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  • Comic Market 48

    Comic Market 48
    1995.08.18 - 1995.08.20
    10:00 - 16:00
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.08.25

    I went to my third Comic Market on 08/20. Comic Market was three days this year, and I only went to the third day.

    It was HOT! It was crowded! (so nothing is new..)

    Since I went as a seller for Kimagure Productions (located in higashi-kan building, table T-28a), I only had a few hours to go look around to buy doujinshi.

    I brought lots of money and wanted to buy lots of books, but I could only manage to buy 79 books, 67 badges, 33 stickers, 3 packets of stationary, 1 fan, and 1 art board. (At least I was able to carry it back.. ^_^;) I needed more time! (..again..)

    The books I got were Megami-sama, Ranma, Tenchi, Wedding Peach, Rayearth, and Marmalade Boy. Details later.. The badges that I got were Megami-sama, Sailor Moon, Rayearth, Buurin, and Wedding Peach. The stickers that I got were Megami Paradise, Megami-sama, Yuna, and Moldiver.

    I only got to look through half of the building that I was in. I didn't get to go to any of the other buildings.. because it was hot and it was crowded. Fortunately there were a lot of Aa Megami-sama stuff near my table. (^_^)

    There seemed to be a lot more cosplay than before. There was a nice Nurse Angel Ririka, many Megami-sama, and lots of other game characters. I didn't see many Sailor Senshi in the building where I was. I guess they were in the Sailor Moon building. I didn't take my camera this time because I knew I would be carrying too many books. (^_^;)

    There were quite a few seiyuu books this year.. I hear, but I didn't see any. The seiyuu groups were selling on the first day. I did get my hands on the new Kouda Mariko book though. (^_^)

    books that I got

    The following are some of the good books that I got, that I will most likely keep for myself.

    • Tenshi no Uta (A5, 36 pages, 400 yen)
    • Heki Nan (A5, 28 pages, 400 yen)
    • Wake up! 2 (A5, 60 pages, 500 yen)
    • After Carnival (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
    • RC Selection (B5, 36 pages, full color, 800 yen)
      [Megami, Sailor Moon, Chacha, Pretty Sami]
    • Bunbuku Curry Rice Special (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
      Light Box
      [Megami, Taiho]
    • Kyuukyoku Hakai Program 2 (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
      Light Box
    • Kyuukyoku Hakai Program 3 (B5, 64 pages, 500 yen)
      Light Box
      [Megami, Taiho]
    • Kyuukyoku Hakai Program 4 (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
      Light Box
    • Megami ga Hohoemu Youni (B5, 36 pages, 800 yen)
      Mega-Mix KC
    • Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo (B5, 60 pages, 800 yen)
      Mega-Mix KC
    • Megami Shoukan (B5, 64 pages, 800 yen)
      Mega-Mix KC
    • Ichiriki (B5, 24 pages, 300 yen)
    • Fujishima 4 (B5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    • Fujishima 5 (B5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    • Style Ah! My Goddess (B5, 60 pages, 800 yen)
    • Hadashi no Megami (B5, 50 pages, 500 yen)
    • Dreams (B5, 60 pages, 700 yen)
    • Aa Megami-sama 1.5 (B5, 32 pages, 500 yen)
    • Aozora Humming! 3 (B5, 56 pages, 800 yen)
      [Aozora Shoujotai, Hummingbird, Iron Leaguer, Youkoso Yohko]
    • Humming 1/3 (B5, 68 pages, 700 yen)
    • Panic Chacha 3 (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
      Studio Mayhare
    • Atashitteba Chou Okosama (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
      [Marmalade Boy]
    • Jurai no Otome Tachi (B5, 104 pages, 1000 yen)
      TFC Kikaku
    • Taka's 4 (B5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
    • Pure Jam Final (B5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
    • Ranma Ranma Ranma (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    • Half and , Half (B5, 118 pages, 800 yen)
      [Ranma, UY]
    • Whatever 3 (B5, 88 pages, 800 yen)
      [Ranma, UY]
    • Ninjin House SP (B5, 68 pages, 800 yen)
    • Hoopla! Eternally Tours (B5, 32 pages, 500 yen)
    The following are some of the ecchi books that I got, that I probably won't keep for myself.. (^_^;;)

    • Materials! (B5, 24 pages, 500 yen)
    • Zettai Megami (B5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
    • Arigataki Shiawase IV (B5, 44 pages, 600 yen)
    • Buhi Suki (B5, 40 pages, 700 yen)
      [Tonde Buurin]
    • TC Leo (B5, 72 pages, 1000 yen)
      [Wedding Peach, Tonde Buurin]

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