Layer's Paradise Idol Cosplayer Stage

Event Layer's Paradise
Location Tokyo Dome City Super Hero Show Stage
Date 2005.05.21
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Cost 1600 yen (advance ticket)
500 yen (camera registration)
Guests Cosplay Unit SAI
Yanagi Mao
Polka Dot

  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.05.24

Layer's Paradise was a cosplay event held at Tokyo Dome City (formerly Kourakuen). During the day many cosplayers just took pictures all around the park, and rode the rides (in costume). At night there was a song stage by idol cosplayers on the large outdoor super hero show stage. There was also a large dance party in the indoor Geopolis stage.

I only went to see the idol cosplayer stage. The emcees for the stage were Sakura Fumi and Yuuki Makoto from Cosplay Unit SAI. The song stage itself was around 90 minutes, and flowed as follows.

  • FICE (few songs and fighting action)
  • Yanagi Mao (medley)
  • janken for presents
  • Polka Dot (many Under17 songs)
  • Cosplay Unit SAI (4 songs)
Photos (with flash) allowed, but video wasn't this time.

The SAI girls who participated were Sakura Fumi, Yuuki Makoto, Emiri, Una, Mizuki Sora, and Kohara Yui.

They all wore maid outfits, and sang (and danced), "Sekai ha Pi-Po-", "Danzen Futari ha Pre Cure", "Believe" (One Piece), and "Party Night" (Di Gi Charat). Sakura Fumi and Yuuki Makoto did most of the singing, and the other girls danced (pretty spread apart on the large stage). But for "Party Night", Emiri and Una also sang.


After the song stage, there was a photo session for all of the girls in a small (but pretty well lit) photo booth. The booth had a bluish background cloth.

The cameramen went in groups of two and had two minutes to take photos.

I only took photos of SAI.


photo notes

I brought my 20D and 70-200mm F2.8L lens and one 550EX. I took 821 photos with 252 of them worth keeping.

The photo counts per girl was as follows.

Emiri 217
Sakura Fumi 1
all SAI 14
Yuuki Haurka 8
Yanagi Mao 7

Although there were spotlights and decent lighting for the stage, since it was night it was pretty dark. It would have been better if I had two flashes, but synchronizing them would have been a problem because the STE2 probably wouldn't have worked outdoors.

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