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    The Shougakukan Production booth was pretty small, and they had several desks and chairs set up like a school. At each desk was a Playstation and a monitor, where people were able to play Sotsugyou III, the final game in the series of Sotsugyou -Graduation- simulation games. There were also five cosplay companions who dressed up in the Seika Joshi High School uniform as the five girls in Sotsugyou III. In addition to passing out flyers for the game, they even danced when the theme song "Happy Bell" was playing in the background.

    Shougakukan also held events for Sotsugyou III three times each day. There wasn't much of a stage, but around 100 fans gathered around for each event, with several of the hard core fans watching all six events.

    Each event was basically the same, consisting of an introduction of the game, some talk by the seiyuu, and a game tournament. The schedule of participating seiyuu was as follows.

    3/21 11:00 Nakayama Manami, Furuyama Ayumi
    14:00 Nehashi Mieko, Komatsu Rika
    16:00 Takahashi Chiaki, Nakayama Manami
    3/22 11:00 Nehashi Mieko, Furuyama Ayumi
    14:00 Takahashi Chiaki, Komatsu Rika
    16:00 all

    The introduction of the game was done by the emcee (wearing a white lab coat), and she explained the flow of the game while showing the game screens. Then the seiyuu guests came to give a more detailed introduction of their characters, while doing many voices for them as they appeared on the screen. For the final event (16:00 event) on 3/22, all five seiyuu came, and they sang "Happy Bell" while going through some of their dance movements! Most of the crowd cheered and did the calls for the song.. (^_^;)

    The last part of each event was the game tournament, where they chose a few people from the crowd to play one of the mini-games in Sotsugyou III. On 3/20, they played a maze game where the player had to sneak his wife out without being seen by the other girls. On 3/21 and 3/22, they played a ski lift game where the player had to balance the swaying lift so that the girls didn't fall off. At the end, the players got their picture taken with the seiyuu of the girls that were remaining on the lift! So everyone tried to make sure that the character of their favorite seiyuu didn't fall off.

    Nobody was able to go all the way to the top with all five girls, but one person was able to keep four. Most others had two or three girls remaining. I wonder if the guy who went to the top with only one girl deliberately knocked off the others so he can get his picture taken with just his favorite seiyuu.. (^_^) The winner (the one who had the most girls remaining) got a signed Sotsugyou III poster (signed by the five seiyuu), and also a signed CD single of "Happy Bell". The "losers" also got a limited clear file of Sotsugyou III.

    At the end, they introduced the various Sotsugyou III related goods that will go on sale in the near future.

    3/21 "Happy Bell" CD single
    4/02 Sotsugyou III Playstation game
    4/09 Sotsugyou III Sega Saturn game
    4/21 Sotsugyou III vocal CD
    5/21 Sotsugyou III radio drama CD
    Sotsugyou III trading cards
    Sotsugyou III jigsaw puzzle
    Sotsugyou III figures

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