Little Witch Revolution vol 2

Event Little Witch Revolution vol 2
Location Club Dorothy (Ekota)
Date 2004.10.31
Time 18:00 - 22:30
Cost 3000 yen
Guests Oda Yumiko
Yuuki Haruka
Ehime Mikan
Urabe Kei
Kurapika Mariya
Kisaragi Kaoru
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.11.02

This was the third event by the cosplay group Little Witch. Although the name of the event is "vol 2" there was a second event called Tsukimi Party.

There are 10 girls in Little Witch, but only 8 of them appeared in this event. Urabe Kei (うらべけい), Oda Yumiko (おだゆみ子), fuminyanko, Kurapika Mariya (暗光まりや), Junko (じゅんこ。), Ehime Mikan (愛媛みかん), Yuuki Haruka (ユウキハルカ), Kisaragi Kaoru (如月郁). Kiyomu was a secret guest.

The event was basically songs by girls doing cosplay, sometimes as the characters in the anime of the songs they were singing. This took place in a small live house, and there were over 50 people who came to watch. It was an "all standing" event, but there were a couple rows of small folding seats in the front.

Since Oda Yumiko had reserved a front row seat for me, I sat in the front, slightly off to the right. It was good for watching, but since I was so low it wasn't a good angle for taking pictures. If it was less crowded I would have liked to stand in the back, but since it was packed there's no way I could have taken pictures from the back.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Yuuki Haruka (3 songs)
  • Kisaragi Kaoru (2 songs)
  • Oda Yumiko (3 songs)
  • Ehime Mikan (1 song)
  • Ehime Mikan and Yuuki Haruka (1 song)
  • Kiyomu (3 songs)
  • Urabe Kei and Junko (1 song)
  • Urabe Kei (1 song)
  • Fuminyanko and Oda Yumiko (1 song)
  • Fuminyanko (2 songs)
  • Junko (3 songs)
  • Kurapika Mariya (3 songs)
  • [encore] everyone "The Peace"
  • [encore] Oda Yumiko announcement and 2 songs
  • final messages
Yuuki Haruka opened the event by singing two Under 17 songs and one Di Gi Charat Nyo song. Haruka was wearing a white and black maid-like outfit.

Kaoru was wearing a frilly nurse outfit, and she sang two songs.

Oda Yumiko was wearing a black maid outfit, and she sang three songs. She sang one song that I didn't know, one Under 17 song, and her own song "Non Stop Bus". That last song was a song that she wrote the previous year, and released on CD. But this CD is unavailable now.

Ehime Mikan cosplayed Usada Hikaru and sang "Welcome". Then Yuuki Haruka came out cosplaying Digiko, and they sang "Party Night" together, trying to do some of the same moves as DUP.

Kiyomu was a "secret guest". She sang three songs.

Then Urabe Kei and Junko sang one song together, and Kei sang one song solo.

The next song was by Fuminyanko and Oda Yumiko together (a song by Under 17). Yumiko was wearing a light green, long sleeve turtleneck shirt, a checkered school girl style mini skirt, and long white socks. Then Fuminyanko sang two songs solo.

Junko sang three songs, and Kurapika Mariya sang three songs to end the event.

But then there was a call for an encore, and everyone sang "The Peace".

Then Yumiko made an annoucement. She said that she was going to quit Little Witch. She was going to join a production to become an anime/game singer, so she wouldn't be able to sing at these events any more. Yumiko would have to stop doing her cosplay and companion work also. Her new name would be Oda Chieri.

Since she will have to go to singing lessons, and write new songs, and get used to her new life, Yumiko will be "disappearing" for a while. But she said she wants to come back as a real singer (at least for the otaku market).

Then with many of the other girls crying (especially her close friend Fuminyanko), Yumiko sang two songs.

After Yumiko's songs, everyone said their good bye messages, and a few other girls said that they were going to quit Little Witch too. Then at the very end, Haruka read a message saying that the group Little Witch will disband!

photo notes

I used my 20D and took 572 photos with 169 of them worth keeping. I had brought my 70-200 F2.8L lens, thinking that I would be taking pictures from the back. But since I sat in the front row, I only used my 24-85 F3.5-4.5 lens. I used my 550EX flash too.

The number of photos per girl was as follows.

Oda Yumiko 97
Yuuki Haruka 64
Fuminyanko 6
Urabe Kei 3
Kurapika Mariya 2
Ehime Mikan 2
Junko 1
Kisaragi Kaoru 1

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