SAI Live Session

Event SAI Live Session
Location Live Inn Magic
Date 2004.06.19
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Cost 3000 yen
Guests Cosplay Unit SAI
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.06.22

This was an event to introduce some of the second class members of the cosplay unit SAI. There are 16 girls in SAI, but only 9 participated in this event.

The girls who participated were: Oda Yumiko (おだゆみ子), Una (うな。), Yuuki Haruka (ユウキハルカ), Fuminyanko, Ruka (琉香), Yuuki Makoto (祐城真), Nishikawa Makoto (西川真琴), Emiri (絵美梨), and Kohara Yui (小原ゆい). This event was produced by Oda Yumiko.

Each girl cosplayed, and sang two songs.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Oda Yumiko (Asuka, Evangelion) "Zankoku na Tenshi no These"
  • introduction of second class girls
  • Fuminyanko (yukata) sang two songs
  • Yuuki Makoto (Final Fantasy X-2) sang two Matsuura Aya songs
  • Nishikawa Makoto (Tokimemo 2) "Yuuki no Kami-sama"
  • Kohara Yui (Cutey Honey) "Cutey Honey" and "Majokko Megu"
  • Emiri (black dress) sang "A Boy" and "Taiyou no Season"
  • Nishikawa Makoto (Ruri, Nadesico) sang one song (probably Nadesico related)
  • Yuuki Haruka (Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi) sang a Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi song and one other song
  • Ruka (Final Fantasy X-2) sang two Final Fantasy songs (I think)
  • Una (Kaho, Sister Princess) "Love Destiny"
  • presents corner
  • Una (Beauty, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) "God Mars"
  • Oda Yumiko (white lolicon outfit) "Bon Voyage"

Non-flash photos allowed during the event.

Kikouden Misa came to watch the event, and was called up onto the stage for a little bit at the end.

After the event, there was 30 minutes of "lobby time" where some girls sold goods, and others just hung around to have their pictures taken.

[Yuuki Haruka] [Nishikawa Makoto]

photo notes

I took 942 photos with my 10D, with 328 of them worth keeping. The photo breakdowns per girl were as follows.

Oda Yumiko 112
Una 51
Yuuki Haruka 31
Fuminyanko 20
Ruka 5
Emiri 29
Yuuki Makoto 43
Nishikawa Makoto 27
Kohara Yui 10
Kikouden Misa 12
[Emiri] [Ruka]

[Una] [Una]

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