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  • Konami (TGS 1999 Autumn)

    Konami had an event on the main stage at 12:00 to 12:35 on Sunday (9/19). It was called "Tokimeki Memorial 2 Premier Live" and the guests were Metal Yuuki (the sound producer of Tokimeki Memorial) and four of the seiyuu for Tokimeki Memorial 2.

    The first 20 minutes or so was taken up by Metal Yuuki explaining the new features in Tokimeki Memorial 2. The game takes place in Hibikino City, which is right next to Kirameki City (where Tokimemo 1 took place). So Shiori lives in the next city, and her voice will appear in this game. Tokimemo 2 is like an expansion of the Tokimemo world.

    Tokimemo 2 has a system called the "emotional voice system". The girls will speak the name of the player. Also the girls' feelings will change during the game. For example, a girl may like books at the beginning of the game. But as the game goes on, and depending who she starts to like, she might begin to like sports.

    The eyes of the girl will move and express her feelings. Her eyes will stare at the player if she is interested in him, or she might start looking around if she is not interested.

    In Tokimemo 2, the other guys are the player's rivals. Also the girls can become rivals with each other, if they start to like the same guy.

    Tokimeki Memorial 2 goes on sale 11/25. It is made up of 5 CDs, and costs 6800 yen. But there will also be a limited edition box for 9800 yen. The limited edition box contains: the game, a 70 page all color magazine full of character information, a clear pink colored pocket station, and a pocket station strap with a little figure of Hikari.

    After Metal Yuuki's talk, four of the seiyuu for Tokimemo 2 came onto the stage. They were Noda Junko (Hinomoto Hikari), Torii Misa (Asou Kasumi), Terai Kazusa (Yae Kaori), and Tamura Yukari (Ijuuin Mei).

    There were a few questions for the seiyuu, then Noda Junko sang the OP song of Tokimeki Memorial 2. The CD goes on sale 11/26. This was a very genki song.

    There were even some Tokimeki Memorial 2 goods on sale at Konamilk. The official sale date of these goods is 9/23.

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