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  • Friends - 1998.10.11

    NEC Interchannel
    11:00 - 11:30
    13:00 - 13:30
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿) (Saeki Kanako)
    Kuwashima Houko (ˡ) (Wakabayashi Ayu)

    Kanako is a very cute and genki girl. She is actually one year younger than the other characters. Kanako really likes Ryuusuke, who is her senpai.

    Ayu is a childhood friend of the main character (player). She is a boyish girl who is good at sports.

    Then Machiko and Houko did a little dialogue skit between Kanako and Ayu. The script was written by Machiko and Houko the previous night.

    Then they talked about each other. They went to a nice restaurant for dinner the previous night. Then they went to Machiko's apartment to prepare for the event.

    Houko said that Machiko finally went over to Houko's new apartment the other day. She had been turned down two previous times, because Machiko was busy with her work. They both had moved this year, and they wanted to visit each other's apartments.

    Machiko said that Houko had a lot of goods in her room, and it was easy to tell that this was Houko's room. Houko said that Machiko's room was very simple. Machiko said that she just didn't have much furniture yet. She still didn't have a bed.

    Machiko said that Houko made a prank call to her new portable phone, and it happened when Machiko was having an interview.. Houko said that Machiko should have turned off her phone during the interview.

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