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  • Koudansha (TGS 1999 Autumn)

    The Koudansha booth was very colorful, and had lots of popup Boys Be characters on the stage. They held many events during the day, and the guests were the idols (Boys Be image girls) Nakajima Reika, Mihara Tamaki, Katsura Asami, Kinoshita Tsuyako, Kasai Rena, Takimoto Sana, and the group a-min.

    The schedule of events was as follows.

    Saturday (9/18)
    10:30 Takimoto Sana mini concert
    11:30 Takimoto Sana mini concert
    12:20 Nakajima Reika talk show
    14:00 a-min mini concert
    15:30 a-min mini concert
    16:30 a-min mini concert
    Sunday (9/19)
    11:30 Takimoto Sana mini concert
    12:30 Takimoto Sana mini concert
    13:00 Nakajima Reika talk show
    13:30 a-min mini concert
    14:00 Nakajima Reika talk show
    15:30 a-min mini concert

    In addition to the events with the guests, they held stages where they introduced the Boys Be game, and Tamaki and Asami did a little skit of the Boys Be story. Tamaki and Asami were two of the actresses who performed the Boys Be musical earlier this year. Tsuyako and Rena were also on the stage doing some simple narration.

    I also went to a couple of the Takimoto Sana mini concerts. She sang two songs, the OP and ED of the Boys Be Second Season game.

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