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  • Sentimental Journey - 1998.03.21, 11:00

    Sentimental Journey
    Banpresto booth
    11:00 - 11:40
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Oda Michiko (һ)
    Yonemoto Chizu ()
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    [Urarako, Ai, Junko]
    [Michiko, Chizu, Yukiko]
    • Event report 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.04.13

    The event opened with the same video of the six girls playing the Sentimental Journey board game.

    After the emcee (Miura Daisuke) came out and gave out some simple warnings, the six seiyuu came out one by one (holding the UFO catcher dolls of their characters), and introduced themselves.

    Suzuki Urarako
    Maeda Ai
    Okada Junko
    Oda Michiko
    Yonemoto Chizu
    Mannaka Yukiko

    Then the emcee asked some questions:

    Q: What is the secret of the popularity of Sentimental Journey?
    Ai: Cute characters and cute seiyuu.

    Q: What kind of enthusiasm do you have for the game?
    Junko: We did the voices with great enthusiasm. Please look forward to it.

    Q: Did you finish the recording?
    Michiko: We finished a while ago.
    Q: Thoughts on the recording?
    Michiko: It's different from the previous Senti, so you can see a different part of the girls.
    Chizu: There are battles among the girls, and even the quiet girls get into it.

    Q: Who did your hair? Is there a concept behind this?
    Yukiko: I feel some spiritual waves..

    Then the six seiyuu introduced the game (while reading a script, and speaking in their character voices). [This script was the same as the previous day.] The background music was the songs for each character.

    They went in the order: Urarako, Ai, Junko, Michiko, Ai, Chizu, and Yukiko.

    After the introduction of the game, the emcee asked some questions to the seiyuu.

    Q: Were there any difficulties?
    Ai: We do the voices alone, so I was lonely.

    Q: Do you play games?
    Junko: Of course.. but now it's covered with dust. I have a "room for games". I have a PS and SS, and I buy the games that I did the voices for, plus some others. But they are just sitting there.. I live inside this "room for games"

    The next corner was "Love Love Senti Kyouiku Iinkai" There were three tables on the stage with computer screens and a tablet for writing. The seiyuu paired off, and sat at the tables. The emcee asked a question, and the seiyuu wrote the answers on the tablet, which got projected to the large screen on the stage.

    [Junko, Michiko] [Urarako, Ai] [Chizu, Yukiko]

    Q: Conditions for marriage?
    Chizu: A beard.
    Chizu said she likes people with lots of hair.
    Yukiko: Someone who doesn't play around.
    Ai: Someone who will accept Michiko.
    [I forgot the rest, as they didn't read out all of the answers..]

    Q: What would you like to do if you were a boy?
    Ai and Michiko: Join Johnny's Junior.

    Q: How would you like to be confessed to?
    Urarako: Something to do with eating canned cat food.
    Urarako loves food, and she said that she was a cat..
    (I wonder how many people in the crowd went home and ate cat food.. ^_^;)

    Then this corner ended, and it was time for the ending. Chizu took the lead for the final "call".

    all seiyuu: Setsunasa!
    crowd: Sakuretsu!

    After the seiyuu left the stage, they played the opening animation of the Sentimental Journey TV show (that begins on April 8).

    [Tokyo Game Show 1998 Spring]

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