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  • NTT Shuppan (1999 Spring)

    NTT Shuppan had events for the Little Lovers game. Each event was basically the same. There was a little talk about the game, then the guest seiyuu came on (non-Takahashi Mikako) for a short talk. After the guest seiyuu left, Takahashi Mikako came onto the stage. I think she wore the same outfit (school girl outfit) everyday. Mikako played a short song on her new okarina, talked a little about the game, and then sang .

    Sugawara Sachiko wore different clothes on Friday and Saturday.

    13:00 Sugawara Sachiko, Takahashi Mikako
    14:30 Sasamoto Yuko, Takahashi Mikako
    11:00 Yoshida Konami, Takahashi Mikako
    13:00 Yoshida Konami, Takahashi Mikako
    15:00 Sugawara Sachiko, Takahashi Mikako
    17:00 Sasamoto Yuko, Takahashi Mikako
    11:00 Takahashi Mikako
    13:00 Konishi Hiroko, Takahashi Mikako
    14:30 Konishi Hiroko, Takahashi Mikako
    16:00 Konishi Hiroko, Takahashi Mikako
    [Takahashi Mikako]

    [Tokyo Game Show 1999 Spring]

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