Akino Lee Birthday Live 2002

Event Akino Lee Birthday Live
Location Goodman (Akihabara)
Date 2002.08.28
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Guests Cutie Pai
many other bands
Cost 2000 yen
  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.09.13

Cutie Pai was a guest at the Akino Lee birthday live on August 28, 2002. Akino Lee is a drummer and singer of a rock band. This was a weekday event, but Cutie Pai's stage began at around 20:00, so I just made it in time.

The Cutie Pai girls were wearing school girl uniforms! Makio was wearing a white sailor fuku with black trim, red ribbon, and black skirt. Mayu-chan was wearing a white sailor fuku with white trim, black ribbon, and black skirt. Momose was wearing a white shirt, red ribbon, and black skirt (from a blazer style school uniform).

The Cutie Pai songs were as follows.

  • Hello Cutie Pai
  • Reflection Love
  • Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari
  • Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide
  • Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu
  • Yell
Sailor Fuku wo Nugasaniade and Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu was a very good surprise. (^_^; Too bad I didn't bring my DV camera. (;_;)

photo notes

This was the first live event that I used my new D60. I took 291 pics with 199 of them worth saving. The AF speed and accuracy seems to be much better with the D60 than the D30.

Also I took a LOT of pictures of Momose today. (^_^; The pics breakdown were: Momose 115, Makio 72, and Mayu-chan 15. Momose was in the middle, so she was in the brightest part of the stage. Although I could have used the camera's internal flash, I set the ISO to 800 and 1000, and took pics without flash. Sometimes it was too dark, but for the most part it was ok.

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