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  • Hudson (TGS 1999 Autumn)

    Hudson held various events throughout the day, but the ones with idols as the guests were the events for the trading cards.

    The schedule for events with the idol guests were as follows.

    Friday (9/17)
    10:30 Ace File 99
    13:55 Mini Skirt Police
    16:10 Matsui Yuuka
    Saturday (9/18)
    10:40 Ace File 99
    12:30 Ace File 99
    15:30 Ohmori Reiko
    Sunday (9/19)
    10:40 Ace File 99
    15:30 Horikoshi Nori

    The Ace File 99 events had two of the young idols who are the models in the trading card game Ace File.

    Ohmori Reiko's event on Saturday was VERY crowded. The allowed pictures for this event, but since they made everyone stand, only those in the front, or those who brought the step ladders had any chance of getting good pictures.
    [I gave up and left after a short while. (;_;)]

    The Mini Skirt Police and Matsui Yuuka events weren't that crowded, as it took place on business day. (Matsui Yuuka was a former Mini Skirt Police member.) During the Mini Skirt Police event, the three girls sang a song. Then they called up several people from the audience to play the bomberman game on the stage. The winner got a polaroid taken with one of the Mini Skirt Police girls.

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