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  • MTO (1999 Spring)

    The MTO booth was small, but always crowded as they displayed the Card Captor Sakura game for the Gameboy. There were four companions who cosplayed as Sakura and Tomoyo in their school uniforms.
    [Two of the girls were very cute, in my opinion.. (^_^;)]

    A few times on Saturday and Sunday, they held drawings to give away a promotional poster for the Card Captor Sakura game. There was always a big crowd of over 100 people for these drawings. There was also a cosplay contest.

    On Sunday at 13:00, MTO held a Card Captor Sakura talk show on the main stage, with Tange Sakura as the guest. Tange Sakura was EXTREMELY cute. She wore a white top and skirt, and her top had Chinese style buttons. I think she cut her hair again. It seemed shorter than before. It was a 30 to 40 minute talk, plus a few questions at the end for prizes (the CC Sakura poster). [Tange Sakura]

    [Tokyo Game Show 1999 Spring]

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