Comic Market 49

Event Comic Market 49
Location Harumi
Date 1995.12.29 - 1995.12.30
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Cost free
  • Pre-Event report, version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.25
  • Post-Event report, version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.12.31

Comic Market 49 took place on 12/29 and 12/30, 1995. In general 12/29 had stuff aimed at girls (pretty boys and gays), and 12/30 had stuff aimed at boys (pretty girls and ecchi stuff). But the seiyuu stuff was on 12/29.

My group (Kimagure Production) was in the East building on 12/30. [location Q-32B, page 576 in the catalog]

pre-comic market preparations

Scanning through the comic market catalog..

On 12/30, the A building will be shounen original stories and some other shounen miscellaneous stuff. C-ARTS is in "katakana-O" 26 A. C-ARTS makes the very nice Aaa Megami-sama books.

The West building will have shoujo original stories and JUNE related stuff. You won't catch me near there.. (^_^;)

The New building first floor will have game related stuff and doujin software. Lots and lots and lots of ecchi looking things..

The New building second floor will have lots of stuff, that I'm not particularly interested in. (^_^;)

The B building will have original stories aimed a "guys" and RPG related stuff. Ecchi Nakoruru, ecchi Cocoa, ecchi Sasami..

The South building will be Sailor Moon. It's not that big a building.

The East building will have fighting games, non-fighting games, and magical girls. I'll be spending almost all of my time here. Maybe I won't leave this building at all. (^_^;;)

There seems to be a lot of Nakoruru stuff.. Also plenty of Chun Li, Vampire Hunter, and such. At least 20 or so groups have some Puyo Puyo stuff. Lots of cute Aruru and Carbunkle.. I wish they have some cute Witch and Harpy. Also there is Kirby, Doukyuusei, Twinbee, and Toki Memo. Lots of Toki Memo!

Finally in the magical girls section: Akazukin Chacha, Wedding Peach, Nurse Angel Ririka, Tenchi Muyou, Mahoujin Guru Guru, UY/Ranma, Tenchi Muyou, Sazan Eyes, Aa Megami-sama, Hime-chan no Ribbon, Minky Momo, Creamy Mami, Pelsha, Sweet Mint, Humminbird, Compiler, Ryuu Knight, Rayearth, Nurse Angel Ririka, Saint Tail, Silent Moebius.. [Not all of these are magical girls, but it's the closest genre for them to be put in.]

post-comic market report

I probably spent the least amount of money among my four times at comic market. I only got 55 books, 61 badges, 2 posters, 13 calendars, and 7 packets of stationary. Maybe I'm becoming more picky.. or I was just concentrating too hard on Saint Tail. (^_^;) Also I started looking too late, so I missed out on all of the good Tokimeki Memorial books and badges that I would have wanted.

I only looked through half of the east building. It was too crowded elsewhere and I was too tired..

There were a lot of calendars this time. I hadn't noticed so many in the past. One of the calendars by TFC Kikaku was a A4 sized, glossy color, 28 page beauty. Each month had 2 pages (picture on one page, calendar on the other page). The pictures were of El Hazard, Bakuretsu Hunter, Yuna, Tenchi Muyou, Megami Paradise, Aa Megami-sama, Vampire Hunter, Ginrei, Sailor Moon, and others. There were also colorful desktop calendars of Aa Megami-sama and Tenchi Muyou. I also got a 4 page color A4 sized calendar of Saint Tail.

The books that I got were mostly Saint Tail and Megami-sama. Unfortunately there were too many ecchi Saint Tail.. (;_;) There were a lot of Tenchi and Chacha books but I didn't go for them this time.

There was plenty of cosplay as usual.

books that I got

The following are some of the good books that I got, that I will most likely keep for myself.

