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    At the NEC Interchannel booth, they held Sentimental Graffiti events 6 times each day, where they had seiyuu guests.

    The schedule was as follows:

    10:30 Suzuki Urarako
    12:00 Makishima Yuki
    13:30 Nishiguchi Yuka
    15:00 Okamoto Asami
    16:30 Konno Hiromi
    18:00 Okada Junko
    10:30 Suzuki Urarako
    12:00 Makishima Yuki
    13:30 Nishiguchi Yuka
    15:00 Okamoto Asami
    16:30 Konno Hiromi
    18:00 Okada Junko

    There weren't any tickets required for these events, and one just had to line up and wait. On Saturday, it wasn't that bad, but on Sunday one had to line up immediately after one event ended, to see the next event. So one had to wait over one hour if one wanted to see an event from a good location.

    On Sunday I saw the 13:30 and 18:00 events from the second row (^_^), so I spent many hours in line.

    There was room for around 250 people sitting, and some more standing in the back.

    Each event had the same format. There was an introduction of the various games by NEC Interchannel: Sotsugyou S, Debut 21, Pretty Sami, and some others. Then there was a simple introduction of Sentimental Graffiti, and they showed some of the game screens.

    The game was realistic in that is used real train, bus, plane, and boat data for the travel portions. Also the dates that the player goes on at the various cities are all real locations. The game uses digitized photos, not animated pictures, for the backgrounds.

    There was a telephone message from one of the girls, and the player went to see her. Then after spending some time with her (various screens of the girl, like a series of stills, not animated), the player went to see another girl. The second character appeared on the main screen and gave a message, but after a while, the seiyuu appeared on the screen.

    Then the main screen split to form a walkway, and the seiyuu came out, for a very short talk show (around 7 minutes). At the end of the event, they showed the opening animation of Sentimental Graffiti (with some voice over by the characters).

    telephone message guest
    Emiru (Sendai) Akira (Nagasaki)
    Honoka (Sapporo) Miyuki (Kanazawa)
    Kaho (Osaka) Yuu (Hiroshima)
    Wakana (Kyoto) Asuka (Yokohama)
    Manami (Takamatsu) Rurika (Nagoya)
    Chie (Fukuoka) Taeko (Aomori)

    After the final event on Saturday, and before the first event on Sunday, they passed out a Sentimental Graffiti shitajiki.

    Pictures were allowed for these events. (I took around 240 pictures over two days at the NEC Interchannel booth.)

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