senshi ones. One group had very nice badges of Sasami (as Pretty Sami) and several Nuku Nuku poses.. But when I went there to get some in the afternoon, they were sold out.

After getting the Bell-chan badge, I went around with that and my Inoue Kikuko ML badge on.. (^_^;)

I also brought my camera (was heavy). But I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the cosplay girls. Anyway I didn't see any girls dressed as the megami-sama or Taiho girls. There were lots of Sailor Senshi, several Chacha (both big and small), and lots of Street Fighter, Garou Densetsu, etc game girls.

I needed more time. Since this was my first Comic Market, I wasn't experienced and didn't know how to go around the tables as well as I would have liked. Next time I will do better. (^_^)

Yes, I filled out the application for Kimagure Productions for Comic Market 47.

books that I got

The following are some of the good books that I got, that I will keep for myself.

  • Oumu (B5, 60 pages, 800 yen)
    [Megami, Yadamon, Ozanari Dungeon]
  • Megami ni Kawatte Oshiokiyo (B5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
    [Megami, Sailor Moon]
  • Megami Land vol 2 (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
  • Innocent Love (B5, 28 pages, 300 yen)
  • Koi no Housoku Megamikkusu vol 3 (B5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
  • Panic Chacha 2 (B5, 60 pages, 500 yen)
  • Happy Point (A5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
  • Minnade Chacha da! Deluxe (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
  • Getsumen Oneesama (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
    Morishita Kaname
    [Sailor Moon]
  • Getsuyoubi ha Usagi Tobi (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    Morishita Kaname
    [Sailor Moon]
  • Tenchi Muyou! Tsuu (B5, 82 pages, 800 yen)
    [Tenchi Muyou]
  • Taka's (B5, 68 pages, 500 yen)
    [UY, Ranma, Tenchi]
  • Taka's 2 (B5, 68 pages, 500 yen)
    [UY, Ranma, Megami]
The following are some of the ecchi books that I got, that I probably won't keep for myself.. (^_^;;)

  • Arigataki Shiawase II (B5, 44 pages, 600 yen)
    [Megami, features Skuld]
  • Koujou Shukka (B5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
  • IF7 (B5, 42 pages, 700 yen)

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