  • Tondemonaku Buurin (A5, 28 pages, 400 yen)
    [Tonde Buurin]
    "Buurin star power make up!" (^_^;)
  • Kimi no Hitomi wo Taiho suru! (A5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    Saint Tail on the cover; several manga and a text adventure game inside.
  • Shiawase na Yoru (A5, 22 pages, 400 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    older Meimi on the cover; character information and some manga inside.
  • Trick or Treat (A5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    colorful cover with Saint Tail, SD Seria, SD Asuka Jr; very cutely drawn manga inside.
  • Hekinan Sango- (A5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    Skuld on the cover; several 4 koma manga inside.
  • Fuyu no Mahou (A5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    cute Skuld on the cover; super cute Bell-chan and others on the back cover; some nice manga inside.
  • Innocent Idol (B5, 20 pages, 300 yen)
    [Idol Project]
    comes with A4 color poster of Idol Project.
  • Iezu no I Love You (B5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    Meimi on the cover, Asuka Jr and Seira (cute) on the back cover; manga of Meimi and Asuka Jr inside.
  • Magical 1 (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail, Chacha, Wedding Peach]
    Saint Tail, Wedding Peach, Chacha on the cover (funny characters); several manga inside.
  • Tail Tale (B5, 34 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    cute Meimi on the cover.
  • Cartet Tail (B5, 26 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail]
    cute Seira and Meimi on the cover; several very cute SD style pictures inside.
  • St. Milk (B5, 54 pages, 500 yen)
    [Saint Tail, Chacha, Ririka, Sailor Moon]
    cute Meimi and Saint Tail on the cover; Nurse Angel on the back cover; several manga inside.
  • - Aya - (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    this is an illustration book.
  • Dobon (B5, 100 pages, 800 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    Belldandy in a bodicon outfit on the cover; several long manga inside.
  • Vista Vision Bless You (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    monochrome Belldandy on the cover; several manga inside.
  • Sincerly (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    Belldandy playing tennis on the cover; a few manga and a story inside.
  • Tsukamaranaiyo! (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
    Mega-Mix KC
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    Skuld and a little dog on the cover; Belldandy on the back cover; several manga inside.
  • Doki Doki (B5, 28 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    closeup of Belldandy on the cover; manga and character impressions inside.
  • Quatsch! (B5, 24 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    nice color Belldandy on the cover; slight SD pictures of Keiichi, Belldandy, Peorth, Skuld, and Urd on the back cover.
  • Shinpi no Sekai he! (B5, 78 pages, 800 yen)
    TFC Kikaku
    [El Hazard]
    beautiful color cover of El Hazard characters; many manga and other things inside.
  • Aa Misaki-sama (B5, 84 pages, 800 yen)
    TFC Kikaku
    beautiful color cover of Misaki, SD Aeka, SD Ryoko, SD Sasami; Pretty Sami on the back cover; manga manga and other things inside.
  • Ninjin House Sono 3 (B5, 40 pages, 500 yen)
    Ryoko on the cover; many manga inside.
The following are some of the ecchi books that I got, that I probably won't keep for myself.. (^_^;;)

  • Fall Down (A5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    cute Belldandy on the cover.
  • Megaten (B5, 58 pages, 700 yen)
    [Megami Paradise]
    very cute Riris and Rurubell cover.
  • Mega Mix (B5, 20 pages, 500 yen)
    [Aa Megami-sama]
    cute Skuld on the cover.

badges that I got

I got the following 61 badges.

  • Kaitou Saint Tail - 17
    (6 Seira, 3 Meimi, 8 Saint Tail)
  • Wedding Peach - 10
    (one set of 4 fighter angels, one set of 3 fighter angels, one set of Momoko, Yuri, Hinagiku in wedding dresses)
  • Aa Megami-sama - 9
    (3 Belldandy, 4 Skuld, 2 Urd)
  • Nurse Angel Ririka SOS - 7
    (4 funny Ririka, 3 nurse angel)
  • Ginga Ojousama Sensetsu Yuna - 4
    (2 Yuna, Yuuri, Polylina)
  • Puyo Puyo - 4
    (2 Aruru, 2 Carbunkle)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth - 3
    (Tatora, Taata, Mokona)
  • Slayers - 2
    (Rina, Amelia)
  • Sailor Moon - 2
    (Ami, Minako)
  • Tobe Isami - 1
    (Isami riding a bicycle)
  • Tenchi Muyou - 1

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