Peaty Vol 1

Event Peaty vol 1
Location Live Inn Magic
Date 2001.05.19
Time 13:00 - 15:00
Cost 3000 yen (includes drink)
Guests Mayu (Kanzaki Mayumi)
Aina ( Hiron (ひろん) )
Makky ( Makiguchi Youko (巻口容子) )
Miyuu ( Nagai Kasumi (永井かすみ) )
Hidaka Yuria

  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.05.23

The second live by the four former Kira Melo Second Class students took place on May 19, 2001, at Live Inn Magic (Yotsuya). This event is called Peaty, short for Peak Party. The first live didn't have a name, so this second live became volume 1.

The girls announced their group name as "Cutie Pai" (spelled Pai instead of Pie). When they announced their name, they lined up and said, "Cutie Pai de onaka ippai mune ippai," and made a cute pose.

The songs by the Cutie Pai members were as follows.

  • Motto! Motto! Tokimeki (Cutie Pai)
  • Anata no Kiss wo Kazoemashou (Hiron)
  • Do-Do For Me (Miyuu)
  • Jenny ha Gokigen Naname (Mayu)
  • Chain (Makky)
  • Reflection Love (Cutie Pai)
  • ? (Makky, Aina)
  • Famires Idol (Mayu, Miyuu)
  • Koi wo Shichaimashita (Cutie Pai)
(There were some guest songs mixed in too.)

The event opened with the four girls singing Motto! Motto! Tokimeki. Everyone was wearing a short sleeve shirt, vest, big red ribbon, and checkered skirt (vest and skirt colors not matching). VERY CUTE! They lined up on the stage from left to right: Miyuu, Mayu, Makky, Aina. Since I was sitting on the right side, I was far away from Miyuu. (;_;)

After a short talk, they went onto the solo song stage. For the solo songs, they all changed clothes. Miyuu's outfit was.. too sexy. She wore a tight sleeveless top, and very short shorts.

Makky's song is a theme song to the PC game "Chain Ushinawareta Ashiato".

After the solo song stage, Hidaka Yuria came onto the stage to sing one song. Yuria is a cosplay friend of Makky, and is also a member of Mini Skirt Police. Yuria came out wearing a long white dress. She said she wanted to come wearing the Mini Skirt Police outfit, but she couldn't rent it.

After Hidaka Yuria's stage, all four girls came back wearing the school girl-like outfits, and sang Reflection Love. This was their group song, written by Mayu. It's a fast song. The dance to this song was thought up by "manbou" Miyuu. She said she thought up a fast dance to match the song, but a lot of it was rejected, as it was too hard. But what was left was very good too.

Then there was a 10 minute break.

The second half of the event opened with a cosplay photo session. The girls came out wearing maid outfits. Makky said that she made the four maid outfits in one hour! Each girl posed on the stage alone, and everyone was allowed to take pictures for a couple minutes.

After the cosplay photo session, Aina and Makky sang one song.

Then L3 came onto the stage to sing three songs. L3 is a three person dance/song group.

After L3, Miyuu and Mayu sang Famires Idol. They were wearing the maid outfits. This song was a coupling song on Mayu's CD single.

Then the last song was Koi Shichaimashita (a Tanpopo song). Everyone was wearing the maid outfits.

At the end of the event, the girls came out to sell some goods. They had made some mouse pads of the girls in pairs, wearing the maid outfits. The quality of the mouse pads isn't that great, but I bought one anyway (1200 yen). There were many different pictures, and they sold out at the end.


I wish they would dump the guests and just do this themselves. They should have used that time to sing one more solo song each, or more group songs.

Ignoring the guest portion, this was one of the best events recently. I was surprised at how good these girl sing. Most of them have cute voices when talking, but when singing these songs, their voices were different. Aina and Mayu were singers and released CDs before joining Kira Melo. It's a shame that such talent was wasted while they were in Kira Melo.

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