Peaty vol. 3

Event Peaty vol. 3
Location Yotsuya Four Valley
Date 2001.07.31
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Cost 2500 yen (one drink included)
Guests Cutie Pai
Urata Takeshi
  • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.08.02

The fourth event by the former Kira Melo second class students, Mayu, Makky, and Miyuu (Cutie Pai), was held on July 31, 2001 at Yotsuya Four Valley. This event was called Peaty vol 3, as the first event wasn't called Peaty.

There was no specified cosplay photo session, so photos were allowed during the entire event. (^_^;

The event flowed as follows.

  • Hello Cutie Pai (Cutie Pai)
  • Gakuen Tengoku (Cutie Pai)
  • ? (Makky, Mayu)
  • Only You (Cutie Pai)
  • Peaty Time (Cutie Pai)
  • Stand By Me (Cutie Pai and Urata Takeshi)
  • a few songs by Urata Takeshi, and another group
  • Yell (Cutie Pai)
  • magical girl anime song medley
    • Majokko Megu (Cutie Pai)
    • Mahoutsukai Sally (Makio)
    • Hananoko Runrun (Miyuu)
    • Melmo-chan (Mayu)
    • ? (Cutie Pai)
    • ? (Cutie Pai)
    • Cutey Honey (Cutie Pai)
  • One Night in Heaven (Mayu, Miyuu)
  • upcoming event announcements
  • Reflection Love (Cutie Pai)
  • Hello Cutie Pai (Cutie Pai)
  • [encore] Peaty Time (Cutie Pai)
  • [encore] Yell (Cutie Pai)

Cutie Pai's first outfit was the school girl uniform, white blouse, big ribbon, and checkered skirt. Their second outfit was a new frilly outfit made by Makio. Makio said that this was the heaviest outfit so far, with the three level frills. She said that it took her seven hours to make it. For the encore, the three girls came out wearing Cutie Pai T-shirts and a Cutie Pai cap (which they started selling at this event).

Peaty Time was a new song written by Miyuu.

Yell was a new song written by Mayu. She wrote it as a cheerup song for the fans.
[White Che has a similar song with the same title.. (^_^;]

The upcoming Cutie Pai events are Roten Matsuri on 8/5, Mahou de Night on 8/17, Peaty vol 4 on 8/21, and a live on 9/5.

After the event, they sold the Cutie Pai T-shirt and cap, 1000 yen each. The girls even signed the caps.

The T-shirts and caps where just normal white shirts, plus a small Cutie Pai logo sticker.. (^_^;;

before the event

I arrived at Yotsuya Four Valley a little after 5:00. It was only two hours before the event, but there wasn't anyone there. So I was number one again.. (^_^;

Then before 6:00, I saw some of the Kira Melo girls coming out of the live house. The girls were Hinano Mayo, Minano Fuuko, Hiron, Ohtsuka Mae, Sakurai Sara, and Kimura Ikue.

photo notes

I took 3 rolls (36) of Konica Centuria 800, 2 rolls (36) of Kodak Royal Gold 400, and less than 1 roll (36) of Fuji Trebi 100C (positive film). Since I didn't bring my tripod, I took DV during the songs and pictures during the talk. Next time I need to bring my tripod so I can take pics during the songs too.

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