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  • Hisakawa Aya event in TGS 1996

    During the Tokyo Game Show 1996, Hisakawa Aya had two events at the Ask Kodansha event for the game Voice Paradise on 8/24.

    The following event report by Joe Petrow.
    minor edits by H.Doi

    I left from home for this game show a little after 10am (had to get my gas activated today). Between all the crowds for the subway and getting a ticket, I didn't get into the show until 12:30pm! At that point I started looking around for what might be Aya's show. But all the big places didn't have her (though I saw one seiyuu singing...)

    Finally around 1:05 or so I was walking down a little side alley, looked over, and saw Hisakawa Aya. She was onstage with Shocker Ono for the Voice Paradise promotion. Unfortunately, they weren't letting anybody hang around to watch it that wasn't in the roped off area. So I had to walk back and forth down in front of the event, constantly being hassled by security. When that got tired, I alternated between two far away vantage points; one where I could sort of hear but not see her, the other where I could sort of see but not hear her. All this time, Hitoshi was about 1 meter from Aya, snapping all sorts of picutes.

    When this ended, I went out to get something to eat with Hitoshi and someone else from the Aya ML. I left early so I could try and try and get a spot for the 4pm event. I got there a little before 3pm, which turned out to be just early enough.

    After an hour or so of uncomfortable standing, I was rewarded. Aya-chan, about ten feet away from me, smiling, laughing, doing boke Kikuko impressions, discussing her desire to swim with manatees in Florida (well, she could care less about the Florida part..), and the like. From that distance, she looked more like a human being than the goddess that she is.

    ANYWAY...near the end Shocker Ono asked the crowd if they listened to her radio show. Lots of people raised their hands, and Aya was bowing and saying "Arigatoo gozaimashita" Then Shocker spotted me, and said something like "Oh, you're even popular with the gaijin!" Then Aya looked at me, bowed, and said "Thank you thank you thank you!" At that point my system crashed. But at least I discovered that I can stand without my feet touching the ground, and that (fortunately) my bladder runs on a separate fail safe system. God only knows what would have happened to me if I had won the junkenpon game (the winners got to go up on stage to receive a signed autographed poster from Aya, with handshake, and tell her how much they liked her..)

    Shocker: Aya-san suki desu ka?
    Winner: Hai, dai suki desu!
    Aya: [blush] Arigatoo goazaimasu!

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