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  • Bandai (1999 Spring)

    Bandai had a large booth with two stages. One of the stages and the surrounding area was devoted to the new Wonder Swan hardware, and the games for that. The other stage had shows about various games. There were a few shows which had seiyuu guests.

    The events that I knew about were as follows. (There might have been more..)

    13:00 Miyamura Yuko (Ichigeki)
    14:00 Miyamura Yuko (Evangelion)
    13:00 Furuya Tohru (Gundam)
    14:45 Maeda Ai (Digital Monsters)

    During the Maeda Ai event, they talked a little bit about Digital Monsters, and then they played a music video of the DigiMon TV ending song, sung by Maeda Ai. Ai looked pretty cute in the video. The CD single goes on sale sometime in April. Maeda Ai was wearing a cowboy hat (I think) and "fake" long hair.

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