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  • Trading Card event (Hudson)

    Trading Card event
    10:15 - 10:30
    Kingetsu Mami ()
    Takahashi Miki (ⶶ)
    Mieno Hitomi

    The guests for the Trading Card event (1998.03.20, 10:15 - 10:45) were Kingetsu Mami, Takahashi Miki, and Mieno Hitomi.

    Mami said that she didn't know the difference between "menko" and cards.

    [menko = a traditional Japanese game where you throw circular or square cards on the ground to flip over the opponent's cards]

    Miki thought that it was "training" cards, instead of "trading" cards. She wondered how one trained with cards..

    Hitomi said that she wants to play/trade with her own cards.

    The concepts for the trading card sets were:

    Mami: Her daily life, including the "behind the scenes" of her work. She also became a cameraman, and took pictures.

    Miki: A "kisekae ningyou" (dress-up doll), and wore many clothes. There were pictures of Miki in jeans, that she hardly ever wears, and this was probably the first time that she wore jeans in public.

    Hitomi: Pictures in Guam. Hitomi went to Guam to take pictures for her new single, so she took a lot for the cards too.

    Miki said that she doesn't appear in the color pages of magazines that much, so she's happy to be able to have this set of cards.

    Hitomi said that she wore a pink Anna Millers outfit for some pictures.

    [Tokyo Game Show 1998 Spring]

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