Daisan Mokuyoubi

Event Daisan Mokuyoubi
Location Live Space Alive (Kashiwa)
Date 2003.03.20
Time 19:00 - 22:30
Cost 2500 yen
Guests Cutie Pai
four other groups

The Daisan Mokuyoubi event is a monthly event that takes place on the third Thursday of each month. It usually takes place in Shibuya, but this time it took place in Toyoshiki (Chiba).

There were six guests with each group performing around 30 minutes. Cutie Pai went 5th, and their stage started around 21:00.

Cutie Pai wore their wrapped doll outfit, and the songs were as follows.

  • Hello Cutie Pai
  • Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari
  • Tokyo Refrain
  • Kimi ha Atashino Mono
  • Yell
There was a new version of Tokyo Refrain. In the past they had used mike stands, but this time they sang holding the microphones. Also the music was arranged differently. I think they lyrics were basically the same.

Pictures and videos during the event was not allowed. I had bought my new 10D earlier in the day, so I wanted to try out my new camera..

After the event, some of the groups sold some goods. Cutie Pai sold their CDs and tickets to future events.

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