Marvel Yell Joining

Event Joining
Location Roppongi Edge
Date 2003.03.13
Time 19:30 - 22:30
Cost 3500 yen
Guests Cutie Pai
Serai Shizuko (Ի)
Sakurai Yukari
many others
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2003.03.18

This was a public recording event for a TV show called Joining, that will begin in April 2003 (on CS sky perfect channel 371). This is a show featuring the minor idols from the production Marvel Yell. This was the recording for the first broadcast (on 4/17), and Cutie Pai, Sakurai Yukari, and Purins were guests. Serai Shizuko (of Marvel Yell, and also a former member of Kira Kira Melody Gakuen) acted as the emcee.

The guests went in the following order: Cutie Pai, Sakurai Yukari, and Purins (Morita Yuki, Kuno Sayaka, Moriya Yuko). Between each guest, some of the Marvel Yell girls sang some songs.

Cutie Pai wore their white doll outfits, and their songs were as follows.

  • Hello Cutie Pai
  • Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku
  • Tokyo Refrain
  • Tamaniha Konna Koi no Hajimari
  • Yell
The version of Tokyo Refrain that they sang was the same as the previous event.

After the event, all of the groups sold various goods.

photo notes

Photos without flash was allowed. Video wasn't. I took 826 photos with my D60, with 495 worth keeping. My breakdown for each group was as follows.

group total saved
Cutie Pai 396 293
  Makky ? 276
  Mayu-chan ? 27
Purins ? 91
Serai Shizuko ? 66
others ? 45

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