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  • Imagineer (Toyoshima Machiko)

    Kaitou Ranma
    Imadio (Imagineer)
    12:00 - 12:40
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    • Report by Hitoshi Doi, additions by Joe Petrow.

    Imagineer is now called Imadio, and they held an event for the game Kaitou Ranma, during the Tokyo Game Show on September 6, 1997. The emcee was Don Maccau, and the guest was Toyoshima Machiko.

    I went to this event after the Sotsugyou Vacation event, so I was pretty much in the back, and could only see the heads and upper bodies of the people on stage. They made everyone stand in the booth, instead of sitting down..

    [But Joe was up near the front..]

    We were all sitting, but they told us to stand. Then they told us we were too close to the stage, and had to move back. Then they decided it would be best if everyone sat down again, but by then there were too many people packed in, and they couldn't do it.

    Every other event at that booth that day people got to sit down. But they were standing again for the next day. Maybe they just wanted the place to look "fuller" for the live Internet broadcast?

    Machiko came out. [I forgot what Machiko was wearing.] Don talked about how bad Machiko was at voice acting when she first started. Then a bit later, there was a rumor going around that she had gotten better.. but Don found out that it was Machiko who had started that rumor.

    [Since Joe was near the front, he got to "interact" with Don.]

    Don talked with the crowd a lot. He asked where I was from, and I said "Ikebukuro" Then he said "This is a worldwide broadcast, you have to say something a little more impressive than that!" Or something like that, I was watching Machirin and wasn't paying attention until he stuck the microphone in my face again. Fortunately, I knew the usual follow-up to "where are you from?" question, so I said "America" Then Machirin asked Don, "Well where are you from?" Don said he was from France, so Machirin starting speaking French to him.


    There were some questions for Machiko.

    Q: Why did you become a seiyuu?
    Machiko: Because I liked anime like Gundam and Nausicaa.

    Q: Which seiyuu do you admire?
    Machiko: Toda Keiko.

    Q: Were there times when you felt like you wanted to quit?
    Machiko: Many times!

    Q: Which stars do you like?
    Machiko: SMAP.

    Q: Do you want to get married?
    Machiko: Of course!
    Q: When?
    Machiko: Around 30.. but there are many seiyuu who aren't married. I'm worried. They are so nice and cute, but they aren't married.
    Q: Who?
    Machiko: Usagi-chan..
    Q: Who else?
    Machiko: Ami-chan.

    Q: Are you lying about your age?
    Machiko: No.

    Q: Do you want to work forever?
    Machiko: Yes.

    Then Don mentioned that Machiko spoke French on the Girls Be CD, and even played the piano herself. Machiko said that it was very difficult. She even went back home (to her parents' house) and practiced the piano.

    Kaitou Ranma

    Then they talked a little bit about the game Kaitou Ranma, that was coming out next spring. They brought out the producer of the game for this, and he did most of the talking. The game came out last week for Windows 95.

    mini drama

    Don and Machiko did a mini drama together.

    After the play ended, Machirin said it was the most embarrassing thing she's done since graduating from Aoni-juku.


    Then Machiko started eating some snacks. She ate a piece. Then Don gave two little pieces (that Machiko cut) to people in the crowd.. Don chose the "gaijin" for one piece.

    [Joe writes..]

    When Machirin picked up her cake, everyone started laughing, because the little de-oxyginator package was stuck to the cake! Don had to stop her from eating it, then found that the other piece of cake had it as well. The aide who had brought the food out and was standing backstage suddenly dissappeared. A little later, she was standing there (outside of camera view) with a sign saying "Gomen nasai!"

    After I and another person got the cake, Don asked me how it was. I said it was delicious. As I was eating more of it, he asked me something else that made me laugh, which caused me to start choking on the cake! But this time Machirin came to my rescue, talking to Don about "gaijin doushi"


    They gave away some presents, including a Kaitou Ranma demo CD-ROM.

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